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The Long Life of the Golem Hei

They are the first Super Sentai grunts to have such a long life. I decided to write about their reincarnations.

The Golem Hei premiered in Zyuranger (1992) as the clay footsoldiers of Bandora. Then they were adapted for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993) as the Putty Patrolers a.k.a. the Putties. Haim Saban ordered more footage that was not part of the original series and these Putties wore different costumes for the monster...

With Dora Skeleton in Zyuranger and Bones in the second episode of the first season, he had Skeleton warriors.

With Pineoctupus, they wore clown frills around their necks (this was in American footage and not part of what fans call Zyu 2)...

others had pumpkins on their heads with Pumpkinrapper....

some wore football uniforms with Rhinoblaster...

...some were Ranger copies (except for Red) with Commander Crayfish.

For Season 2, they became a new form for Lord Zedd known to fans as Z-Putties. They were later seen again at the end of Power Rangers in Space.

Golem Hei had new life in Japan in Pretty Gaurdian Sailor Moon (2003-2004) as unnamed cloaked foot soldiers.

~Lavender Ranger

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Attractive Actor: Mitsuru Karahashi

Japanese actor. He will be 32 on May 30th.

He played Snake Orphnoch in Kamen Rider 555.

He plays Juzo Fawa in Samuari Sentai Shinkenger.

He played Ootomo in Sh15uya.

Power Rangers RPM - Episode 13 - "Brother's Keeper"

My connection is getting wacky, sometimes it is down so the upload of the episode might take longer than usual.

"Brother's Keeper"

Episode Summary:

Scott and Dillon race in their cars in the wasteland. Their race is stopped when Tenaya is spotted and they fight the Grinders. One of the Grinders scratches Scott's car and he sprays carbon dioxide on two Grinders, freezing them and Ziggy smashes them into pieces. A new bot blasts on Dillon (activating something) as he fights Tenaya. Tenaya and the bot retreat. Dillon and Scott look at each other saying "I had you." Dillon's eyes glow red as he has something on his neck. Back at the garage at night, Summer is watching a video of Dillon and Scott. We see fluffy slippers under the refrigerator, it is Dr. K. Dr. K says she understands Summer's dilemma, that Scott is the good guy and Dillon is the Bad Boy, one is a 9 and one is 10. Summer asks which one she thinks is a '10' (on cuteness factor), Dr. K asks her who she thinks is a 10.

The shields are going down and it is coming from within Dr. K's lab. The gang go in there to find out it is Dillon. The Rangers try to hold him but he fights them. Dillon slaps Ziggy like one of the Three Stooges. Dillon kicks Flynn in the balls presumably because of his facial expression and direction. He drops Summer to the wall. Dr. K tries scanning him but he breaks the scanner. He throws Dr. K and Ziggy grabs her. Dillon seems to shut down, Ziggy thinks it is because of their friendship but Dillon keeps attacking. Scott spots the device on the back of his neck and Summer kicks it off. Dr. K puts the shield back up. Later, Dr. K says the device has accelerated the virus within him, that he won't be in control of himself soon and forever. He is strapped down to a bed not for his safety but for there's. Ziggy comes up with a plan to take a circuit board chip from the bot to help Dillon in some way, he says to lower the shield again so the baddies will think it was Dillon and bring in the bot. Scott and Dr. K hate the idea.

Dr.K says Ranger Series Operator Black is not worth it. Flynn says to just call him by his name. Summer says he is Dillon. Dr. K says it is now clear about their last conversation about the number ten. Summer is steamed. Dillon doesn't want them to risk the city so he decides to leave. Scott says it is not his decision because he is the leader. He is about to 'outrace' Dillon but Dillon has taken out Scott's gas. Scott then straps handcuffs on Dillon and says he won't let him go. Scott throws away the key. Dillon revs up his car and threatens to drag Scott through the city. They ask for the spare key but Ziggy doesn't have it anymore, so they are stuck together. Dr. K lowers the shield, the robots are sent. There is a montage of Dillon and Scott playing with the chain and being stuck together. Dillon asks Scott why he did what he did, he says he is saint. He tells Dillon 'your welcome.' Ziggy, Summer and Flynn morph and fight the forces. Dillon and Scott can't stand just standing around.

So they are going to go outside but they fight about which car they are going to go in. They arrive in.. surprise! Ziggy's scooter is back!!! They morph and smash the chain off. They then use the Wheel Blasters (which they never used outside of the megazord on Go-Onger) and defeat the bot. The bot grows and they destroy it with the Megazord. Summer then gets the chip they need. Back at the garage, Dr. K is trying to decrypt the chip to help Dillon but it is too late, Dillon is being taken over. Flynn says they need the original code to the Venjix virus. All the Rangers are bummed because they don't have it. Suddenly, the virus is subdued but not out, at least Dillon is back. The Rangers are wondering how this happened. To their shock and dismay, Dr. K reveals that all the pain they have been through is because of her, it is her fault because she released the virus.

What a misleading title. I thought the episode was about Scott's dead brother. I thought since the original plot of the monster was that the Red Ranger switched bodies with it, that this one would be about Scott's brother's mind in this robot, but no. I guess 'Brother' was used in a general sense. I loved the Dr. K scenes and loved how she revealed the truth. The use of the Carbon Dioxide was cool too. And don't ask me why, but the whole virus taking over Dillon plot is cool.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Toys Released

The first wave Kamen Rider Dragon Knight toys have been spotted in some parts of the United States (San Fernando Valley, California and Miami, Florida). I am sure that soon they will be everywhere throughout the United States. Spotted have been 4" (small!) Blank Knight (blank slate form), Dragon Knight, Wing Knight, Torque, Incisor, and Camo; Dragon Knight with Dragon Cycle; Wing Knight with Wing Cycle; Blank Knight with Advent Cycle; Len w/ the bat; Drew w/ the bull; Kit w/ the dragon; flip head Dragon Knight, and flip head Wing Knight. More to come when more develops of course.

Interesting note on the French and Spanish names, Knight becomes Cavalier or Caballero, which is the same. Wing Knight becomes Cavalier Aile or Caballero Alado, in Spanish that means Winged Knight. Camo and Torque stays the same. Incisor becomes Pince and Pinza, which means Pincher. Blank Knight becomes Caballero General, 'General' as in default but not general as in a military position.

It turns out that Sting and Strike will be released soon, I don't know when but they are coming before the next wave. Fans are predicting it will be 8, so this wave is this 6 figures including Sting and Strike and then the next wave will be: Dragon Knight Survive Mode, Wing Knight Survive Mode, Thrust, Axe, Spear, Wrath, Siren, and Onyx.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Results of three of the polls

I had some polls I ended because I think we got enough votes and info, let's see the results.

Would you watch an English Dubbed version of Shinkenger?
52 out of 83 (62.65%) said yes and 31 out of 83 (37.3%) said no.

How do you feel about that Power Rangers is ending?

Mad 150 out of 384 (39%)
Sad 114 out of 384 (29.69%)
Glad 48 out of 384 (12.5%)
Numb 12 out of 384 (3.12%)
Indifferent 60 out of 384 (15.62%)

Would you watch an Animated Power Rangers?
Yes 103 out of 348 (29.59%)
No 110 out of 348 (31.60%)
Depends 96 out of 348 (27.58%)
Give it a Glance 39 out of 348 (11.20%)

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Queer Eye for the Villainesses

Divatox / Zonnette
Divatox was a space pirate, the only thing that looks slightly pirate-like in her outfit was her collar, a bit of her corset and maybe her skirt. The latex gloves were not pirate-like but maybe it was suppose to be part of the space motif. I like her cape, it is very detailed. The skirt is okay but it looks like a mess, maybe if it was longer. I like the mix of red, black and purple. I am not crazy about the gold though. Zonnette's color scheme purple, blue, and black is interesting, I like her long skirt and stockings. The feathers are interesting but looks like they uncomfortable and maybe will stick it to other people. The boots look a bit like a shell, I like the black and red. Maybe Divatox and Zonnette's boots are similar.
Divatox's outfit was created because Zonnette's was too revealing but we could still see her cleavage, but not as much as Zonnette's. And Zonnette, you could see her thighs a lot.

Astronema / Shibolena
Astronema had a lot of looks, I mean, a lot. Everyone's favorite has to be her 'cyborg' look, the last one with the short red hair. Little did I know that her outfit changed a bit as well, not only her hair. Okay, let's start with the blonde look: What happened?! Did Barbella had a long-lost child? She looks beyond the 80's glam. And that breast plate looks so cheap. No wonder this look did not last long. The blonde hair, she also had it in dredlocks and a mix as well. Her purple hair look is the most memorable and probably was used the most. She looked less ridiculous with the red hair outfit. Shibolena had just one look, which at first look is tacky, but it goes with the 'twisted' scheme of the Nijeria. I don't like the bathroom tiles look on her boots, dress and boots. I like the alternating on both sides, like one glove and etc, very interesting. The golden thing on her shoulder is cool but I don't like where the skirt ends. It is clear why this suit was not used, too tacky, even for the standards that they made Astronema's costumes for.

Trakeena / Shelinda
Trakeena had a bug scheme, she had one mantis-like armor she used in one episode and then her final 'green' look. But the one she used the most was sort of revealing, with the holes in the suit. It looked interesting though. The headdress, I don't know how the actress could put up with it. Shelinda's headdress looks more practical, not like it would get in the way. Her outfit look like a mix of shells, shellfish and webs, I like the hints of pink but not crazy about the space panties. Now, she did look like a space pirate. It is clear why they didn't use this outfit: way too much skin.

Elsa / Jannu
I never liked Elsa's outfit, it looked lazy. Looking at it now, I notice little details you don't notice on television. The first rule about outfits and make-up on TV, is that bigger is better, it comes out clearer. Jannu's outfit is very detailed, she shows off some skin but you can't really tell. Her headdress reminds me of a priest but I guess it is a little different. Her cape is very royal, well the whole outfit, without the cape and shoulder things, then she would look like she was wearing Valentine lingerie. Elsa's first headdress looked like a weird cap, she later sported longer hair but it didn't help matters. I think it would have been better if she had some neon or green in her outfit. This was the first outfit the New Zealand team did. They probably didn't use this outfit because it didn't fit with Mezogog's lair.

I decided to cover Rije and Rijewel, seperate from Mora/Morgana, not like I did before in the character comparisons. I decided to critique the before and after costumes. Rije was just cute, with her fluffy shoulders and those arm cuffs--I lvoe arm cuffs! The collar on her dress was interesting. I am not sure about the shoes though. She was possessed by evil most of the time anyway so the motif/thing was the big boss in a little girl. Rijewel on the other side had to be more grown-up and suductive. She doesn't look very sexy or suductive in this picture but she pulled it off. I am not sure about the huge shoulder pads but she looked enough to be connected to Rije and did not look at all like Jannu.

Mora had a quite outfit, I like its gothic/space look. With its bright violet arms and skirt and black all around. Very cool, I wish it was on grown-up Morgana. Morgana had a drab-look, I like the purple thing pattern on her blouse but wish there was more to it than a black cloak. I like how theyincorporated the purple in her outfit. Also, I liked how Mora's purple was brighter and Morgana's was darker. Morgana had a lighting-bolt symbol on her face to incorporate her battle suit which was from Sucuubus of Dekaranger. Sucuubus had the same lighting-bolt, which resembles the Power Rangers lighting bolt. I am not critiquing the battle suit, for the same reason I am not critiquing Scorpina, Vypra, Toxica, Kapri, and Marah because they are all the same as their Japanese counterparts.

Miratrix / Shizuka of the Wind
Shizuka had a school girl/ninja look going on that was also based on what Power Ranger fans know as the Ninja Megazord. I liked the coat but the top of the bow were a bit too big and exaggerated for my own taste. They could have still gave Miratrix that outfit because her outfit was way too boring. The purple was barely registerable on the screen and the black was just too drab. They could have at least gave her some more blue to be clear she went along with Kamdor. The Saban Villainess outfits had more flair!

Camille / Mele
Mele had a rockin outfit, I love Mele and her outfit is awesome. It is obvious once again why this outfit was not used, because of the cleavage. I like the Chinese-looking motif chosen for Camille's outfit but I am not happy with the lack of green. Mele's was obviously all green. I liked the straps, the glove/gauntlet was really great. She had two Chameleon-like twirls in her hair, while Camille had one in the back of her head. I see Disney crew made some effort with her outfit to match her armor form, in how the arms are red and the sides are a different color like her armor form and the shoulder V's. When Mele got the Phantom Beast Phoenix power, her outfit did not change. Camille got a golden thing in her hair and I believe some things on her outfit were switched for a golden color, I am not sure. Camille wore black tights, while Mele's legs were bare until her knee-high boots. I commend the designer for actually trying to have Camille's outfit resemble Mele's but I don't like the color scheme of that green-ish brown, maybe it is one of those shiny fabrics with alternating colors but again, not readable on television!

Tenaya 7 / Kegaleshia
Two completely different women. I first thought that Tenaya's outfit was brown, but it turns out to be like a maroon, with hints of red. Kegaleshia's outfit was definately red. Maybe they got inspired by the suit underneath with its hip pads because Tenaya has hip pads, knee pads, and elbow pads. I am not fond of her bull-like visor, but the suit does service her hot body, making it a sultry tight outfit. Kegaleshia's outfit I have always found clunky but I have grown to like it. I like the valves on her shoes and head, obviously they did serve a purpose on the show. I loved the three bands on Kegaleshia's left leg, that's cool. I like the lines on Tenaya's outfit, it makes it look like those clothes that are reversed on purpose and look like it is inside of the clothes.

~Lavender Ranger

Explaining Lavender Ranger

For years I have been in the Power Rangers/Super Sentai fandom since 1995 or so and I have not had a successful alias, avatar, or screenname. I would usually go by first name (Gerald) but most people I know have successful screenames that stick like poweranimals or dukemon22. Names I have had are GoBlue (GoGoFive), MegaSliver (Mispelling Mega Silver), etc. Finally, I have picked one and I think I am sticking with it. Lavender Ranger has a colorful background (pun not intended), I like purple and violet but Lavender is unique; plus that only one Violet Ranger exists.

Many people know I am gay, maybe some don't even know, doesn't matter. Lavender is a synonym used for the original gay liberation movement which began in 1969 is referring to the movement as the lavender revolution. The Lavender Menace was a group of lesbian radical feminists formed to protest the exclusion of lesbians and lesbian issues from the feminist movement at the Second Congress to Unite Women in 1970. Before the word 'Gay' (which is a pretty new slang term) was used for Homosexual, 'Lavender' was used before that. For Example on "The Simpsons," Grampa asks Raul "Are you going to get lavender on me?" in the 2004 15th season episode "Catch 'Em if You Can." It is an accurate use. The best part is that this is not that well-known these days. I am like, why didn't I think about this before?

Above is my rendition of a Lavender Dairanger, based on the mythical creature Hippogriff. She is female because there is never enough female Rangers.

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New Shinkenger Mecha Chart

Well, my friend Dukemon22 posted this on his blog Toku Insider but I decided to post this anyway since people come to my site for stuff too. Top Right/Red Arrow: ShinkenOh with Kabuto Origami becomes Kabuto ShinkenOh and ShinkenOh with Kaijiki Origami becomes Kaijiki ShinkenOh and ShinkenOh with Tora Origami becomes Tora ShinkenOh; Light Blue Arrow: Kabuto, Kaijiki, and Tora Origami become DaiTenkuu; Dark Blue Arrow: ShinkenOh and DaiTenkuu become TenkuuShinkenoh; Top Left/Green Arrow: ShinkenOh and Red's dino KyoryuOriGami becomes KyoryuShinkenOh; Middle/Dark Purple Arrow: DaiTenkuu + IkaOriGami= IkaTenkuuBuster; Light Indigo Arrow: ShinkenGold's EbiOrigami/DaiKaioh and his squid IkaOriGami= IkaDaiKaiOh; Light Purple arrow: ShinkenOh and IkaOriGami becomes IkaShinkenOh; Bottom Left/Orange Arrow: ShinkenOh + DaiKaiOh= DaiKaiShinkenOh; Bottom Right/Dark Red Arrow: All the Origami together, no name yet I suppose.

UPDATED 5/24/09
KyoryuOriGami close-up.

Shinken Red's power-up, I like the tails in the back. I am not crazy about the shoulder wings and pebble necklace though. I will do a full review when we see them in live-action.

I was wrong about Ebi Origami, it is not a copy of the Kabuto origami, it is actually quite bigger than it, it can form a whole new robo! Ans when it becomes DaiKaiOh, it has four different faces it can change to!

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