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Individual Cockpits

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I know I skipped some, I don't have the pics, let me know.

Sun Vulcan (1981)
They didn't have a joint cockpit, they stayed in their own cockpits.

Goggle Five (1982)
Blue and Black shared one mech and Yellow and Blue shared one. But these pictures are from the movie, where Pink and Black stayed in flying fortress. Let me know if they ever shared a cockpit.

Dynaman (1983)
They stayed in their own cockpits and sat. Yellow and Pink shared their mech and Black and Blue shared theirs. Let me know if they ever shared a cockpit.

Bioman (1984)
They sort of shared cockpits but it was Red and Pink in one and the others in another. Let me know if they ever shared a cockpit.

Changeman (1985)
Black and White shared one cockpit, Pink and Blue shared another vehicle and Red had its own.

Flashman (1986)
Green and Yellow shared; Blue and Pink shared; Red alone.

Maskman (1988)
Could only find this picture of Red's Cockpit.

Turboranger (1989)
Could only find this picture of Red's Cockpit.

Fiveman (1990)
Blue and Pink shared one; Black and Yellow shared one and Red had his own.

Jetman (1991)
They each had their own cockpit. Those more familiar with MMPR will recognize these cockpits. These were firstly Jetman cockpits and then re-fitted to be Zyuranger ones. They had the one symbol in the back and a blue and white light bubbles on the side and big window above.

Zyuranger (1992)/MMPR (1993)
Each Ranger got a Ranger-colored cockpit with ranger-color light to each side and their coin symbol in back.

Dairanger (1993)
The Dairanger had their own individual cockpits, when they formed the Heavenly Chi Palace, the other Dairanger would enter Ryuuranger's cockpit.

When we saw them by themselves you would see the color of their beast on top and bottom.

Kibaranger/White Ranger Cockpit
We are most familiar with this one, with the Chinese characters of every seven day of a week, he would get the ball and place it in a slot for an attack. The other Dairanger would join him with they formed their combo known in America as the Mega Tigerzord.

Kakuranger (1994)
The Kakuranger stayed in their own cockpits for the Chounin Beasts that formed the Kakure Dai Shogun (Ninja Megazord). And like the Dairanger, they got no chairs and had to stand-up. In Power Rangers, we never saw the Aquitar Rangers in cockpits. They had their symbols in the back.

MMPR Season 3 (1995)
They had a six-sided window, with ranger-color lights on the side and their coins in the back, inspired by the Zyuranger cockpit. Pink and White shared the White Shogunzord. These were the cockpits for both the Ninja Zords and the Shogunzords.

Ohranger (1995)/Zeo (1996)
These were the cockpits for the Zeo Zords, Red had a different one for the Red Blocker/Battlezord. Kingranger/Gold Ranger had his own cockpit.

VRV Fighters (Carranger) / Rescue Zords (Turbo)
The main vehicle cockpits were different from the ones in the movies. It looked like they had the Turbo Carts in the cockpit. VRV Master/Phantom Ranger had a big command center base inside his vehicle.

VRV Fighters (Carranger) / Rescue Zords (Turbo)
They had different cockpits then their main vehicles. Signal Man/Blue Senturion had a similar looking cockpit.

Mega Voyager and Mega Winger (Megaranger 1997/In Space 1998)
The five had their own cockpits for the V Vehicles. Silver had his own cockpit for his Mega Winger.

man (1998) / Lost Galaxy (1999)

They mostly stayed in their own cockpits, but once they went into the Red one's. The rotating thingy in the center was probably a homage to Kakuranger.

GoGoV (1999)/Lightspeed Rescue (2000)
These are the vehicles they had in their main vehicles. Titanium was especially amde for America with the Lightspeed (of course since Titanium was American) insignia in back.

Timeranger (2000)/Time Force (2001)
In their flying vehicles, they sat down in these cockpits, they were rarely seen as they rarely flew their zords on their own. Time Fire/Quantum Ranger never climbed in his mecha.

Gaoranger (2000) / Wild Force (2001)
We saw them all together at the same time but sometimes Red was seen individually. Loki/Zenaku had his own cockpit and it was upgraded for Silver/Lunar Wolf. But I don't got a pic.

Hurricanger (2002)/Ninja Storm (2003)
Each had their symbol in back, controls at left, right and front. A place to put in the medals to make the spheres. Ranger-color lights in back. The Goraijer/Thunder Ranger had two big red grips and scopes to see better. Shurikenger/Green would use his sword as a steering mechanism.

Abaranger (2003) / Dino Thunder (2004)
They all didn't have their own cockpits but the MaxOhJa (Mezadon) and KillerOh (Stegozord) had one. Black and Max/Triassic did ride in the MaxOhja/Mezadon cockpit individually and AbareKiller/White Ranger did have his own cockpit. Standing up of course.

Dekaranger (2004) / SPD (2005)
The cockpits for the main vehicles, re-made for SPD with the A-Squad.

Deka Wing/SWAT Megazord
Different cockpits for the second five-part megazord.

Deka Break/Omega Ranger Cockpits
The first is Deka Bike Robo/Omega Megazord and the second is Blast Buggy in the Dekaranger movie, not seen in SPD.

Magiranger (2005) - Magi Shine / Mystic Force (2006) - Solaris Knight
Magi Shine had his own sit-down cockpit in Travelion.

Boukenger (2006) / Operation Overdrive (2007)
Cockpits 1-5 and 11; I don't believe anyone was ever in cockpits 12 and 13. Black and Yellow were once in the #5 cockpit.

Cockpits 6-11; Red has been in cockpit #6 and #9. Black has been in #10.

As I have mentioned before, the cockpits were recreated and the Once A Ranger crew were in that too.

Cockpits #14-18; Silver was in #14 once.

Gekiranger (2007) / Jungle Fury (2008)
I couldn't find the individual cockpit pictures of Red, Yellow, and Blue; but I did manage to get Geki Violet/Wolf Ranger in his cockpit. Violet had a blue, violet and teal polls with fangs behind him. GekiChopper/Rhino Ranger in his cockpit that had one white poll and fangs. The individual cockpits of Rio and Mele had neon light bars behind them, Rio having purple and Mele having green, these did not appear in Jungle Fury.

Go-Onger (2008) / RPM (2009)
Each had ranger-color walls and windows with lights. They had their Engine/Zord number symbol in back. I don't recall if the Go-Onger entered CarriGator or Jumbo-whale.

Top left is Red in Kishamoth/Paleozord; Yellow inside Tsuki-no-Wa, Blue inside Shishi-no-Shin and Red in Retsutaka. Those were the Engines that became Dai Shogun. They had strange symbols in the back.Shinkenger (2009)
They had their own individual cockpits. Below is the Ushi cockpit, Hime SHinken Red and the cockpit for Kabuto, Tora and Kujaki combined.

Power Rangers Samurai (2011)
New cockpits with Mega Mode, above is Gold in Octo zord.
 Here are Clawzord, Beetle, Swordfish and Tiger.

Goseiger (2010)/ Megaforce (2013)
I was wrong, they did have individual cockpits.

5. Go-Busters (2012)
They all stayed in their own cockpit. Well.. not all alone, they had their Buddyroids, save for Beet and Stag since Stag was a Buddyroid and had his own cockpit. 

 6. Kyoryuger (2013)
They were not seen in Individual cockpits often, mostly if one Kyoryuger ran one Giant Robo like Kyoryu Violet in Plezon or Kyoryu Silver in Bragigas. 

Kyoryu Silver's pedestal's background lights don't seem to be lights at all but a metallic silver that looks grey but is reflective. Kyoryu Grey's pedestal lights seem to be a dark teal. 

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