Thursday, January 29, 2015

Power Rangers Dino Charge - Helmetless Pic, Character reveals and preview clip

Saban Brands sent Power Force the helmetless pic above, a link to a post about character reveals of the Keeper, Sledge and Poisonara.
Also a preview clip:
Also since there was 100 retweets, the first episode will be unlocked tomorrow on Nick's site, but only available for the United States I believe.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New ToQ 1 Gou changes

ToQ 1gou of Darkness appeared in Episodes 44-46 and now in the Toqger vs Kyoryuger. ToQ1gou Light will also appear, it is the bright sparkly white-ish one. He also becomes ToQ 1 Gou Build (Orange).
Above is ToQ 1 Gou Rainbow, where he is full rainbow.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Liar, Liar: Ranger Key Changes from promotion to product

UPDATED 1/26/15 11PM EST
Changes from pre-production to promotional images to product is common in toys and has happened in Power Rangers toys. Toys change color or items included change. But this in this post I ONLY cover Ranger Keys as I am both obsessed and also, there is more changes than in any current PR toyline, not counting the Legacy line.
1. Toys R Us Deluxe Legendary Morpher and 20 Ranger Key Set
Around June, Razzle1337 found this image on Toys R Us computer. The image showed 5 Super Megaforce, 5 Megaforce, 5 Mighty Morphin and 5 Samurai Ranger Keys. This was going to be the only way to get Pink and Yellow of Megaforce, Mighty Morphin and Samurai.
By September, TRU released this image revealing the true product that is now in stores (started in November 2014) with the keys pictured including Yellow Dino Thunder, Quantum Ranger and Silver Space Ranger. The Mighty Morphin Pink and Yellow keys later appeared in MMPR Sets C and D. Samurai Pink is set to come out in the Samurai Set B. Yellow Samurai, and Megaforce Pink and Yellow are yet to be released.
2. Legendary Ranger Keys Pack - Power Rangers Samurai Set A
On the back of boxes the female Red Samurai Ranger key is featured. And in the promotional image of the Samurai pack, she is also there. In the real package that is in the first wave in early 2014, the key was male. Lauren key kept appearing in future key pack backings. Even when the Samurai packs were re-released for other waves, there was a rumor that the Red Ranger key was female, which was untrue.
 3. Legendary Ranger Keys Pack - Power Rangers Zeo Set A
In the back of boxes and promotional images, Green is featured part of the first pack of Zeo. When the Zeo keys came out in the second wave in 2014, it came with the Yellow key. By the time the other key packs came out, Yellow was in the back of the boxes. Green Zeo key later appeared in the Set B in 2015.


4. Super Mega Cannon
The Lauren (female Red Samurai Ranger) key appeared in promo images and in the commercial, but the actual product had the male Jayden key.