Saturday, November 6, 2021

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Secret Santa - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
At the mall, Javi sings and plays the keyboard. Izzy arrives and asks how it is going. He has no replacement key to his keyboard. Izzy asks if he got his Secret Santa present. They only have an hour for the exchange. Izzy leaves Javi. Javi goes to talk to Santa and he gives him the idea to get gloves. Santa shows him his magic sketchbook and to make real gloves from a drawing. Javi says no thanks. Meanwhile, Slyther and Mucus are lurking and want revenge for Void Knight. They get the idea about the book. At the base, they put the tree up. Javi teleports in with a topper, a star. He puts it on the tree. Amelia teleports in, with letters from Power Rangers teams. Aiyon asks for Solon. Javi has a glove gift for Solon, Solon has claws, not human gloves. Javi feels bad. He says Santa is the expert. Aiyon has no idea who Santa is. Aiyon got a Power Sander, thinking Santa was Sander. Amelia and the others go to get a gift. Javi stalls with Solon while they get her gift. Javi asks Solon if she wants to do Christmas Carols. Solon says it feels bad that she can't keep track of the singing. Javi opens a fan card and Mucus sends a holo message. The back is attacked. Mucus says Kaboom, it disables the coms and teleporters. There is a 10-minute countdown until the whole base explodes. 

Solon checks on the computers, they are stuck in the base. Javi thinks one of the gifts is explosive. Javi opens a gift for Izzy, it is an electronics kit--a flashback to the episode where Ollie taught Izzy about electronics. Javi thinks Ollie got it. Javi and Solon open Ollie's gift, it is a ghost rain poncho. Ollie and Amelia met this way--flashback to episode 1. They know it is from Amelia. They have four more gifts. The other Rangers get a message from Santa. Santa says his sketchbook has gone missing. They bump into Mucus and Slyther. They mention a bomb. Zayto tries calling the base but no answer. Slyther gets art supplies and they draw something on the book and create a new monster. The Rangers morph and call the Zords. Zayto calls the Zords. They combine T-Rex, Dimetro, and Mosa to make Fusion Ultrazord. They fight the Spider Monster. Almost six minutes to go, Solon opens a cold gift. It is ice cream for Aiyon. Flashback to Aiyon saving an ice cream truck. Javi says Flagron--a Rafkon food, so it must be from Zayto. They then find a punching bag gift for Zyato. They flashback to Izzy and Zayto joining a gym. They know the gift is from Izzy. So they have one more gift---Solon made a key for Javi. He adds it and thanks her for it. 

They only have Aiyon's Sander, they can't figure which one would be a bomb. The star he put on the tree was a star he got in his guitar case from a guy--it must have been Slyther in disguise. Solon thinks of putting the bomb in a container they sue for Sporix. It explodes and it is contained, only a  minor inconvenience. They get communications back. The Ultrazord destroys the monster. The Rangers teleport out of the Megazord. Slyther is about to draw something else on the sketchbook. Javi appears, all six use their Booster Keys and fight Hengemen. They destroy the Hengemen. Red demands the book. Slyther makes the book huge and draws a huge Slyther. The Rangers call Zords again. Mosa Razor Zord and Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation are formed. They race towards Giant Sluther and fight it. They slash at it and destroy the big Slyther. Regular Slyther is sad, Mucus comforts him. Back at the base, Javi apologizes to Santa for the book. The Rangers thanks Santa. They exchange gifts and thank each other. Javi says great gifts come from the heart. He comes up with giving Solon a Christmas Songbook, to help her not be nervous and get in the Christmas spirit. They sing Jingle Bells. 

Episode Review: 

Nice to see Santa again, after 11 years of playing Santa on Power Rangers. Cute clipshow but it shows how clueless Javi is, making me remember Tommy Oliver. 

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Void Trap - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:

In the base, the Rangers talking about Void Knight taking Dr. Akana's device, and perhaps because it can tap into the Morphin Grid and he probably is tired of using the Sproix. They correctly deduce that the Morphin Grid might be a better energy source for whatever he is planning. Unfortunately, they do not know what exactly he is planning. They talk about that Ollie's mom has the capacitor it is missing and Void Knight doesn't know it is missing. Aiyon thinks about him getting the capacitor but make sure the device doesn't work. They all (except Ollie) decide to sabotage the capacitor. Zayto says to make sure Void finds Dr. Akana, which Ollie is not on board because Void Knight is so predictable and he doesn't want to put his mom in danger. Zayto and Solon say it is for the greater good. He agrees to ask her, Back at the evil base, they return Boomtower back. Void Knight says there is a missing part to Akana's device. He tells his minions to find the doctor. They leave. He takes off his helmet and returns to his comatose lady love. He says his plans are coming together. Her name is Saturna.

At the base, the Rangers take Dr. Akana inside. Solon tells her about a microwave. Akana is shocked about her. They shook hands. Dr. Akana has so many questions. Pink tells her about the capacitor and Akana has it. Ollie masks his voice, he tells her it is her decision. She says she is in. The Monsters arrive. Zayto tells her to talk about the capacitor. She says it on a cellphone. The villains surround her. Void Knight takes the capacitor. Ollie watches. The Villains put sleepy cuffs on Dr. Akana. Akana, Mucus, and Slyther fall into a portal. The other monster (Reaghoul) says they are in the dark dimension. Ollie blames Zayto. Boomtower stays. Zayto morphs and calls the T-Rex and Raptor zords. T-Rex Cosmic Megazord is formed, he calls the cosmic gateway, and goes to the Dark Dimension. The other Rangers morph and fight Boomtower.

Zayto in the T-Rex Cosmic Megazord fights Reaghoul in the wormhole leading to the Dark Dimension. The Rangers use Booster Keys against Boomtower. Boomtower uses Boom Blast. Zayto uses blasts on Reaghoul. The Rangers get up and fight again. The Boost Key arms come off. The Rangers combine Fury attacks and Pink channels them to destroy Boomtower. The Rangers escape the blast. Void Knight arrives and puts Sleepy cuffs on all of them except for Ollie. They kidnap the Rangers. Ollie shouts "No!" Back with Zayto, he uses the Cosmic Gateway Strike against Reaghoul, destroying it. He saves Dr. Akana. Mucus and Slyther ask for help but Red teleports away. He takes the cuff off inside the Megazord cockpit. Void Knight uses Akana's device in Dinohenge with the Rangers hooked to another device with his comatose woman Saturna. Zayto and Dr. Akana arrive. Ollie hugs her. Zayto says he is a hugger. Void Knight activates the Morphin Grid. The dino statues glow and hit the Rangers and the energies (green, black, pink, and gold) go to Saturna. Zayto says they won't survive. Saturna starts moving. Zayto says to remove the Capacitor. Ollie says it would work. Zayto goes to fight Void and Ollie is to take out the Capacitor. He almost tells his mom he loves her.

Red uses the Dino Dagger but gets the cuffs on him. Dr. Akana offers to help. Void puts Red in the device too. Ollie thinks of destroying the statues. Dr. Akana decides to distract Void Knight, saying it is her decision. She knocks him with a stick on the back but then he swings her far off. He gets his saber. She sees Red's dagger. He nears her and she throws the dagger into the device holding his woman. She whistles. Blue sprint streaks and slashes the statues. The sleepy cuffs come off. The statues explode. Saturna stops moving. The Rangers de-morph. Ollie de-morph. Dr. Akana is shocked. Dr. Akana threatens Void Knight, Ollie thanks her but tells her to go. The Rangers get the weapons. Void Knight calls Hengemen. They fight the Hengemen. Izzy slashes the device with Saturna. Void Knight teleports and knocks her off. Aiyon blasts the capacitor.Everything starts exploding, the Rangers jump from the blast as Void Knight protests. Void Knight's saber hits the ground. From the smoke, a crater is left, no Saturna and no Void Knight. The Rangers celebrate. They thank Dr. Akana. Solon teleports in and applauds them. Dr. Akana wants to chat with her. Ollie tells Zayto he was right. Ollie apologizes for losing the connection to the Morphin Grid. Aiyon says once a Knight is always a knight. Lightning hits the statue remnants and the Green Morphin Master arrives. She restores the statues and says there is more to do. Zayto asks about Rafkon. Morphin Master leaves ad their powers are restored. Solon says another Sporix has been hatched. The Rangers morph. Back at the evil base, Saturna is returned and still comatose. The Void Knight helmet is cracked and left on the ground. 

Great finale! New footage and great emotional connections for Ollie and Zayto. Zayto and Aiyon to their Rafkon buddies and Ollie to his mom. Wish there was more explanation to who Void Knight exactly is and how Saturna ended up like that. Some fans theorized that Void Knight is Amelia's dad but wouldn't Amelia recognize Saturna as her mom or her dad's girlfriend or something? Also the name Saturna makes me think she is an alien. Also, great connections to everything so far and also the Morphin Grid and the Morphin Masters. Apparently, the Dark Dimension here is a green wormhole and not the dungeon set from Mighty Morphin Rita and Zedd had. 

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Waking Nightmares - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:

At night in DinoHenge, Aiyon is having a nightmare--of a past event. He and the past Rangers are in the base. The old Blue Rangers says the zords are not enough against the Sporix Beasts. Zayto has an idea to use untapped grid energy to create a new Ultrazord. They all agreed. They entered the Ultrazord and used Primal Extreme Blast against millions of Hengemen and a huge monster. It makes a large scorching line on Earth. The old Black Ranger says it is too powerful. The Ultrazord overloads. Zayto says to eject. An explosion occurs and Aiyon wakes up. He tells Zayto, Zayto says he always has that particular nightmare. Aiyon asks if he thinks thye should've made another choice but Zayto says they must get sleep as they must wake early to help Dr. Akano release the two hidden Ranger Keys. Meanwhile at the evil base, Mucus plays with the Sporix machine and it looks like a disco--with light and sound. Void Knight says it will make her cooler. Mucus gets a gold costume and dances with the Hengemen. Slyther wakes her up from her dream. She is touching the machine and stops touching it when Void Knight arrives. Void Knight says it needs to fill up in order to activate it. Dr. Akaana gives the box to Zayto--they are two Battle Keys. Light and Shadow Keys---it can make Black Holes. Both can make the Cosmo Key, which can open portals. Aiyon says they have to find the Zords. Solon recalibrates the zord tractor and says the zords ended up stranged on the planet Nibyro.

AIyon makes the Cosmic key and puts it in his blaster. He opens a Cosmic Gateway. Amelia laughs that it is an alien planet. The portal is unstable, Zayto goes in. Zayto is scanned. He finds four Power Rangers--Blue, Black, Pink, and Green (with skirt). The Rangers draw their sabers. Zayto is happy but the portal closes. Aiyon tries opening a new one but without the zords nearby, they can't get there. Izzy asks why they would attack them. Aiyon says they think the others didn't make it. They wonder how they will get Zayto back. Dr. Akana shows them that the statues are linked to the Power Rangers. Her machine powers up and the Morphin Grid shows up. Aiyon says the key needs power. He touches his Mosa statue and powers up the key. Void Knight, Slyther and Mucus watch and get an idea. They leave. Dr. Akano's machine overloads and she leaves. Ollie uses a fake voice for his mom not to know it is him. Aiyon goes through the portal he opens. 

Back at the evil base, Void Knight talks to his comatose love without a mask, he talks about the Morphin Grid. He releases Reaghoul and gives him a job. He is to revive Boomtower. Void Knight tells him to get Ranger Revenge. Boomtower wants a Sporix and the Hengemen get a Sporixfrom Slyther to use. Back on the alien planet, Aiyon looks for Zayto---who is getting beat up by the Rafton Rangers. Black Ranger keeps saying "It's too powerful." The other Rangers keep repeating things from the nightmare. Aiyon fights too. Aiyon recognizes they are from his dream. They figure out they are nightmares come to life. Meanwhile, the Earth Rangers fight Boomtower. His 'new trick' doesn't seem to work. Amelia mocks him. The Rangers morph. They get blasted back Boomtower throws cannonballs again. Javi uses his key and an explosion goes off. Ollie calls Solon for help.

Aiyon and Zayto recreate the positive part of the dream and the dream Rangers disappear. It becomes  blue and purple ball. It is a guardian and proved they mean no harm. Solon sends a message. Aiyon opens a gateway for Zayto. The guardian tells him to follow him. Zyato arrives and uses the Hyper Dino Key against Boomtower. The other Rangers use Boost Keys but Boomtower takes them down. Javi figure gas come from the cannonballs. Hengemen arrive and an explosion occurs. The Rangers fall down. They figure out a spark can make the invisible gas blow up. Aiyon finds the twin zords and thanks the Guardian. He creates the gateway and leave with the zords. Aiyon drops in with Boomtower. He uses the SHadow DIno Key and makes the Shadow Battle Armor. He shoots the cannonballs and they get sucked into a Black Hole. Boomtower grows. Mosa Zord and the Shadow Raptor Zords are sent. Mosa becomes the Mosa Razor Zord. He combines the Shadow one with his Megazord making the Mosa Shadow Megazord.  The others make the Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation and Aiyon calls the saber. He does the SHadow Megablast and makes a Black Hole that destroys Boomtower. Solon tells them to go to Void Knight. Solon tells them Void Knight took Dr. Akana's equipment. 

Episode Review:

Great episode, great continuity. Introducing Aiyon gives Zayto more depth than just the calm leader, shows a darker side. But unfortunately, I still don't have a lock on who Aiyon really is. Sometimes Aiyon comes off as a showboating jerk ("Our Hero") and other times as a Lancer (Trope where the character is like a cool bad boy who sometimes has reason and clashes with the leader), here he comes off as a rash younger brother to Zayto. As usual with the sixth Rangers (ever since Tommy), they aren't clearly defined. The one Sixth Ranger I say was clearly defined and are complex was Quantum Ranger from Time Force. I'm not counting other extra heroes who are like Sixth Rangers but aren't technically number six like Trent, RJ, Hunter, Bake, and Nate. Plus, no comic relief needed like Jane, J-Borg or even Poppop.

Power Rangers Dino Fury - The Makeover - Episode Review

Episode Summary: 

A museum curator is being interviewed about a Purple Beard exhibit and Amelia's grandfather Ed saves Beatrice from a falling stage light. She asks him on a date. Amelia is excited.  Void Knight watches the BuzzBlast news and wants the talismans. BoneSwitch switches the bodies of Slyther and Mucus, they have each other's voices like in Dino Charge. Void Knight tells BoneSwitch to switch the Rangers. Amelia is looking up blazers to change her grandfather on a laptop and the other Rangers comment in the Dino Base. Zayto asks why change him, it doesn't make sense. BoneSwitch attacks and searches for the Tailsmans. He finds nothing in a box. The Rangers arrive and then Hengemen. The Rangers Morph. BoneSwitch switches Zayto and Amelia, switches Ollie and Javi. Izzy and Aiyon get out of the way, they do not get switched. Aiyon and Izzy fight the monsters. The switched Ranger try morphing but they can not. Aiyon slashes BoneSwitch and he falls. Aiyon gets the Electro Battle Armor and blasts BoneSwitch, who fleas. 

Back at the base, Amelia tries to raise Zayto's antennae. Ollie as Javi says their connection to the Morphin Grid is disconnected. Amelia says Poppop needs her help. Amelia convinces Zayto to do with a headset. Later, Zayto as Amelia helps Poppop, the cologne says might attract bees. Poppop puts too much. Amelia as Zayto puts on the headset. Ed arrives at the date. Amelia tells Ed what to say. Beatrice brings soup. A bee arrives and circles them. The bee lands on Poppop's face and he smacks it and the earpiece goes in the soup. He says it is a hearing aid and runs to his van. Zayto as Amelia comes over. Ed wants to put more cologne. Zayto as Amelia says you don't need fancy clothes, show he is fun and clever. Ed agrees and kisses Amelia's cheek. He goes in his overalls. Zayto as Amelia tells to trust him and Ed. Ed goes in his handyman clothes and Beatrice recognizes the grease on his clothes, as her father was a mechanic. Amelia thanks Zayto as they get along.

Back at the base, Ollie in Javi's body says their energies are still with them, so they have to morph with their keys. The Rangers switch keys. The six morph in front of BoneSwitch. They morph and they return to normal. BoneSwitch switches a pigeon with Aiyon. Zayto puts on the Blazing Battle Armor and the others put on the Boost Key arms. BoneSwithc grows big and the zords are deployed. The main 5 slashes at the monster. They make the Megazord Warrior Formation and enter the cockpit. They fight the monster. They cut off his horns. They return to the right bodies and de-morph. They swap keys and morph. Aiyon switches back, he morphs, and enters the Megazord. The monster jumps away. Mosa Racer Zord bits him from the ocean. Mosa destroys it with its tail. Void Knight gets the Sporix. Later at the museum, Ed got a job to restore things and Amelia apologizes to him for trying to change him. They hug. Pop Pop says the bowtie was ugly. He shows Ollie's mom, Beatrice, and Amelia that there are puzzle pieces supposed to come apart and they form Purplebeard. His Talismans look like Ranger Keys and the puzzle looks like DinoHenge. Amelia goes off to tell the Rangers. Beatrice kisses Ed. The Rangers meet with Beatrice, Ed, and Ollie's mom at Dino Henge. Zayto uses the Vision Boost Key to track something under Dinohenge and finds a box with two keys. 

Episode Review: 

Body swap episodes are usually really fun or really boring. This one runs the gamut. The Amelia stuff can get boring when the obvious answer is in front of her but she doesn't listen. Zayto of course, being the calm one figures it out early. It is nice to see Poppop get storylines though. I thought Ollie and Javi's body switch should have been more explored, much like the body swaps in Dino Charge. The Aiyon/Piegon swap reminds me of the Antonio/Fish swap in Samurai.