Saturday, November 3, 2012

Go-Busters Mission 37 Images

Hotwheels from Power Rangers Megaforce are out!

RRR Otoku has revealed that an eBay seller already had the first three of the first wave of Power Rangers Hot Wheels cars. Red Ranger Dragon Zord, Blue Ranger Shark Zord, and the Mega Strike Rager 20th anniversary Vehicle.

UPDATED 11/6/12

 This new Power Rangers Megaforce Hot Wheels Action Set shows off the six cars Hot Wheels will release, including Goseiger's Gosei Great, that here is said to be Gosei. And also has the morpher incorporated.

Clarification on Power Rangers Samurai toy releases

 UPDATED 11/4/12
I thought I would clarify which toys are not being released, I hear many people asking 'Where is super mode Pink?' or 'Shogun Green'. Also everyone knows that the Megaforce toys are set to be released later this month or in December. So the Samurai line is more or less done.
Mega Bloks Series 3
Rumors are that the Series 3 Blind Pack has been canceled and it is not scheduled to be released. This includes Training Blue, Regular Pink, Mega Mode Yellow, Solid Gold Super Mega Gold, and others.

 Pink Samurai Ranger Super Mode
Pink Super Samurai Ranger is not being released in any form it seems.

Yellow Samurai Ranger Super Mode
Yellow Super Samurai Ranger is not being released as a figure either by Bandai nor MegaBloks.

Pink Shogun Ranger
Not being released as a figure. She did appear on the show.

Yellow Ranger Shogun Mode
Not being released in any form. She has appeared in promotional images and just in a flash in a sequence but not in action on the show.

Green Ranger Shogun Mode or Green Samurai Ranger
Not being released in any form. He appeared in a flash in a sequence but not in action on the show. Now why are they are not being released? God only knows. But Pink and Yellow could be most likely because they are female and females don't sell well. And as for Green, maybe they only had spaces for three.

The 7th Mystery Ranger has still have not been released. Making Linear Ranger (Toy Reviewer and fellow Power Force Member) and I fear it won't happen. I've been hunting of it. We all know it is the female Red Ranger. Some think she might be packaged in Megaforce packaging like Rita was packaged in Samurai packaging. But who knows... it (or she) will show up eventually.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Henshin0's Universal Rider Forms Terminology

A while ago I wrote a post about Kamen Rider OOO and Fourze 2012 MEGAMAX, and made a question about dbl-rocket stats, and realised that i have my own terminology for all rider forms, which probably aren't the same ones used by most KR fans. So I made a flow-chart with my terms for rider forms, under which all forms of all riders would go under. This is based on all material as of september 2011, so one form on the chart is not quite accurate, and as the show progresses (given the new stages added by decade and w), i will update the chart whenever a new rider shows up with a form that doesn't fit in the chart (most notably fourze dble rocket and rocket drill state). This chart and post is to introduce a universal terminology for the forms so that if I, or anyone else, mentions "mid-" "side-" or "final-" forms of any given rider, old or new, everyone else would understand what is meant by it. ex: if I ask "what is W's mid-form?", you'd be easily able to understand that the answer is "fang-joker". Though some recent riders have different names for their forms such as "combo" or "state", my universal terminology will use "form" since it's been used so much in pre-decade era. Even gatakiriba combo and elec states would both be side-form in my chart. Anyways, here it is:

Incuded in each catagory, is an example or two of rider forms that fall under each catagory.
The main form for all riders, I call base particular reason, but it was the first that came to my head (fourze base state might have influence over the name). All riders have a base form.
Proto form is a weaker stage that some riders have. Often when they first transform, they start off in this form before going to base form. the only to have that are kuuga growing, ryuki plaid, kabuto masked, and den-o plaid.
Sub-base is a weaker version of base form. usually it is used when a rider can't go to base form and uses an alternative transformation. riders who use this include w joker form, skull crystal form, and birth proto version (though it's called proto, do not get confused and put it in the proto-form catagory).
Super-base, in contrast to sub-base, is a powered up version of base form. as of 9/2011, there are only two riders who can use it: kuuga rising-mighty form, and decade fury form.
Side is when the rider dons an alternative form (almost always changes colors) with new powers and changes to statistics such as power, stamina, speed, etc. Side forms were first introduced in black rx with robo and bio rider, the the trend continued with kuuga, agito, den-o, kiva, w, ooo, and fourze.
Super-side is a powered up version of a coresponding side form (the side form equivelent of super-base form). the only rider so far to have any is kuuga with rising dragon, rising pegasus, and rising titan.
Sub-side was first introduced in W, and W and OOO are the only riders so far to have them. With their skill being combinations of two or three sideforms respectively, they can use slightly less powerful cobinations to get out of a pinch in fast pace melee combat. for example, w has two side forms, heatmetal and lunatrigger, but if he were using heatmetal, and needed an extra reach, he would have a lower division of form change by swapping out heat for luna, so that he would still have his metal rod, but with the elongation capability of luna. In addition, each complete combo has an added ability when all three medals are of the same color, but sometimes, he'd need to swap out sonic chest bongo and seismic stomping for cheetah speed for example by going from saigorzo to saigortah.
DCD is a form that was only used in kamen rider decade and his movies by all main heisei riders up to w. They can only be accessed by decade or diend when using a FINAL FORM RIDE card (not to be confused with the term "final form" in my chart). Though it's called final form, I see it as an alternative side form in decade's era. the riders and their forms go as follows: kuuga gouram, agito tornado, ryuki dragredder, faiz blaster, blade blade, hibiki ongekkido, kabuto zecter, den-o liner/momotaros, kiva arrow, decade decadriver-jumbo formation, and w cyclonecyclone/jokerjoker
Mid form for some riders is their second strongest form. it is first introduced in kuuga and reaccurs every other season. Somewhere between the mid teens and mid 20's of the seasons, the main rider fights an enemy that they can't win against in base or side forms, so they a much more powerful form that gives the the strength to win. Examples of such forms include agito trinity, blade jack, hibiki kurenai, w fangjoker, the wildly popular ooo tajadol, and the very recent fourze magnet.
sub-mid and side-mid follow the same meaning as sub-base and side forms, exept they are mid level instead of base level. I made these two levels in precaution for ooo burakawani and four
Final--Since the avent of the heisei era, this is the most anticipated form of main riders. THE FINAL FORM. Save a few movie-exclusive power-ups, final form is the ultimately most powerful form they have.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tamashi Nations reveals Green Ranger Figuart figure!

 So we know that Bandai Art will be making FiguARTS of the Zyuranger/Power Rangers that will be released by Bluefly and Tamashi Nations in the USA. So Red Ranger has been revealed, now it's the Green Ranger's turn! Using MMPR terms, he has the Sword of Darkness and Dragon Dagger.