Friday, June 26, 2020

Psycho Ranger Lightning Collection 5-Pack

This 5-pack comes with several accessories inspired by the characters, including the cult weapons of the Psycho Rangers Contains 5 figures, 8 accessories and additional hands. At this time it unknown if this will be sold exclusively at Gamestop, online or at a convention. Fans were wanting Silver instead of Red and blue, to have Silver. Because if someone already bought Red in the Lost Galaxy set and Blue as a Gameboy exclusive, now you will have twice. I personally own Bandai Pyscho Red and Blue. I am selling Gamestop Blue on ebay. I would get this full set anyway.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Lightning Collection Waves 2-5

I realized I covered Wave One but I didn't cover the other waves.

(Summer 2019)

We were told we would get Pink Ranger, Goldar, Magna Defender, Red Beast Morpher and gold.


(Winter 2019)

Dino Charge Gold, Beast Morphers Blue, Lord Drakkon, Red Ranger (Jason)

(Spring 2020)

Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger (Trini), SPD Red, Zeo Ranger Three Blue, and Blaze.

(Summer 2020)

Gold Ranger (Trey), Ranger Slayer, Time Force Red, and Mighty Morphin Blue

SDCC 2019 Red Ranger/Gold Ranger (Jason) Two-Pack.


Gamestop Exclusive - Goldar (summer 2019)

Walgreens Exclusive - Black Ranger with Dragon Shield (Zack) (Fall 2019)

Gamestop Exclusive - Pyscho Blue (Fall 2019)

Lost Galaxy Red Ranger/Psycho Red Two Pack (Fall 2019)
Fighting Collection Mighty Morphin Green Ranger and Putty (Summer 2019)

Walmart - MMPR Alpha and Zordon (Fall 2020)

Gamestop Exclusive - Rita and Zedd (Summer 2020)

Putty Patrolers Two Pack (Summer 2020)

Psycho Green (Summer 2020)

Monday, June 22, 2020

Lightning Collection Rumors

Whenever there are Amazon or EntertainmentEarth listings for new Lighting Collection figures, there is a code. Fans try to find out what the new figure will be. There are always rumors and I usually do not post rumors. But since the majority have been true (like Time Force Red, Ranger Slayer, MM Yellow, MM Blue, Blue Zeo, etc.). So here are the newest rumors:

This is said to be SPD Omega Ranger with his Uniforce Cycle. This would be the first figue to come with a vehicle.

UPDATED 6/26/20
Box art has been revealed for all five

I couldn't find any pics of listing but there is also a rumor of a Psycho Ranger team pack saying there will be four. Many fans have guessed what figures they will be. Red has already been released with Leo Red Galaxy Ranger. Blue Pyscho Ranger was released too. Green Psycho Ranger will be released by Hasbro Pulse. I would wish they would be Black, Yellow, Pink, and Silver. That would be the ideal. Thinking in the old Bandai way, they might re-package an old figure like Red, Green or Blue. I would really love if Pink would have the Savage Sword and many fans have felt the same too. 

Remember Dairanger Ranger Keys in Comic Con and Promos?

This post blew up on Twitter. This post is the update on the old one.

In the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 2013, there was a treasure box and in it, there was Ranger Keys and some standing on it. Among the keys were a green Dairanger key (Shishiranger). 

Houhouranger at Comic Con 2013 treasure box.  

At the Comic Con 2014, the Dairanger appeared once again but in the banners. Also in the background images behind the Ranger Keys on display.

The Houhouranger (Pink Dairanger) Ranger Key even appeared in the Super Mega Cannon promotional photo and appears in the cover art, back and front.@BigMike8109 took this photo of the back of the Super Mega Cannon box. 

The Dairanger were first called 'New Powers' and then later 'Squadron' so fans have called them "Squadron Rangers." We still don't know why Johnathan Tzcahor chose Dairanger, Changeman, Flashman, Fiveman and Maskman were chosen to be in Super Megaforce. I do know he is a fan of Sentai and probably wnated to honor the Sentai that came before Zyuranger. Fans call these the 'Pre-Zyu' teams. As for Bandai, I think they just made keys of Zyuranger to Gokaiger, forgetting to skip Dairanger. 

Friday, June 19, 2020

Mild Spoilers: Representation of the Morphin Grid

Depending on who you ask, the Morphin Grid is either the source of the Rangers' powers or a storage facility for said powers. And according to the writers, what the Morphin Grid is and can do is different.

In Mighty Morphin, Zordon mentioned the Morphin Grid as the source of their powers. It was mentioned by Lord Zedd that the Morphin Grid is maintained by a balance between major forces of good and evil--which was Zordon and Zedd at the time. We never really "saw" it. In the show, Zordon would tap into it to boost up Tommy's powers. In the comics, Zordon enters the Morphin Grid to visit the Emissaries Three. In the 2017 movie, the Morphin Grid is a major plot point in which Zordon uses it to bring Billy back to life. The show never mentioned it to have life restoring powers. Even though Alpha was able to tap into the grid also to grow flowers.

In 2004, in a DVD extra Kira and Ethan are visited by the Morphin Grid to preview SPD. This is considered non-canon for fans. Kira and Ethan are at Hayley's restaurant where they find a big glowing green rock coming out of the building. It even spoke. 

In 2007, for Operation Overdrive episode "Once a Ranger," Alpha 6 (Even though he acted and spoke like Alpha 5) says he needs to enter  the Morphin Grid and it looked technological physical place. It had a green hue and it had lightning striking everywhere. Alpha 6 was able to fix it and restore the Rangers' powers. 

Spoilers below.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

SPOILERS Thoughts on upcoming Beast Morphers episode #beastspoilers

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