Thursday, October 27, 2016

Power Rangers movie morpher, Trex and Sword toys revealed

Movie morpher
When I first saw the morphers on the suits, I couldn't figure how they would make the toy. looking at this, it looks so unappealing. I understand on a story standpoint how the suits and morpher are supposed to look organic and foreign but for a toy, it looks like strange space rocks.

Tyrannosaurus zords
The zord looks like the movie zord will be awesome but the toy itself looks like the regular zords, cheaper and lost in translation. I really would've liked to see a complex toy like the Hasbro Transformers or like the Legacy zords. I hope he gets the Legacy treatment.

Power Sword
this actually  looks more impressive than the actual movie sword but I wish it was more complex like the Samurai Mega Blade that just a hand blade.


Mr. Awesomesauce said...

I don't like that the T-Rex zord doesn't have eyes.

Mr. Awesomesauce said...
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