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Inazuman in Kamen Rider Movie Taisen Ultimatum!

 Inazuman is a fictional character created by Shotaro Ishinomori. First appearing in the tokusatsu series of the same name, the mutant superhero has gone on to appear in manga and anime.

 Following Akumaizer 3and Grandain and Skydain in being re-designed old forgotten characters from Shotaro Ishinomori, Inazuman will be in the Kamen Rider Movie Taisen Ultimatum.

 It will premiere in theaters in December 8th.
 The Tokusatsu series aired from October 2, 1973 to March 26, 1974 for 25 episodes and Inazuman Flash aired from April 9, 1974 to September 24, 1974 for 23 episodes. In the manga adaptation by creator Shotaro Ishinomori, Goro Watari is a junior high school student named Saburo Kazeda.

In the first Tokusatsu series, Inazuman was college student Goro Watari, a mutant. He lost his mother as a child and had other dark moments in his childhood but when the Neo-Human Empire Phantom Army begins its attacks on mankind with its Phantom Soldiers and Mutan Robots, he puts his psionic powers to the test.


Los Luchadores

 I am surprised I haven't mentioned this show. It obviously an acquired taste. It aired on Fox Kids Saturday Morning from February 3, 2001 – July 7, 2001 with just 14 episodes. For those who don't know Spanish, 'Los Luchadores' means 'the fighters' or also wrestlers. They are wrestler superheroes in the vain of the 1960's Batman series. They never revealed their true identities actually. It was a Canadian-American series that was produced by Saban Entertainment and Shavick Entertainment.

 Theme music composers were Paul Gordon, Ron Kenan, and Shuki Levy. If you find Shuki Levy a familar name, it is because he was one of the Executive Producers of Power Rangers. Even though not completely produced by Saban Entertainment, it is like the foreign cousin of Power Rangers.

The show was campy, it wasn't so horrible though. It had three heroes: Lobo Fuerte (Maximo Morrone), Turbine (Levi James) and Maria Valentine (Sarah Carter). They fought a variety of villains.

It competely shocked to me to find this artwork for Los Luchadores, with another logo and different actors and different costumes. These Key Art/Sell Sheet/Promotional Item were designed by Lauren Alpert, who designed other promo posters for Digimon and Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue and Time Force.

What I like about the series was that Lobo Fuerte's 'Alfred' of sorts was a Black Hispanic guy who was smart and the mentor look-out in Lobo's secret cave.

Where are they are now?
Maximo Morrone
He played Lobo Fuerte. He is a former model and was acting for years. He has even been on CSI: Miami. Maximo (who modeled for Valentino and Versace) is now a professional photographer. He is still so hot!

Levi James
 I had a massive crush on Turbine, who was like the plucky Robin to Lobo Fuerte. Canadian Levi James now his own rock band called Irreverents. And he is still hot! He is a brunette and obviously he had to dye his hair for the series.

Sarah Carter
She played Maria Valentine. She is a Canadian actress best known for Fallen Skies, she has also been on Dark Angel, Undeclared, CSI: NY, Smallville, and Shark. She was 20 when she was on the show.

I have this poster my nephew recovered from the rubble of all magazines I have.

Power Rangers Super Samurai - Fighting Fire with Fire Episode Review

 I haven't been doing episode reviews lately. Sorry about that. Pictures thanks to Fury Diamond on

Episode Summary:
Jayden receives a letter that will soon reveal his secret to his friends. Dayu and Ocotroo conduct a plan to fight back on Jayden. She attacks the Rangers and especially Jayden, targeting him. Extending the fire within him so he will burst. He takes the monster on his own to a temple and destroys the monster. Octoroo figures out he is not the head of the Shiba Family. Jayden is hurt and gives the Black Box to Kevin and they form the Megazord to fight the monster. All the zords come loose. In the shadows, Jayden sees a girl coming towards him. She says she will handle it. She takes out a pen-like morpher and there is a red flash. The Rangers are in their individual zords when the Lion Zord pops out and fights the monster. 

The Rangers see Jayden on the floor and wonder who it is. We hear a female voice inside the Lion Zord. A female Red Ranger in Mega Mode defeats the monster on her own with the Lion Zord. The unmorphed Rangers go to Jayden's aid. They carry him when a Red Ranger approaches them. She de-morphs and Jayden explains she is Lauren, his big sister. She comes to him and touches his face. They ask her a bunch of questions. Mia welcomes Lauren to the Rangers. She says that she imagined this day for a long time. (SO DID WE! We have been waiting for her)

Jii explains that in the last invasion, the Nighlok overwhelmed the Samurai Rangers. Jii took Lauren into hiding so she could fully master the sealing symbol. Jayden had to fight the Nighlok. Jayden and Lauren's dad used the symbol to seal Xandred so Lauren had more time to perfect the symbol. Jayden had to keep the secret for years and the Rangers face this fact. Jii says she has finally mastered the sealing power. Octoroo is mad about Red being an imposter.

Back with Lauren and Jayden, Lauren says he has grown into a true samurai. She figures he felt alone like she did. He says he has trusted his friends. He said the teammates were like brothers and sisters. She hopes she could be part of the family, fight together. Jayden says that can't happen, that there has to be ONE red ranger. 

That they are too loyal to him, mistakes will be made, so he must leave. Lauren sheds a tear in a regal manner. The Rangers have a barbeque and Lauren is given a burger. Mike likes her morpher and Lauren worries about it. He says he could write Kanji like a master. Emily says he has 'Kanji Issues.' (Meme! I called it!) She explains that the morpher belonged to her father. Emily wants a girls day out and says it is great to have another girl on the team.

 Jayden surprises everyone by being packed up. Jayden gives all the discs and black box to Lauren. He tells them to follow her, that she is their new leader. They all freak out. Mike asks Jii how he could keep this from them. Jii says no can stop him. Jayden says his goodbye to Jii. Everyone comes around them. Jayden says his goodbyes to the five. Kevin wants to go with him. Jayden says he is counting on him.

 Later Jii cleans dishes and thinks to himself. All the six rangers miss Jayden. Antonio says he is going after Jayden since he is not a true Samurai. Close-up of Lauren at the end.

I had seen most of the new episodes that aired earlier on Nickelodeon of Latin America except for this one as it was not available online for a while. Anyway, I love Kimberely Crossman's portrayal of Lauren Shiba and found her stern and cold in the last episodes and a little more cheery in this one. Other than the original Japanese episode, where the female Red Ranger shows up at the very end... in this episode, we have no Xandred or Deker. Also, Lauren shows up half way through the episode and the monster is defeated rather quickly to make way for lots of exposition. I feel the exposition is like dumbing down of Shinkenger's explanation of the true head of Shiba, spelling it all out for the American kids. Anyway the scene where Jayden leaves is an emotional scene and all the castmembers did a good job. Maybe Jii was too reserved. But thumbs up to Kimberely, Alex, Brittany, Hector, Steven, Erika and Najee.

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Power Rangers Megaforce Toy List

Toywiz has revealed the list of Power Rangers Megaforce figures, no pictures but it is interesting what they have to offer. They have Switch Morphing figures from regular to super, instead of the actors faces like in the first batch of Samurai toys. Megazords seem to have their own figures. They are continuing the auxiliary zords with ranger figures. Also Ranger Masks seem to come out before, in Samurai they came around the end of the first season. Also, it seems as if they are keeping most of the Goseiger names.

Power Rangers Megaforce Deluxe Gosei Morpher 
Price: $29.99          
Power Rangers Megaforce Basic Ranger Gear Gosei Buckle 
  Price: $11.99         
 Power Rangers Megaforce Ranger Mask Robo Knight 
Price: $9.99 or $11.99        
Power Rangers Megaforce Deluxe Hand Gear 
Price: $28.99          
Power Rangers Megaforce Battle Gear Power Ranger Blaster 
Price: $15.99          
Power Rangers Megaforce Battle Gear Robo Morpher 
Price: $17.99          

Power Rangers Megaforce Deluxe Battle Gear Set Dragon Sword & Phoenix Shot 
Price: $28.99 
Power Rangers Megaforce Deluxe Battle Gear Set Snake Ax, Tiger Claw & Shark Bowgun 
Power Rangers Megaforce Training Set Red Ranger
Price: $24.99         

 Power Rangers Megaforce Vehicle & Figure Cycle with Ranger (Red, Black, Blue)
Price: $14.99          
Power Rangers Megaforce Vehicle & Figure Sky Brothers Zord with Red Ranger
Price: $16.99          
Power Rangers Megaforce Vehicle & Figure Sea Brothers Zord with Blue Ranger 
Price: $17.99         
 Power Rangers Megaforce Vehicle & Figure Land Brothers Zord with Black Ranger
Price: $17.99 
Power Rangers Megaforce Deluxe Vehicle & Figure Lion Mechazord with Robo Knight 
 Price: $28.99          
Power Rangers Megaforce Deluxe Megazord Gosei Great Megazord
Price: $37.99          
Power Rangers Megaforce Mini-Figure Blind Pack 
Power Rangers Megaforce Mini-Figure Blind Pack Set of 3
Price: $11.99 

Power Rangers Megaforce Mini-Figure 6-Pack 
 Power Rangers Megaforce Basic Action Figure Normal Red Ranger 
Power Rangers Megaforce Basic Action Figure Normal Blue Ranger
Power Rangers Megaforce Basic Action Figure Normal Black Ranger 
Power Rangers Megaforce Basic Action Figure Normal Yellow Ranger 
          Power Rangers Megaforce Basic Action Figure Normal Pink Ranger 

       Power Rangers Megaforce Tokyo Vinyl Figure Dragon Ranger 
 Power Rangers Megaforce Tokyo Vinyl Figure Shark Ranger 
Power Rangers Megaforce Feature Figure Robo Knight Ranger 

Power Rangers Megaforce Feature Figure Normal Red Ranger 
[Sword Action] 
Power Rangers Megaforce Feature Figure Normal Blue Ranger 
[Sword Action] 
Power Rangers Megaforce Feature Figure Normal Black Ranger 
[Sword Action] 
Power Rangers Megaforce Armored Might Action Figure Normal Red to Super Red 
Power Rangers Megaforce Armored Might Action Figure Normal Blue to Super Blue

Power Rangers Megaforce Megazord Figure Gosei Great 
 Power Rangers Megaforce Megazord Figure Gosei Grand 
Power Rangers Megaforce Morphin Vehicle Red 
Power Rangers Megaforce Morphin Vehicle Blue 
 Power Rangers Megaforce Morphin Vehicle Black
Power Rangers Megaforce Morphin Vehicle Robo Knight 
Power Rangers Megaforce Build & Morph Set Gosei Great Megazord 

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Power Rangers Blue Ranger Morphsuit Review (Power Force)

Halloween came early today... or late, however you want to look at it. They said it might get to us by Halloween but no promises. To be fair, they offered it to us a week or so before the holiday.
So the first free thing all the Power Force Members were offered was a Morphsuit. I say the first thing to all of them is because those of us that went to the Power Morphicon got a gift bag at the Power Breakfast. And I say 'offered' because maybe not all wanted the Morphsuit, so I don't know if all the members got one.

We were offered one of the basic five colors, the packaging has the White Ranger on it and the website only has the basic 5 colors. I was tempted to get Pink. I know MorphinLegacy is getting blue as well. 

Now I have my own personal body issues and did not want a picture floating around there with me and the suit on so here it is on my bed. It is hard to get completely flat without creases.

Washing Instructions: Step 1: Wash Separately in cold water; Step 2: Line Dry and do not bleach or iron.

It has a zipper from the head to the bottom back, right above the butt. Inside near the shoulder, there is a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers tag that says Power on the back. Also it says Trademark and Copyright SCG and Power Rangers LLC.

The face has the front of the helmet, the back of the mask doesn't have any design. It is interesting that it has two different shades of grey. I also like that the visor is outlined with a black line.

Back of the hood

It is of course a one-piece jumpsuit but the gloves have individual fingers and the thumb one seems more outlined. For those of you that thought that the separate pieces was just one but no, the diamonds and other different colors are sewn together.

The morpher looks great, but I didn't think the outlining of the coin would be silver, I would had rather it in black.

One thing I don't like is that the name "Morphsuits" is scrawled on the back like a tramp stamp.

Final Review:
Great product! It comes in four sizes: Medium (if your height is smaller than 5'4"), Large (less than 5'10" but taller than 5'4"), Extra-Large (less than 6'3", taller than 5'10") and XXL (Over 6'3" in height). I got XL. But this definitely is for a skinner gentleman. It fit me fine but it just doesn't look great. I might get a friend that is my height to put it on to take a proper picture. My 3 year-old nephew did like when I put it on. He was a happy camper.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Poll Results: Halloween/Nickelodeon Resorts

If you are going to be a Power Ranger this halloween, then which color?
  40 (30%)
  9 (6%)
  17 (13%)
  12 (9%)
  9 (6%)
  12 (9%)
  31 (23%)

If you are going dressed as a Power Ranger for Halloween and ended up with just Red or Pink, which color would you had preferred?
  42 (36%)
  25 (21%)
  29 (25%)
  35 (30%)
  27 (23%)
  38 (33%)
If your child, nephew, or cousin will dress as a Power Ranger this year, which one? 

  53 (53%)
  8 (8%)
  13 (13%)
  13 (13%)
  12 (12%)
Are you excited about Power Rangers returning to Orlando through Nickelodeon Resorts?
  68 (54%)
  11 (8%)
Wish could go 2 Orlando
  47 (37%)
Don't Care
  37 (29%)

2013 Sentai Kyouryuger Leaked Image

 This is the first leaked image of Sentai 2013.

 Thanks to Jefusion for the shout out:
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