Saturday, December 7, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce - Robo Knight Before Christmas - Episode Review


Robo Knight sees humans decorating the city with Christmas ornaments and trees. The Rangers are at Ernies enjoying smoothies and talking about presents. Noah goes out to throw something out when he bumps into Robo Knight. Robo Knight asks him about Christmas.

  He tries to explain it but RK still doesn't understand. Noah suggests pretending to be a toy in the middle of the mall to observe. He said to stay still for 24 hours. He does so but in between the toys that are being donating to Africa. So Robo Knight gets taken to Africa with the toys where he meets kids. 

Kids in Africa ask if he is Santa and ask for stories. Santa helps cook a soup and tells stories of the Power Rangers. It is a clip show about how the Rangers are good humans and thought him about humanity. So after the clip show, the kids are asleep. Robo Knight powers up the tree to be on until Christmas.

Robo Knight turns into Lion Zord and flies back home to find a present from the Rangers of a snow globe with a picture of all six of them. It snows.

A good clip-show and one of the better Christmas episodes, because it made us think of the less fortunate without playcating (I mean, Robo Knight didn't visit a soup kitchen). It had plenty of new footage and only the third act had clips. They didn't fight a monster but they don't always have to.


Unknown said...

well written summary sir.

on the topic of christmas though: what do you have against naming it on your banner, this isn't the first year i have noticed this: you name other holidays by name (we just saw hanukkah, and dollars to donuts we will see Kwanzaa before the new year, but consistently while using Reds and greens, we get "happy holidays"

i am not challenging you, i would just like to know your rational

Lavender Ranger said...

Will, basically it is an old banner and since my mom died, we still have stuff to do like find the will, settle her bank stuff so I've been busy.