Thursday, November 8, 2012

Power Rangers Blue Ranger Morphsuit Review (Power Force)

Halloween came early today... or late, however you want to look at it. They said it might get to us by Halloween but no promises. To be fair, they offered it to us a week or so before the holiday.
So the first free thing all the Power Force Members were offered was a Morphsuit. I say the first thing to all of them is because those of us that went to the Power Morphicon got a gift bag at the Power Breakfast. And I say 'offered' because maybe not all wanted the Morphsuit, so I don't know if all the members got one.

We were offered one of the basic five colors, the packaging has the White Ranger on it and the website only has the basic 5 colors. I was tempted to get Pink. I know MorphinLegacy is getting blue as well. 

Now I have my own personal body issues and did not want a picture floating around there with me and the suit on so here it is on my bed. It is hard to get completely flat without creases.

Washing Instructions: Step 1: Wash Separately in cold water; Step 2: Line Dry and do not bleach or iron.

It has a zipper from the head to the bottom back, right above the butt. Inside near the shoulder, there is a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers tag that says Power on the back. Also it says Trademark and Copyright SCG and Power Rangers LLC.

The face has the front of the helmet, the back of the mask doesn't have any design. It is interesting that it has two different shades of grey. I also like that the visor is outlined with a black line.

Back of the hood

It is of course a one-piece jumpsuit but the gloves have individual fingers and the thumb one seems more outlined. For those of you that thought that the separate pieces was just one but no, the diamonds and other different colors are sewn together.

The morpher looks great, but I didn't think the outlining of the coin would be silver, I would had rather it in black.

One thing I don't like is that the name "Morphsuits" is scrawled on the back like a tramp stamp.

Final Review:
Great product! It comes in four sizes: Medium (if your height is smaller than 5'4"), Large (less than 5'10" but taller than 5'4"), Extra-Large (less than 6'3", taller than 5'10") and XXL (Over 6'3" in height). I got XL. But this definitely is for a skinner gentleman. It fit me fine but it just doesn't look great. I might get a friend that is my height to put it on to take a proper picture. My 3 year-old nephew did like when I put it on. He was a happy camper.

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