Sunday, October 16, 2016

Power Rangers Dino Supercharge - Wings of Danger - Episode Review

Apparently Zenowing created the zords. He only found the silver energems, he built the zords to protect the energems. Keeper suspected he created the zords. Zenowing is about to leave to fight the Doomwing, saying the rangers will get in his way. Keeper says he has been infected for centuries, he says to be patient until he remembers the power of teamwork. Back at the ship, Doomwing is about to be taken away but he wants the silver energem back apparently. Lord Arcanon says either he becomes the Silver Ranger or be destroyed trying. 

The Rangers train and find Zenowing training too (apparently without Kendall). He performs the Silver Prism Slash, Riley wants to learn it but he says no. He says they have no idea what Arcanon is capable of. Flashback to Arcanon and Zenowing fighting and the energem bonding to him. Arcanon captured him and created Doomwing with the dark Energem. Shelby says this is what probably created Snide. Doomwing and Zenowing meet. The Rangers morph. The birds battle. Green stops Doomwing from hurting Zenowing. Green goes down. 

Keeper appears. Fury is alarmed. Keeper teleports everyone away. Arcanon says Keeper's tricks won't stop him. Riley is shirtless and under the care of Kendall and she says she never saw the injury before. Zenowing says it is Riley's fault. Tyler and Chase say he was protecting him. Ivan says fighting won't do any good. The Rangers leave. Keeper talks to Zenowing, who doesn't understand gratitude, being tied to Doomwing make him forget. 

Wrench brings back monsters. Doomwing want them as a distraction. Meanwhile, Poisandra misses Sledge and is tempted by Heckyl to get him out. Outside at the park, the Rangers figure Zenowing must be good underneath. The monsters attack and the Rangers instamorph. Zenowing apologizes to Riley, he puts his sword on Riley and re-energizes him. He says he'll share his heart. He leaves. Ivan asks the Rangers if they fought those monsters before (finally recognition from a sixth ranger about past monsters in PR). Zenowing and Doomwing fight again. Riley wakes up and is healed. He dresses and says Zenowing is in danger and runs off.

The Rangers finish off the Rangers, Kendall tells them what is going on. Riley does Green prism slash and stops the Dark Energem, getting it lost. Fury goes after it. Arcanon blasts Doomwing. The Rangers call for Dino Steel. Arcanon leaves. Zenowing thanks Green. Singe finds the Dark Energem. The Rangers go after Doomwing. Scrapper blocks their way. Red becomes T-Rex Supercharge and fights Doomwing. More monsters arrive and the Rangers fight them off. Zenowing arrives. Zenowing and Doomwing go at it once again. He takes the silver energem and says it chose him, he morphs. He says his zord is the Titanosaurus.

The Rangers destroy the resurrected monsters. Silver fights Doomwing, his wings appears as he does Silver Prism Slash. Green says welcome. He says it is a honor. Poisandra gives Heckyl a bomb to escape. He escapes and oversees Arcanon getting the dark energem again. He suddenly remembers again being a good guy and running from Arcanon with the Dark Energem in a book. He got blasted and he touched the Energem and became Snide. Arcanon took the energem and said he would remmeber nothing. Heckyl is made at his olanet was destroyed, Shinge grabs him and Fury and him take him to be shackled. Heckyl says he will get him back. Back outside on Earth, the Rangers train. Zenowing returns. They thank each other. 

Now this is more like it. More characterization for a new character. I'm starting to like Zenowing. I found Doomwing's laugh annoying, now I like it. And why doesn't Kendall train too? Arcanon threatening Doomwing with his ashes and even blasting him shows how truly evil he is. It is good that Zenowing told the Rangers he is dangerous. I only wish Zenowing came in earlier. His friendship with Keeper gives Keeper more depth and Zenowing is how enlighten Keeper should be.