Tuesday, January 17, 2023

MMPR Reunion "Once and Always" and Cosmic Fury Full Team Reveal

Once & Always brings back Rocky (Steven Cardenas) as Red Ranger, Zack (Walter Jones) as Black Ranger, Billy (David Yost) as Blue Ranger, and Kat (Catherine Sutherland) as the Pink Ranger. Also returning are Adam (Johnny Bosch) and Aisha (Karan Ashley). 

Cosmic Fury is the first American-made suits, with the cast of Dino Fury (last season) and zords from Kyuranger (2017). 


Zayto will be the Zenith Ranger, the designer says they called it biege but Russell Curry says they called it "Champagne."

Like some fans have theorized, Amelia will be the first female Red Ranger of a core team of a full season. She is technically the third female Red Ranger in Power Rangers. She is the second American-created female Red Ranger in the TV series proper. (In Comics, there has been much more)

NEW Lightning Collection Wave: Kendrix, Mesogog, Dr. O, and more!

Mesogog and Ollie

Kendrix and Dr. O

Tengas 2-pack

Billy and Trini redone


Friday, December 23, 2022

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger

2023 Super Sentai: KuwagataOhger (Red), TonboOhger (Blue), KamakiriOhger (Yellow), PapillionOhger (purple), and HachiOhger (Black)

Most pictures from @@Leg10nOfBoom

(Paraphrased from a transcription from Dukemon)
A huge fantasy work created on a magnificent scale; "OhSama Sentai King-Ohger" is born! The title will use the "abstract symbol of the word Ohsama"; a story where the heroes have overwhelming power and protect the peace. Fighting together with them against their enemies and to protect people are "Bug Motif Robos." The Heroes are ALL KINGS! The leaders of five countries are gathered, and the strongest heroes are born! The point, in short, of this work is that all five of them are kings, and all the characters are deeply constructed.


Henshin Ken (Transformation Sword) OhjaCaliber- A sword used to transform into a King-Ohger, "bearing the proof that one is a Ruler." KingsWeapon- A transforming shield weapon shared by the team.

KingOhger- The King-Ohger's first robo formed from the "ShuGods" (Shugo, protect + god), bug-type mechanical life forms that act as the Earth's protector gods. Every King from the different countries using the OhjaCaliber is able to communicate with their ShuGod and ensure the country's protection. KuwagataOhger's is "GodKuwagata"; TonboOhger's is "GodTonbo"; KamakiriOhger's is "GodKamakiri"; PapillonOhger's is "GodPapillon" and HachiOhger's is "GodHachi." What's more, they combine with "God Tentou" (2 ladybugs), "God Kumo" (2 spiders) and "GodAnt" to form into the robot, KingOhger. 

Fans are confused if PapiilionOhger's gender, could be they are nonbinary. Recently a Toei producer said there could be an openly gay character and there have been effeminate characters in Kamen Rider mostly. Kazu of Dairanger was effeminate and a hairdresser. Some sources say PapilionOhger is physically a man. A lot of the poses, the color, and the visor look feminine. I never thought there will be a Lavender Ranger, the suit color does look more light purple (which is Lavender) than the previous Violet. 

Monday, October 31, 2022

Cobra Kai SkelPutties Connections

The incoming Cobra Kai/Power Rangers Lightning Collection will have Skeleputties, who are meant to look like Johnny's skeleton costume from Karate Kid. 

Some fans have said they look like the Skeleton Warriors from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, who assisted Bones. 

MegaZeo pointed out these pictures from an unknown source. These were Skeleton/Z-Putties that were cut from the episode "Zedd's Monster Mash." I personally have never heard of these before and it is certainly a deep cut. 


Power Rangers 30th Anniversary Reunion

 This news is a bit late, but past actors are returning to the franchise including Steven Cardenas, Catherine Sutherland, Walter Jones, David Yost, and now we know Johnny Yong Bosch and Karan Ashley.

Also fans have pointed that it looks like Johnny Bosch and Karan Ashley are wearing similar uniforms and have SPD badges. It looks like SPD or the beginning of it will be part of the special. 

Cobra Kai Power Rangers Lightning Collection


Target Exclusive

Daniel Larusso/White Ranger
Sam Larusso / Pink Ranger
Cobra Kai Putty Patroler