Saturday, November 27, 2010

Power Rangers did it First

Here are a couple things that Power Rangers did before Super Sentai. Super Sentai is usually the first in things because it is the source of Power Rangers. But some things the did on their own and later was done by Super Sentai.

1. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Masked Rider Teamup (1995)
And in the "A Friend in Need" 3-parter of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season Three, Masked Rider (the adaption of Kamen Rider Black RX) fought alongside with the Power Rangers (four Zyurangers and Kibaranger from Dairanger).

Kamen Rider Decade/Shinkenger Crossover (2009)
The first ever Kamen Rider crossover came with two episodes of Kamen Rider Decade and cameo tie-ins in two episodes of Shinkenger.

2. SPD A-Squad Red Ranger (SPD, 2005)
The first female Red Ranger ever, even before Super Sentai. Produced Bruce Kalish asked Disney if they could have a girl Red Ranger, they were weary about it but in the end, they did agree. The A-Squad had the helmets of the Megaranger/Power Rangers in Space with some modifications with motor-cross armor and SPD accents. The female SPD Rangers had no skirts. She had a whole black suit with red accents.

First Female Red Ranger (Shinkenger, 2009)
In Shinkenger (2009), Super Sentai got our first female Red Ranger.

3. Battlizer (1997)
The very first Battlizer was from Power Rangers in Space. Battlizers are most commonly a Power Rangers thing, until...

Battlizer (Power Rangers SPD/Dekaranger) - 2006
This is first Battlizer to ever appear in Super Sentai, as it didn't originate in Super Sentai, it first showed up in SPD. The Battlizer appeared in Magiranger vs. Dekaranger (2006), with its own transformation sequence and origin story.

4. Ninja Megazord (1995)
In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie is the first use of CGI. Yes, not the greatest use but Super Sentai was still using stop-motion animation at the time.

Timeranger (2000)
It was the first Super Sentai series to use CGI, it was used more extensively for Gaoranger, the zords and some of the animation of the Megazords.

5. 10 Red Rangers - Actors back too
There was "Forever Red," they had 9 of the original actors that played Red Rangers that came back. In Super Sentai World, Red Rangers came back and in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, about 24 Red Rangers came back, but just in suits, not actors, expect for Gao Red and Red Falcon (Liveman).

UPDATE 11/28/10
And correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't PR the first to have underwater Robo battle? Special footage episode "Oyster Stew"-last ep of Season 1. Ohranger had the Green Blocker under water (brief fight too) but the first real big battle of a Giant Robo was Shark GekiTohja in Gekiranger.


Unknown said...

That female shinken red looks more like orange

Luca said...

Yeah and it also wasn't a common practice to have 2 females per team until Saban started castrating all they yellows.

The only good thing to come out of this was battlizers, even though the American-designed ones look fail.

Lavender Ranger said...

Uh... honey, Super Sentai did two females for a long time before MMPR. Read my Girl Power Week posts. Since Bioman (1984).

kohaku said...

I have something that the Rangers made before the sentai, in MMPR Season 3, the Rangers woke up the Metallic Armor Mode, a Alt mode of his transformation, something that would look super sentai Abaranger much later on (with Abara mode)