Thursday, January 5, 2017

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Galactic Sentinels Fan Comic Book

Over the Holiday break, I decided to do a fan comic book based on the 1997 American tokusatsu show Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills. It is called Galactic Sentinels, the name of the heroes in the show. I based the costumes on the 2017 movie Power Rangers. I based the style of the comic sort of based on the MMPR Boom Comics. The first issue  cover is based on the 2016 comic covers.

Story: Alien Nimbar must gather four teenagers to stop the onslaught of Emperor Gorganus from the planet Meleculah. Gorganus has a huge empire but wants to conquer the Earth as it is the key focal point of portals he needs to dominate the universe. He selects four teenagers from Bel-Air and Beverly Hills who have nothing in common and do not want to be friends.

Laurie Foster/ Scorpio 
Super popular at a private school Henley Senior, she is class president and on the Principal’s Honor Roll. She has a lot of friends. She used to be a cheerleader. She changed her last name to her rich step-father’s. She hides her Irian background and her drug dealer father. She is the leader of the team. As Scorpio, she wields the Hook Blade and her main attack is Scorpion Stinger. 

Gordon Henley/Taurus
Gordon is a brown nosing jerkass who loves his money. His mother is the city mayor. He attends a private school Henley Senior but doesn’t associate with Laurie because she is ‘new money.’ He is ‘old money.’ He fancies himself a lady’s man but isn’t. He goes to the same SAT prep club that Swinton does. As Taurus, he wields the Light Spear and her main attack is Bull Rush.

Drew Vincent/Centaur 
Drew is cynical tough motorcycle girl who works at a coffee shop her actress aunt owns. She doesn’t go to the same schools as the others but they often stop by the coffee shop. She attends Beverly Hills High School. She hides the truth that her mother is a crack addict and at a rehab center. When young she witnessed her dad’s death due to overdose. She trusts Nimbar the least. As Centaur, she wields the Archer Bow and her main attack is the Centaur Spin.

Swinton Sawyer/Aquarius 
Swinton is highly intelligent introverted young man who attends Billwood All Boys Academy. He is the youngest and smallest. He secretly has a crush on Gordon but it eventually becomes just platonic friendship. He seems to be stuck up about his intelligence but in reality he is happy to have ‘friends.’ He never had friends before.  He is close to his dad. He can’t drive yet. As Aquarius, he wields the Twin Sickles and performs the Apollo Tidal Wave.

Diane Henley – Gordon’s mother and mayor of Beverly Hills. She barely pays attention to Gordon.
Roger Henley – Gordon’s father is old money, he is mostly at work. He is a publisher and a Harvard man.
Nicole Nash – Drew’s TV soap opera actress aunt and owns the coffee shop Café Maison.
Karen Foster – Laurie’s mother, she is the usual exotic trophy housewife but in reality is smarter than she seems. 
Nimbar - Octopus-like alien is the keeper and protector of the portals. He is from the planet Gamna Lepus. He has failed in the past to protect a world from Gorganus and will stop at nothing that Earth doesn’t meet the same fate. He has a lot to learn about humans and has short patience for the teens’ personal problem.

Lechner- Gorganus’ pet bird companion who irritates him with questions and inquiries. He grovels and reacts when Gorganus threatens him. He is from the planet Malatoid. He must shed every 17 kilbenans. 

Gorganus’ purple military-like henchmen. Not from the original show, based on the 1995 movie Oozemen.

Emperor Gorganus
He is intent on taking over the world because it is the focal point of a network of Portals that would help in his conquest of the universe. 

Electricity based monster in issue one.