Saturday, October 29, 2016

Power Rangers Dino Supercharge - Worg World - Episode Review

At Sledge's ship, Snide is stopped by Poisandra and Curio, she wants to know his secret. He tells her and she can't believe it and grabs Curio. An alarm goes on that Heckyl is on the loose. Snide destroys the guards. Wrench asks to go, Snide says to let him go. The gang hangs out flyers to meet Worg, the robotic caveman, only Koda likes it. Ivan is not interested. A grandpa asks Riley to take a pic of him and his granddaughter and Worg takes his toupee. Kendall tries his attack mode. Worg throws his spear on a woman's hat and Kendall turns it off and tells Koda to take him out. Koda apologizes to Worg. Later, Ivan serves at the kitchen and tells Koda he is efficient. Koda has used Worg to cook.

Worg attacks and incites a food fight. Kendall gets mad at Koda. Outside, Riley, Tyler and Shelby spot two white and black robed guys. Screech gets  a trumpet and plays music that turns everyone into zombies except for Riley who covered his ears. Tyler and Shelby uncover his ears. Koda has earphones and escapes the zombies coming at him. Chase arrives and becomes a Zombie after he takes off his headset. Ivan zombies come towards Koda. Koda changes back the Rangers by covering their ears. Koda and Chase grab the trumpet and break the spell. The six morph. 

Viviks are called and they fight. Koda and the Rangers toss around the trumpet until Chase loses it and one of the robed monsters gets it. Back at the ship, the two asks Lord Arcanon for help. They tell them that the Rangers won't fight the Zombies. Snide wants to go, Arcanon says no because he lost Heckyl. His plan is to play it among the city. Zenowing says that Chase and Koda were lucky to have the headsets. Kendall has work to do. Later, Koda tells Worg he made many mistakes, we flashback to a few. He tells it a story of mammoth hunt, he says Worg reminds him of his friends and puts him in storage. Shelby and the gang are almost done doing the headsets. Kendall says they are out of time.

Ivan and Zenowing stay with Kendall to fix the headsets while the main five go and go past zombies. Tyler finds the source of the music and they have to go past civilians which they can't hurt. They escape with the help of Worg, they morph and fight the villains. Silver arrives. Silver grabs the record player and destroys it. Arcanon arrives and has the Dark Energem. He transforms and his face changes to green and he makes thunder and lighting. Firey Rocks fall on him. Ivan arrives. He throws bolts at the three enemies. Red goes Super and the Rangers attack together and an explosion occurs, but they are unhurt. Magna Beam makes Lord Arcanon big. The Rangers call the zords. Koda activates Super Drive and they formed the Ultrazord. Arcanon wraps vines on them and blasts them. Zenowing says to use the most powerful attack. 

Blue uses the Dino Super Drive Saber and does Ultra Plasma Final Blast and Arcanon is seemingly gone. Arcanon is back to size and lost the Energem in a book and crawls towards it. Sledge grabs the book and says guess who is back and holds the dark Energem. He puts the dark energem in his gun. Shinge, and the two robbed monsters come. Fury, Wrench, Poisandra, Curio and Snide take Sledge's side. They blast Arcanon away. Heckyl watched this. Back at the musuem, Shelby and Kendall think of something for Worg. At the cafe, they see Koda and Worg doing a fitness class with a bunch of people. 

Meh, even Arcanon's transformation was lackluster. Sledge's return was welcomed, the villains are more interesting than the main Rangers' filler stories. Only thing this showed was that Koda misses his old life. 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

My Maintaining a Fansite panel at Rangerstop con 4 Nov 4-6, 2016

Maintaining a fan site 
Power Force member Lavender Ranger has owned and maintained Super Sentai Resource website for 17 years and written for Ranger Central and Henshin Grid blog. Includes a quick tutorial on those ranger profile pics from Sentai books (attached). This panel will discuss how to edit photos, write for website and upload it. Also on my experience as part of Power Force and limited relationship with Saban Brands. 
When: Sunday November 6 11am

No extra charge, get your ticket today!

Power Rangers movie morpher, Trex and Sword toys revealed

Movie morpher
When I first saw the morphers on the suits, I couldn't figure how they would make the toy. looking at this, it looks so unappealing. I understand on a story standpoint how the suits and morpher are supposed to look organic and foreign but for a toy, it looks like strange space rocks.

Tyrannosaurus zords
The zord looks like the movie zord will be awesome but the toy itself looks like the regular zords, cheaper and lost in translation. I really would've liked to see a complex toy like the Hasbro Transformers or like the Legacy zords. I hope he gets the Legacy treatment.

Power Sword
this actually  looks more impressive than the actual movie sword but I wish it was more complex like the Samurai Mega Blade that just a hand blade.