Saturday, August 3, 2013

Kamen Rider Wizard 28

Kyoryuger Episode 24 Images -- Kyoryu Violet Female

EPIC WIN! CARDS for McDonalds Power Rangers Megaforce Happy Meal!

I never never use the word 'Epic' or 'win' but I said it I said. Maybe not here but for sure on Twitter. I thought they would have exclusive trading cards with the toys at McDonalds. Some people are griping that Yellow and Pink don't have their own cards but I am happy that at least the girls are included in the team card. It reminds me when I showed the Samurai bookbag I got from Saban Brands because of Power Force to Alan Palmer, the Black Aquitar Ranger---he thought there was only 3 Rangers because they only had the boy ones. As much as I hate the gender binary (splitting into boys and girls only), their thinking is probably that a boy doesn't want a Pink Ranger or Yellow Ranger card. I think it is dumb they split most toys between boys and girls. But if a boy gets a Phoenix Zord or Tiger Zord, his incentive is the Megazord card or a card with Red in the forefront.

Phoenix Zord - Red Ranger Card
Shark Zord - Blue Ranger Card
Snake Zord - Black Ranger Card
Lion Zord - Robo Knight
Phoenix Zord - Megazord Card
Tiger Zord - Team Card

Thursday, August 1, 2013

My custom Power Rangers ACG Banners

The Facebook page of Power Rangers ACG has banners it has done with different 5 cards depending on the series or if it was Comic Con exclusives. But the majority of the cards are male so I decided to make female versions. I had so much fun, I decided to make more, of each color. They already have red. All of these were done by me, some sloppily but got no time to fix them right now. I might fix them later. Those of you who follow my twitter, deviantart, facebook or tumblr may already know about these.

 Guardians of Justice cards
SPD Yellow, Mystic Blue, Samurai Red, RPM Silver, and Pink Space.

Universe of Hope cards
 Camille, Samurai Red, Megaforce Pink Ultra Mode, Yellow Dino, and Blue Wind Ranger.

Pink Rangers
Time Force, Super Samurai, MMPR, Megaforce (with Momoranger) and Lost Galaxy
I went with a green background to contrast with Pink.

Yellow Rangers
Unlike the other ones that I color changed the backgrounds, I kept one of the backgrounds. I am aware of the mistakes. originally I had Ninja Storm and Wild Force in opposite places but got advice on Twitter to change it. Wild Force, Megaforce, MMPR, Mystic Force and Ninja Storm

 Black Rangers
Space, Megaforce, MMPR, Dino Thunder and RPM

 Blue Rangers
I kept this one's background true to the color because complimentary colors of Blue are red and yellow and I already did that so I just went with blue, I think it looks good. I forgot to add Megaforce to this one. In the others (Pink, Yellow and Black) I had Megaforce but here I forgot. Jungle Fury, Zeo, MMPR, Lightspeed and Ninja Storm.

 Green Rangers
I wanted the background to be orange to be complimentary but it came out too yellow. Time Force, RPM, MMPR, Super Samurai and SPD.

 White Rangers
I couldn't come up with a color to go in the background so I settled with Red, which I hadn't done before. White Dino, White Wild Force, White Mighty Morphin, White Rhino Ranger and Omega Ranger.

 Gold Rangers
Since Power Rangers only has four rangers so far that are 'gold,' then I doubled up on Antonio. Gold Samurai, Solaris Knight, Gold Ranger Mega Mode, RPM Ranger Gold and Gold Zeo Ranger. This background is more 'orange' than the Green Ranger background I did but it looks more red.

Silver Rangers
Lunar Wolf, Silver Space, Mercury Ranger, RPM Ranger Silver and Robo Knight.
I photoshopped Mercury from a Dice-O Card because he doesn't have one yet and there are only 4 Silver in the card series so far.

 Red Rangers
Just to complete it, I did some Red Rangers but unconventional ones (female, powerup battlizer, different shade and sixth ranger). Red Super Samurai Ranger (Lauren), Triassic Ranger Battlizer, Armored Red Ranger, Crimson Ranger, and Quantum Ranger.