Friday, September 30, 2022

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Reveals

Simon Bennett at Hasbro Pulsecon answered many things about Cosmic Fury. 

Netflix: Global this time so no international spoilers

Suits: New ones inspired by Dino Fury

Episodes: 10

Duration: Unknown

Zords: Kyuranger

Villains: Lord Zedd and a new family of monsters

David Yost and Walter Jones will be back as Billy and Zack

Drawings by Leanne Hannah, don't know if she designed them or a team.


Sounds great about the battles being new footage and new suits. The using of zord footage sounds a bit confusing. If it is indeed 22-minute 10 episodes, it might not be all the zords of Kyuranger. And if they go by the Ranger colors, then orange, yellow and silver zords of Kyuranger would be considered auxiliary or extra zords. I doubt there will be extra rangers. If it is indeed 10 episodes, they might skip the purple dragon, and red phoenix. Maybe only the Orion megazord. Speculations are abound. They might skip zords like Megaforce did with Goseiger. 

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Love Hate - Episode Review

Episode Summary:

Izzy and Fern and Stan and Annie play a game at BuzzBlast that is Valentine's Day themed. Stan and Jane lose. Izzy and Fern are the winners. Ollie walks in with flowers. Fern comments on the flowers. Ollie lies and Amelia makes fun of him. He gets touchy and leaves, dumping the flowers. Lord Zedd returns to Void Queen and Void King. Sizzuari and Scrozzle came in. Void King says Scrozzle can use old robot blueprints. Lord Zedd says he has a score to settle. Back at the base, Amelia was researching on Raftkon but in reality, she was looking up a cafe that Ollie mentioned. Izzy asked and she says she will handle it. Amelia thanks Izzy. Ollie teleports in and Amelia teleports out. Izzy says maybe Amelia wanted to be her valentine. Ollie tells Izzy that the flowers were for Amelia. Izzy tells him to tell the truth but he says it is too late. He teleports away. 

Sizzuari arrives and fights Ollie. He slashes Ollie and he glows blue. Lord Zedd arrives and Ollie obeys him. J-Borg finds Ollie's card for Amelia. Amelia opens it and finds out it is from Ollie. Amelia confronts Ollie at the base but he turns her down. He teleports away. Solon and Amelia talk and they get a call about Lord Zedd. The Rangers arrive at the warehouse with mind-controlled Ollie. Scrozzle calls a new Boomblaster, like Boomtower. Lord Zedd and Scrozzle teleport away. Ollie morphs. The Rangers morph. The group fights. Pink uses Hyper Key. Red uses the Dino Knight Key. Blue uses the Smash Dino Key and fights Aiyon. Black uses the Snooze Key. He makes Blue go to sleep. 

Solon works on Ollie in the base. Pink and Red fight Void King, Sizzuari, and Boomblaster. Sizzuari becomes huge and the zords are called. Pink stays with Void King and Boomblaster. The Megazord fights Sizzuari. Pink dons a key sleeve and fights Void King. He kicks her butt. Boomblaster teleports away for Zedd. Void King leaves and Amelia joins Zayto. Aiyon uses Ptera Freeze Megazord and goes with the other Rangers. They attack the monster and he freezes. They call the Mega Fury Saber and destroy Sizzuari... Or they thought. He survives and teleports away. Back at the base, Mucus fans Void Queen. Void King enters. They wonder where Lord Zedd is. Void Queen breaks the fan. Back at the base, Solon says Ollie is back to normal but needs a jolt to wake up. Izzy convinces them to get buckets of water. Amelia sits next to him. Amelia tells Ollie she really likes him. He wakes up. They almost kiss when the others arrive. Ollie asks if they defeated Lord Zedd. He says he knows his plan. Zayto sees it--with two parts of Raftkon message. Scrozzle uses it. The planet survived and they have coordinates. 

Episode Review:
This is one of the better episodes. It has heart and it is smart. Only problem is too many villains to keep track of. But that comes par the course with Lord Zedd. 

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Ultimate Mystery - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:

Amelia interviews her grandfather in front of Area 62 for BuzzBlast, who used to work as a janitor. He says he didn't see any aliens. He says once late at night he saw a ghost, but it was a scientist. He runs off into the forest because of a phone alert and falls in a blueberry bush. They hear about Bigfoot and run off to show her boss Jane. Amelia shows her co-workers photos and files she has. She gets a call from Solon and leaves. The two co-workers head to DInohenge. The Rangers expect a call from Commander Shaw of Battlegrid, many villains have escaped. The Beast Morpher Rangers fight a monster. The DIno Fury Rangers hear of an attack and go to the new monster.

Amelia figures out the monster is the 'Bigfoot' from the video. The six morph. The monster beats down Izzy and Ollie. The Rangers continue to fight. Red uses the Blazing Dino Key and his attack is stopped by the monster. Gold uses the Electro Dino Key and his attack goes down. Amelia asks Ollie for ideas. Ollie has nothing. Red unleashes his Red armor and is knocked back. Lothorn, is the nephew of Lokar, he is not a Sporix Beast. He is insulted and leaves. The Rangers return to base. Solon scans the city. Javi says Coral Harbor is close but there is no way he came from there. The co-workers come to Dino Henge and find Lothorn. Lothorn starts attacking Dino Henge. Annie calls the Ranger Hotline. They see what is happening to the statues. Stan and Annie want selfies with Pink but she teleports them away. The Rangers protect the statues from a blast.

They teleport Lothorn away and fight him in the city. Black calls his shield key. Lothorn goes big and the zords are called. Lothorn does a huge light show. Mosa Razor kicks him. They combine their zords to make Primal Ultrazord. They fly in the air and attack the monster. Lothorn says he can see Angel Grove from space. They conduct Final Ultra Blast and destroy it. On BuzzBlast, Jane does a cooking segment with PopPop and blueberries.Stan and Annie were excited about a Blue Ranger---instead of Pink. Amelia apologizes. Then with he Rangers, she shows them her folder with her mom and dad. They were supposedly lost in a fire. Zayto apologizes. Aiyon and Javi says they will help solve the mystery. She cries and hugs them. They get a call from Solon. They go back and talk to General Shepard, Scrozzle is the only one that escaped. The plan was to send Lothorn after them and Lord Zedd was the one behind it all. 

Episode Review:
Interesting to link Lothor to this unrelated monster as it is supposed to look like Satan and since Lokar was DaiSatan... then it is logical they would look alike. A pretty basic episode, as it leads to a bigger arc. 

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Cosmic Fury Speculations and Spoilers

Late last night or early today (considering your time zone), producer Simon Bennet revealed Power Rangers Dino Fury will continue in the third season called Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. At Power Morphicon today on August 28, 2022 (the 29th anniversary of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), the Dino Fury cast was interviewed in a panel to reveal they know almost nothing about the new season. Here is a breakdown of the information and speculations and one spoiler from Dino Fury.

Breakdown of Information:

  • The six castmembers/Rangers will return
  • The cast thinks they will be the same colors but they did say they were in dark so this could prove not to be true.
  •  Season 3 will continue the same story and characters of season 2.
  • Season 3 will take place in space.
  • Shooting for Season 3 has not taken place.
  • The cast found out about the name "Cosmic Fury" through fans. One fan found the name for it.
  • They will be in new studios and the sets were dismantled and will either be recreated or reconstructed. 
Things we yet to know:
  • If they will have the same suits
  • If they will use Kiramager footage
  • If they will use Kyuranger footage
  • If they will making new footage with Dino Fury suits. 

If they use Kiramager footage, it would correspond with Zayto, Ollie, Izzy, and Amelia's colors but not Javi and Aiyon. Javi would have to be yellow and Aiyon would have to be silver. 

If Kyuranger is used, the Rangers could fall in their color slots.
Red - Zayto
Blue - Ollie
Pink - Amelia
Gold - Aiyon
Black - Javi
Green - Izzy
Purple - Terrick

Now the rest is just my speculations:
Orange - Blair (singer from one episode)
Silver - J-Borg
Yellow - Aquitarian (not one specifically, could be new character)

Or they could go for budget and use the Kyuranger character suits and use the footage. Blue, Black and Gold have creatures so they can keep those. Pink and Purple were also costumed characters too. Then it would be...
Red - Zayto
Yellow - Ollie
Pink - Amelia
Orange - Javi
Green - Izzy
Silver - Aiyon

Blue - a wolf alien
Purple - Terrick
Black - a bull robot
Gold - an android 

Or they could use the same Dino Fury costumes.


Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Yokai in Kakuranger, Shinkenger and Ninninger

 Kakuranger, Shinkenger and Ninninger monsters were based on Yokai. Yokai are ancient Japanese monster folklore. The ones from Kakuranger were Yokai but had 'modern influences.' The Ayakashi have a more complex look and has more to do with an animal. The Yokai in Ninninger also had modern themes and components. In Power Rangers, all these references were not referred to and were just taken as any monster. In MMPR, they were Aliens or monsters created by Zedd and Rita or Finster. In Samurai, they were Nighlok from the Sanzu River. In Ninja Steel, they were Alien game show contestants. 

Based on the water sprite Kappa. Sometimes they look like a frog. Namiayashi has two sides and one of it looks like a tiger. Kappa in MMPR appeared as an unnamed monster. Kappa in Ninninger looked more like a turtle. The American names are below. 
Kakuranger: Kapa / MMPR: No name
Shinkenger: Namiayashi / Samurai: TwoTone
Ninninger: Kappa / Ninja Steel: Slogre

Both based on the Ittanmomen,  Ittanmomen flies through in the air and attacks people by wrapping itself around their face and throat trying to suffocate them.  Ittanmomen from Kakuranger appeared as a toy called Calicfire but not in the show. Urawadachi wasn't in Samurai, he looks like a hammerhead shark. Ittanmomen/Abrakadanger had a creepy wand/broom with an eyeball. It looked like he had teeth all around him. 
Kakuranger: Ittanmomen / MMPR: Calicfire (Toy only)
Shinkenger: Urawadachi
Ninninger: Ittanmomen / Ninja Steel: Abrakadanger 

They look alike. Okakurage is based on Karakasa is the spirit of umbrellas,which has one eye, a long tongue, a single foot, and an umbrella head. Kasa-Obake is a spirit of parasol are typical portrayed with one eye, a long tongue and single foot that originated from objects reaching their 100th year of existence. Kasabake appeared unnamed in MMPR and parts of him were used for other monsters. Kasabake and Okakurage water powers. The Kakuranger and Ninninger Kasabake had one eyeball. 
Kakuranger: Kasabake
Shinkenger: Okakurage / Samurai: Desparino
Ninninger: Kadabake / Ninja Steel: Spyclops 

 An Enenra is a yokai, or Japanese monster, that is composed of smoke. It resides in bonfires and, when it emerges, it takes the form of a human. It is said that an enraenra can only be seen by the pure of heart. Enraenra appeared in toy form in MMPR but not on the show. Enraenra looks like a robot with canisters and machines, while Oborojime looks like natural smoke. Toxitea looks like a teapot with smoke coming out of it. Also, Enraenra from Ninninger was male while Toxitea was female in Ninja Steel.
Kakuranger: Enraenra
Shinkenger: Oborojime / Samurai: Gigertox
Ninninger: Enraenra / Ninja Steel: Toxitea

Rokurokubi resemble humans and can stretch their necks at night. They can also scare humans by changing their faces and are practical jokers. Rokurokubi was female, parts of her appeared in Power Rangers,and  Tsubotoguro appeared in PRS as Pestilox. Rokurokubi didn't appear in Ninninger. 
Kakuranger: Rokurokubi
Shinkenger: Tsubotoguro / Samurai: Pestilox 

Gakitsuki is based on Gaki, which is also known as Preta, Preta are a type of supernatural being described in Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, and Jain texts that undergoes more than human suffering, particularly an extreme degree of hunger and thirst. They are spirit of jealously or greed that cursed people with an insatiable hunger for a particular substance as punishment for their vices. Traditionally the substance could be something humiliating but in most recent legends, it can be basically anything. Gakitsuki and Sunsasusuri both had teeth and similar looks. Ninninger did not have a monster directly based on Gaki. 
Kakuranger: Gakitsuki 
Shinkenger: Sunsasusuri / Samurai: Grinotaur

All based on Kasha, who is a cat-like monster that steals corpses during a funeral. Kasha is Miss Chief in MMPR and named Switchbeast in PRS. Kasha looked like a firefighter, hence the American name. Abekonbe had a lion head on the chest and a teapot-like body. He switched human minds with ordinary items or food. Kasha had firepower. Spinferno is also fire based. 
Kakuranger: Kasha / MMPR: Miss Chief
Shinkenger: Abekonbe / Samurai: Switchbeast
Ninninger: Yokai Kasha / Ninja Steel: Spinferno 

A mud spirit that emerges from rice paddies' murky mud and while not completely dangerous, his appearance of aged, bald, and apparently blind in one eye, it frightened people. Dorotabou of Kakuranger didn't appear in MMPR and the cauliflower-like fame-driven yokai wanted to be on TV. Azemidoro looked for revenge.
Kakuranger: Dorotabou
Shinkenger: Azemidoro / Samurai: Eyescar

A spirit that manifests as a wall that misdirects or hinders walkers at night. Trying to go around the Nurikabe is guile as it extends itself forever. Knocking on the lower part of the wall makes it vanish. Nurikabe is known as Brick Bully for MMPR, he looked like a brick wall. Futagawara looks much different, he appeared as Skarf in Samurai. Nurikabe/Forcefear looks different too. 
Kakuranger: Nurikabe / MMPR: Brick Bully
Shinkenger: Futagawara / Samurai: Skarf
Ninninger: Nurikabe / Ninja Steel: Forcefear

Yama-oroshi is a radish-grater spirit, a pun on a word for 'mountain storm.'  Sogizarai is known as Shark Jaw in PRS' "Clash of the Red Rangers". One of Yamauba's forms appears on MMPR like Dischordia and her other form appeared in background scenes. They look radically different.
Kakuranger: Yamauba / MMPR: Dischordia
Shinkenger: Sogizarai / Samurai: Shark Jaw

Usually mistaken for a badger, Noppera-bo is a faceless ghost that frightens people, some believe human spirits disguised themselves as a scary form. Nopperabou could break apart and form again. Narisumashi could pretend to be other people. Nopperabou only appeared as an unnamed background character in Power Rangers. Narisumashi appeared in a Christmas episode as Gred, red and green.
Kakuranger: Nopperabou
Shinkenger: Narisumashi / Samurai: Gred

Both based on the Tengu, although they take their name from a dog-like Chinese demon, the tengu were originally thought to take the forms of birds of prey, and they are traditionally depicted with both human and avian characteristics. Also the most popular of Japanese folklore.  Isagitsune is called Vulpes in PRS and Tengu was Professor Longnose in MMPR. Isagitsune had a fox-theme. Also the footsoldiers of MMPR season 3 were originally known as Tengu, based on the birds of prey, later renamed Tenga because of 20th Century Fox Films copyright. Also, Badpipes had a longnose like Professor Longnose. 
Kakuranger: Tengu / MMPR: Professor Longnose
Shinkenger: Isagitsune / Vulpes
Ninninger: Tengu / Badpipes

I'm not sure, I have to ask my friend, but Yumebakura is based on the Baku but looks like a Rhino. In PRS, he's known as Rhinosnorous. Bakuki is known as Vampirus in MMPR. Baku devours dreams and nightmares and looks like a tapir. 
Kakuranger: Bakuki / MMPR: Vampirus
Shinkenger: Yumebakura / Samurai: Rhinosnorous

There are several conceptions of how it looked like or operated, but the most common is one of a trio of weasels with sharp claws, riding on a gust of wind and cutting peoples' skin on the legs. According to this interpretation, the first weasel knocked the unsuspecting victim down, the second cut the victim's flesh, and the third applied medication to the wounds so that at the time the victim realized what was happening they were left only with painful wounds that weren't bleeding.  Ootsumuji is known as Scorpionic in PRS and Kamaitachi isn't in MMPR. Ootsumuji had a weasel face and a scorpion or insect-like armor. Kamaitachi from Ninninger looked like a weasel or rat. 
Kakuranger: Kamaitachi
Shinkenger: Ootsumuji / Samurai: Scorpionic
Ninninger: Kamaitachi / Ripperrat and Trapsaw

Tsuchigumo means Dirt/Earth Spider and is a spider-like yōkai in Japanese folklore. They both look like Spiders but Tangleweb is more colorful. 
Kakuranger: Tsuchigumo / MMPR: Archanofiend
Ninninger: Tsuchigumo / Ninja Steel: Tangleweb

Little is known of the origin of umibōzu but it is a sea spirit and as such has multiple sightings throughout Japan. It means Sea priest. Both are blue. 
Kakuranger: Umibozu / MMPR: Hydro Hog
Ninninger: Umibozu / Ninja Steel: Doomwave

It is described as a japanese chimera having the head of a monkey, the limbs of a tiger, the body of a Japanese raccoon dog and the front half of a snake for a tail. In other writings nothing is stated about its torso, so it is sometimes depicted to have the torso of a tiger. The two monsters look very similar. 
Kakuranger: Nue / MMPR: Hate Monster
Ninninger: Nue / Ninja Steel: Drillion

Ōmukade are monstrous mukade–centipedes (Scolopendra subspinipes) with dark bodies and bright orange legs and heads. The two monsters aren't around the same color themes. 
Kakuranger: Omukade / MMPR: Centiback
Ninninger: Omukade / Ninja Steel: Voltipede

It is a ghostly oxcart with a face on it. Legend has it that on misty nights that are lit by the moon in Kyoto, people can hear squeaking sounds coming from an oxcart. When the person steps outside, they would find the Oboroguruma parked outside their home. Kakuranger had it as a taxi cab.
Kakuranger: Obotoguruma / MMPR: Crabby Cabby
Ninninger: Obotoguruma / Ninja Steel: Megamauler

The Mokumokuren usually live in torn shoji (Japanese paper sliding walls), although they can also be found in tatami floor mats and on walls. The name "Mokumokuren" literally means "many eyes" or "continuous eyes". Type Face is obviously a keyboard. 
Kakuranger: Mokumokuren / MMPR: See Monster
Ninninger: Mokumokuren / Ninja Steel: Type Face

It is depicted as a cross between a serpent, bird, or lobster. It has claws similar to that of a crab or a scorpion, but since there is no explanatory text within the book, it is not certain what kind of yōkai it is.
Kakuranger: Amikiri / MMPR: Witchblade
Ninninger: Amikiri / Ninja Steel: Stabberous

Mythical oni or demon leader of Japan, who according to legend was killed by the hero Minamoto Raikō.
Kakuranger: Shuten Douji Brothers / Merrick and Erik the Barbarics
Ninninger: Shuten-Doji / Ninja Steel: Gorrox

There might be more, I know I missed some. Let me know.