Saturday, December 7, 2013

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Kyoryuger 40

Power Rangers Megaforce - Robo Knight Before Christmas - Episode Review


Robo Knight sees humans decorating the city with Christmas ornaments and trees. The Rangers are at Ernies enjoying smoothies and talking about presents. Noah goes out to throw something out when he bumps into Robo Knight. Robo Knight asks him about Christmas.

  He tries to explain it but RK still doesn't understand. Noah suggests pretending to be a toy in the middle of the mall to observe. He said to stay still for 24 hours. He does so but in between the toys that are being donating to Africa. So Robo Knight gets taken to Africa with the toys where he meets kids. 

Kids in Africa ask if he is Santa and ask for stories. Santa helps cook a soup and tells stories of the Power Rangers. It is a clip show about how the Rangers are good humans and thought him about humanity. So after the clip show, the kids are asleep. Robo Knight powers up the tree to be on until Christmas.

Robo Knight turns into Lion Zord and flies back home to find a present from the Rangers of a snow globe with a picture of all six of them. It snows.

A good clip-show and one of the better Christmas episodes, because it made us think of the less fortunate without playcating (I mean, Robo Knight didn't visit a soup kitchen). It had plenty of new footage and only the third act had clips. They didn't fight a monster but they don't always have to.

Friday, December 6, 2013

2014 Sentai: Ressha Sentai Toqger

 Pictures thanks to Tokunation
 Info from Dukemon22 of TokuInsider:
To protect the route of light, the "Rainbow Line" from the "Shadow" of evil, the 38th Super Sentai starts to run!

 TokkyuBlaster- The Tokkyuger's common arms. Can switch from Uchimasu Mode (Firing Mode) to Kirimasu Mode (Cutting Mode). Comes with a TokkyuResshar, the "ScopeRessha" which combines with TokkyuOh, switching out for the left hand.

TokkyuBuckle- The Tokkyuger's belt buckle. Holds the "Rainbow Pass". Comes with with a TokkyuResshar, the  (Name unreadable), which forms the Signal Shield for TokkyuOh.

Renketsu Bazooka- A team cannon formed from the Tokkyuger's personal weapons. Ichigo has the Rail Slasher, Nigo has the Form Trigger, Sango has the Shingo Hammer, Yongo has the Tunnel Axe, and Gogo has the Tekkyou Claw. Comes with the TokkyuResshar, EnergyResshar, which can combine with TokkyuOh by replacing the left arm.

 Ressha Gattai Series 1-5 Ressha Gattai DX TokkyuOh:
 Combined from the core 5 TokkyuResshar - RedResshar, BlueResshar, YellowResshar, GreenResshar, PinkResshar.  
 TokkyuIchigo - RedReshaar
TokkyuNigo - BlueReshaar
TokkyuSango - YellowReshaar
TokkyuYongo - GreenReshaar
TokkyuGogo - PinkReshaar

  Transfer Change series TokkyuIchigo, Nigo and Sango.

Action figures of Ichigo, Nigo and Sango. It seems the Tokkyuger have the ability to "transfer", which changes the numbers on their suits and allow them to use the other rangers' powers. (Note Red holding Blue's weapon, and so on and so forth.) Under that are the usual bonus toys- SH figure series, punching bag and watch.
 Ressha Gattai Series TankResshar:
Combines with TokkyuOh to make TokkyuOh Tank. (Replaces both hands)

Ressha Gattai Series CarCarrierResshar:

Combines with TokkyuOh to form TokkyuOh CarCarrier (Replaces the right hand)


The Tokkyuger's changer. Each ranger loads a different TokkyRessha into the changer to transform. The TokkyuRessha in turn double as their mecha and our collection gimmick this year. A set of both TokkyuOh and the Changer will be released as well.

Lavender Ranger's Thoughts:
I usually don't editorialize like this but I have to say something. I hated when people who hate on the suits at first glance (like GoGoV, Gekiranger or Go-Onger on the top of my head) but I am not fond of the suits. I feel like we've seen this before. The helmets are fine but the suits themselves are far too simple for me. They look like parody Zentai morphsuits. They remind me of grunts. If the glove and boot cuffs were more complex or if the suit itself had mix of colors like black, white an dsilver, it wouldn't bother me as much.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

20 Rangers for 20 Years Art Exhibition in California

UPDATED 12/8/13 10PM EST
 "There is a special weekend-long exhibition and pop-up shop at Los Angeles-based Toy Art Gallery in honor of the series' 20th Anniversary! The exhibition, 20 Rangers for 20 Years, will highlight popular artists and designers from around the world and their one-of-a-kind painted 31" Ranger statues from Power Rangers partner, JAKKS Pacific. Check out these awesome preview images on Facebook!

The exhibition will take place this weekend, Dec. 7-8 with a launch event at Toy Art Gallery this Saturday from 7-10 p.m. Each customized Ranger statue will be available for purchase on-site at Toy Art Gallery and online at, so be sure to check them out this weekend and grab your favorite before it's gone!"



Pictures from Facebook accounts of fan Corey Gibson and Official Power Morphicon Facebook.