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Power Rangers Super Megaforce - The Grass is Always Greener... or Bluer" - Episode Review

Noah is working on dual-blaster in the school computer lab when Jake sneaks in and tries to hide Emma. He told Emma he was going to the Butterfly Sanctuary. He wants to trade places with Noah. Noah can't, he has to send work to Tensou. He asked Orion but he is working at Ernie's. Emma walks in. They hear screaming, morph and attack a blue and orange monster. The two go to Super Mega Mode. A man takes the Ambassador out and the monster is about to swap him with an X-Borg when the other Rangers arrive. Noah and Jake fight the monster. The monster Transferor takes Noah in his arms. Noah and Jake trade blasters. Jake blasts him off. Transferor swaps Noah and Jake and they fall on the ground unmorphed. The monster retreats.

Jake's body has glasses and they realize they swapped bodies. There is a flashback for some reason. Back at school, Jake is his own clothes on Noah's body and Noah wears his clothes in Jake's body. Jake tells Noah to be more confident and smile, Noah does a creepy smile with Jake's body. Mr. Burley teaches Astronomy and he sees only Jake answers the questions. Mr. Burley takes Jake into his office to talk about his class performance, Jake as Noah tells Mr. Burley that Jake is smart. Gia asks Noah about planets and mistakes Noah for Jake in an embarrassing moment for her where she confuses them.

At the ship, the body-switching monster is berated by Vekar. Vekar tells Damaras to do as he plans. Levira says the Rangers will be destroyed easily. Vekar tells him to come up with a plan. In the Command Center, Noah works on the blaster. Emma and Gia says its wears. Jake says try standing in his shoes, Noah says they are his shoes. Tensou can't get a signal on Orion. The Super Megaforce Rangers are outside and Green blasts a rock away with his dual blaster. Damaras sends a seconder commander that is indestructible. Green gets blasted at and it's the second commander. Green says it's too soon to use the blaster. The other Rangers arrive and fight X-Borgs. They try fighting the monster but can't. They try their final strike but it is reflected back. Even Noah's dual blaster doesn't work.

The dual blaster breaks and the monster blasts at all five. They become Alien Rangers and disappear. Noah says the only way to make the blaster to work is to build together so the other Rangers help to make the cannon like holding it and feeding Noah and looking intense and backing away when there is a blast. The alarm blasts. They wonder which monster it is. They leave without Noah. They jump out from the Sky Ship (weren't they in the Command Center?) and turn into Jungle Fury to fight the Bruisers. Vekar asks Transferor if he is ready. The four try the claw booster attack but it doesn't work. Troy says to tap into the Dragon power and they change into Changeman. They fail and fall. Noah gets the cannon working.

The monster blasts the four Changeman (they call them Dragon but only one has a Dragon) back into Super Megaforce. Noah runs in with the cannon blasting at the monster. He hands it to Troy. They put their keys and defeat the second monster. Damaras is shocked. Vekar sends Transferor who crashes a summit. The Rangers crash in. Orion is there too. Jake blasts Transferor. They all get out, the Rangers go after them. Gia and Noah fight the monster. Gia falls and Jake catches him, Gia calls him Noah. Noah and Jake double-team Transferor. The two trade weapons, Green with two swords and Blue with two blasters. They blast the monster. They switch back bodies.

The Rangers re-gather. Transferor becomes big and Q-Rex and Legendary Megazord are summoned. They unlocked Ninja Storm powers somehow and call the Ninja Zord (quickly) and form the Legendary Ninja Megazord. They do a Ninja Storm final strike that the Ninja Zord multiples itself and destroys the monster. Later, all six teenagers. Jake says Noah doesn't quit. Noah says he can't do it without them. Orion says he was fixing the pod. Emma wants to go to Sanctuary and Jake says he is Noah and takes his glasses. She says nice try and grabs him.

Episode Review:
Good try, funny moments but it is infuriating that they include Pre-Zyu teams like Changeman and omit the Extra Heroes, Lightspeed, etc.  I swear I saw new footage of the second commander so why not reshoot Changeman and replace it with Ninja Storm? I think the reason they used footage from two different episodes was to excuse the Green Ranger hold the cannon, so they said he switched places with Blue. But that's silly as they had to shoot new footage of them switching in the first place. The above picture, Troy is Mask Red briefly when the monster attacks them, but it is not mentioned, it is just skipped over from Gokaiger.

Sailor Moon Crystal - Act 7 - Mamoru Chiba - Tuxedo Mask - Episode Review

Some pictures from Ranger Crew Blog
Episode Summary:
Usagi is in Mamoru's apartment and tries to remember what was going on. Mamoru explains she fainted after doing her attack and fell to sleep. She gathers his mask and puts it in front of his face and states the obvious that he is Tuxedo Mask. She asks how he became him, Mamoru explains that he did it to get his memories back, that he lost his parents in a car accident when he was six and lost his memories. He then he had dreams of the princess and had to find the crystal. He asks her why she's after the crystal.
She says that Luna told her to find it and protect it. He wants her to keep it a secret, she agrees. She thinks back to what Luna said about being tricked by him. She walks towards him. She says she wish time would stand still. She then says she has to go, she runs to the door, he stops her and plops her bag on him calling her Usako--which makes her blush. She walks home thinking of her new nickname and makes one for him--Mamo-Chan. Meanwhile in Central Command, Luna speaks to a shadowed Sailor V on the screen. She says the Sailor Senshi are not ready, especially Sailor Moon. Sailor V says there is no time to waste, that their enemy is coming.
At the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl stands in front of a large door. The door opens and reveals a big purple gas known as Queen Metalia. Beryl gives her human energy, Metalia says its not enough and she needs the Crystal. Berl explains the Sailor Senshi have been getting in her way. Metalia asks if it the same Sailor Senshi that defeated her in ancient times. She tells Beryl for them not to awaken the successors of the Moon Kingdom. Beryl thinks to herself that Metalia might eat up the planet, she was to usurp her and control the Earth herself. Beryl thinks back to when she went to the D-Point in the North Pole and found the Dark Kingdom and Metalia woke up by her hands.
Beryl calls Zoisite to get Sailor Moon. At the Rental Shop Dark, Naru bumps into school friends and talk about renting DVDs in this big store. Rei is outside and bumps into a strange man and hears girls saying they want to catch Sailor Moon. The next day, Usagi, Ami and Mako are eating lunch. Mako gives Usagi some of her lunch. Ami has her tablet with pics of Sailor V. Usagi brings up the point that she has a crescent moon mark on her forehead like Luna so she must be part of the Moon Kingdom. Umino comes around and is creepy saying he wants to catch Sailor Moon. He leaves and Luna says something is up with him. Luna is asked about Sailor V and dodges questions.
Mako laughs at sauce on Usagi's face while Ami jokes that Usagi might have a special power to sense something about Sailor Venus. Usagi finds the pocket watch and thinks about keeping the secret of Mamoru. Meanwhile, Mamoru is staring into the city with a handkerchief from Usagi and kisses it. Later, Usagi speaks to Naru and sees something is wrong. Luna and Usagi figure out it is the rental DVDs and the whole class is hypnotized. At Crown Arcade, they stick a DVD in and it pops out, seemingly effecting the machine but Sailor V pops out and tells Sailor Moon that she has to hurry up, that the enemy is brainwashing them. Mamoru is on the bus, thinking of Usagi and everyone is hypnotized to get the crystal from Sailor Moon. Usagi is surrounded by hypnotized people. Zosiite is behind it. Ami sees the secret message in Command Central and says she feels weak. Ami calls Mako and Rei, they all figure Usagi is in danger.
The three transform. Usagi also transforms from elsewhere. She confronts the hypnotized people. She uses her wand and heals them. Naru, Umino and the others head home. Zoisite crashes in, making Sailor Moon fall. Sailor Moon isn't let to finish her speech as Zoisite grabs her by the neck. The Sailor Senshi arrive and use their attacks but he knocks them all out. Zoisite asks for the crystal. Moon pleads for help. She is knocked out. Tuxedo Mask punches Zoisite, letting Moon go. He holds Moon and she wakes up. She smiles. Zoisite says Tuxedo wants the crystal too, he tries punching him again but Zoisite has a force field up. He pushes Tuxedo away with a blast. Zoisite grabs Moon again. Tuxedo is on the floor.
Sailor Moon says Tuxedo Mask has been looking for the crystal in a long time. Mamoru thinks back to Usagi, saying she has strength in his eyes. He says that she is his wish. Zoisite makes a huge crystal appear and prepares to kill him. He knocks Usagi down and threatens her. Tuxedo is too weak to help and the crystal is sliced apart by an outside force (Sailor Venus) and Zoisite is attacked by Luna. Moon looks up to find Sailor Venus. Sailor Venus has Artemis with her.
Next week's episode has Sailor V as the title and she is highlighted. I liked the instances of Sailor V in this episode, her encouraging Usagi through the video game and talking to Luna and Ami researching on her and Luna dodging questions about her. What I didn't like is that I didn't feel anything. I used to feel before with the original Sailor Moon anime because I knew these characters. I still know these characters but how to people know if they never read the Manga or even seen the Anime before? This series looks pretty but it feels like a kid playing with dolls, it is just going through the motions. What I did like is that we are getting hints of the backstory of Queen Beryl, which we barely got in past televised instances.


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Super Megaforce Ranger Key Set C spotted at Time To Play Magazine Event

Tonight at Time To Play Mag's Holiday Showcase in New York, a Sixth Ranger Key Pack (I am dubbing Super Megaforce Set C) was seen. Images were posted by PrimeTimeParent, Peekababy and momconfessionals on Instagram. Thanks to Ranger Report and Razzle1337 for the info.

It looks like it comes with Super Megaforce Silver and Super Megaforce Pink and a blue key. It is not known what the blue key is yet. Silver and Pink look translucent. 

Also present was the Turbo Falcon Megazord, Q-Rex Megazord, Super Mega Cannon, Legendary Morpher, MMPR Set B Set and Jungle Fury Set in packaging. Ninja Storm Blue, Red Dino Thunder, and Black Dino Thunder Keys loose. Also unidentified Red, Yellow and Pink keys were loose.

New York Comic Con 2014 Exclusive: Limited Edition Tommy Oliver Legendary Ranger Key Set

 At the San Diego Comic Con 2014, the exclusive Ranger Key set was seven metallic Mighty Morphin Power Ranger keys. At the Power Morphicon it was the Violet Wolf Ranger from Jungle Fury and Titanium Ranger from Lightspeed Rescue. Now it is Zeo Ranger V Red, White Mighty Morphin Ranger, Green Mighty Morphin Ranger, Black Dino Thunder Ranger and Red Turbo Ranger. They are all metallic.

 People have complained that they are Tommy-related but at least it isn't keys we really want and can't get, like so many people that couldn't go to the Power Morphicon or even at the convention to get the Wolf Ranger or Tiranium Ranger. There is also an exclusive Green Ranger Vinyl figure.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Poll Results: Who would you had picked for Super Megaforce to change to in "The Wrath" ?

I asked who you would replace Green Flash, Black Griffon, Blue Mask and Five Yellow in "The Wrath" and you guys chose teams they won't fully become into in Super Megaforce (In Space, OO, LR and Time Force) such as Black Space Ranger, Operation Overdrive Pink, Lightspeed Yellow and Blue Time Force Ranger.

In the ep "The Wrath," how do you feel about Maskman, Flashman, Changeman & Fiveman being used?
Awesome  76 (53%)
 So-So 18 (12%)
 Horrible  38 (26%)
 Lazy 52 (36%)
 Votes: 141

(Spoilers) Who would you had replaced instead of Change Griffon in "The Wrath"?
Alien Black 39 (31%)
 Space Black  72 (59%)
WF Black  32 (26%)
 DT Black 39 (31%)
 OO Black  39 (31%)
 RPM Black 41 (33%)
Votes: 122

(Spoilers) Who would you have in place of Pink as Green Flash in "The Wrath"?
Zeo Pink 36 (20%)
Turbo Pink 33 (19%)
Space Pink 41 (23%)
LG Pink  31 (17%)
 LR Pink  62 (35%)
 TF Pink  36 (20%) 
SPD Pink  31 (17%)
MF Pink 32 (18%)
 OO Pink 84 (48%)
Samurai Pink 32 (18%)

(Spoilers) Who would you had replaced with Five Yellow in "The Wrath"?
Zeo Yellow  34 (21%)
 Turbo Yellow  34 (21%)
LG Yellow  30 (19%)
LR Yellow  78 (50%)
TF Yellow  50 (32%)
WF Yellow  32 (20%)
NS Yellow  28 (18%)
DT Yellow  35 (22%)
JF Yellow  56 (36%) 
RPM Yellow  33 (21%)
Samurai Yellow  28 (18%)

(Spoilers) Who would you had replaced with Blue Mask in "The Wrath"?
Blue Zeo  33 (25%)
Blue Turbo 34 (26%)
Blue LG 36 (27%)
Blue LR  40 (30%)
 Blue TF 69 (53%)
Blue NS 28 (21%)
 Blue SPD 40 (30%)
 Blue MF 28 (21%)
Blue JF  30 (23%)
Blue Samurai 28 (21%)