Saturday, October 22, 2016

Talon Ranger Mystery

UPDATED 6/16/18
Deathryuger in Kyoryuger
In Kyoryuger, there is Deathryuger, a monster who becomes like Kyoryugers and controls the Tobaspino, this is featured in the movie. As you may know from the Shout Factory DVDs, the Sentai movies are seperate from the series and cost extra money. That is why the Dairanger movie is not in the Dairanger DVDs. For Samurai, Saban spent extra for the movie, RPM teamup special, and comeback special. For Megaforce, Saban bought the footage to Goseiger and Gokaiger but not the movies. Explaining why we didn't see the extended Legacy War from the 199 heroes movie. Saban didn't buy Kyoryuger movies or specials. Deathryuger briefly appeared in Kyoryuger episodes but with a monster head. In the last episode, 100 years pass and the Kyoryuger's descendants become Kyroyuger but in different colors but same actors. So Red's actor becomes a good version of Deathryuger called Kyoryu Navy. There was even a special on this.

 The Deathryuger's monster form even appears in the ship cells. We will see Spinozord on Dino Charge and we got the toy of Spinozord and the Dino Charger toy. In the Dino Charge Morpher, if you insert the Spino Dino Charger, you can hear "Talon Ranger," This was revealed by fans early on when the morpher was released. Kickback of Ranger Command Hour says Greg of Bandai said at PMC that the sound byte of Talon Ranger was placed because Saban told them to put it there. There was to be something but nothing came of it. So fans thought Deathryuger would most likely be Talon Ranger. Talon Ranger has not appeared in action figure form and since Ninja Steel is starting up, it is most likely we won't see one. Fans were hoping for one as a PMC exclusive. But this year PMC had no Dino Charge exclusives. We did find out they will be making Poisandra so maybe they will make Talon Ranger.

In Dino Supercharge
When the new episodes aired internationally, fans found out about we do see Spino Zord but not his ranger. Also we found out about the Dark Energem, giving ans hope that Heckyl would be Talon Ranger. So here is the spoiler if you haven't heard, Talon Ranger does not appear on Power Rangers Super Dinocharge. I think most likely because of footage. Fans say that shouldn't be an issue as Snide appears and his footage wasn't bought or used. Maybe they spent money buying the suit and couldn't buy the Deathryuger suit, Now, yes they have the Deathryuger monster form (Badussa) but he appeared on the show. Or it could be they overused the budget and couldn't afford the suit and cockpit, etc. I don't know, I'm coming up with reasons why he doesn't appear. Also fans would want the toy anyway, even if he doesn't appear. I mean, why give him a name if he won't appear? (But like I said before Greg says they were asked to put it in the toy morpher in case) He is one of the only Rangers to not appear in series but appear in Sentai but get a Power Rangers name.

In upcoming 2018 Go Go Power Rangers issues, the MMPR team will now be Ranger Slayer, Magna Defender, Green Samurai Ranger, Red Space Ranger, Zeo Ranger II Yellow and Dark Ranger (using the Deathryuger suit). We do not know his identify as of yet but soon we will have answers....

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