Thursday, November 25, 2010

Power Rangers Samurai in Macy's Thanksgiving Parade (video)

UPDATED 11/25/10 11:30 PM EST
Saving the world is the mission of the famed Power Rangers who will be introducing their next generation of rangers, Power Rangers Samurai, at the Parade this year. The beloved group of heroes will lead a 14-foot wide stunning orb featuring the beauty of Planet Earth down the line of march. Go Go Power Rangers!
- Gothamist

Photos from BusinessWire.
Photo: Michael Loccisano

I don't have HD, so the Yellow Ranger was cut off, other people on YouTube posted this. They were on the screen for 26 seconds and it was at 11 AM, only on NBC. CBS showed the parade but skipped them.

Ryouka from Riders Rangers and posted this on YouTube, has no SOUND:

All five helmets have holds in the visors, for easier breathing-- much like the ones from Disney World Parks.


Azulongmon said...

What the Shinkenmarus?!

Lavender Ranger said...

Yeah they don't have the swords. Red and Pink had them in the Facebook pics around NY this week but I guess they only had two.

James Spiring said...

Sword + balloons = POP! They probably weren't allowed to have them.