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Character Convert: Kyuranger/Power Rangers Cosmic Fury


 Cosmic Fury was a unique season as it has only 10 episodes and adapted zord footage from Kyuranger, so not the suits. Also, it was the third season of Dino Fury, with returning characters and actors from Dino Fury, much like MMPR Seasons 2 and 3. So I am comparing them with Kyuranger characters even though they didn't use the same suits. So in some cases I am going with color or situation or events. Villains in the next post

Amelia / Lucky
I know Kyuranger fans are going to say it is not fair to compare these two because of how much love they have for Lucky. There are also people who dislike Lucky. Lucky is rash and impetious and often shouts, "Lucky." Lucky had his charms. Amelia on the other hand has prove herself as a leader, caring about her teammates and putting them and the team first. SHe did feel bad for her love Ollie turning evil but did not wallow in that melodrama. When Billy told them not to risk taking on Zedd until the toher teams recouped, she knew the risks and took the risks.  

This is pretty easy as both are cool, playful and sarcastic. They sure have things in common. What they don't have in common is that Hammie was training to be a Ninja Master. Izzy is a high school graduate and was about to go to college when they had to deal with Lord Zedd taking their powers and declaring war on them. Izzy's arc in Cosmic Fury is that she is afraid something will happen to her girlfriend Fern and is fetful of she being in space and getting in danger. Of course, she ultimately realizes that Fern is brave and that is what attracted her to her in the first place. 

Javi and Champ might not seem to have much in common other than their color, but they do. Champ is a robot and Javi has a robotic arm. Champ had to deal with Stinger being the one sent to kill his creator Dr. Anton while Javi had to deal with losing his arm. Javi tried using the Morphin Master staff on the altar and lightning striking and him losing his arm. He had to accustom to his new mechanical arm. The differences of course are that Javi is human and Champ is not.

Aiyon is Gold and SPada is yellow but I decided to compare them because they are both cooks. Also, Aiyon uses the Shark Zord which was the Kajiki Voyager for Spada. Spada began cooking at a young age and cooked for his siblings, he aspired to be the best cook. Aiyon has a cafe now and cooks for the team when they are in deep space in order to calm because his fears about Zayto. He struggles in Cosmic Fury with his concerns about Zayto and keeping his secret for a while. 

Ollie and Naga are both good Rangers that temporarily become evil. Ollie turned evil thanks to a venom that was designed to make him evil. He took a father-son relationship with Zedd. Zedd being fond of Ollie and calling him 'child' and 'boy.' Naga came from a species of humans that have no emotion whatsoever. When he became evil, of course he had a personality but evil. They had similar arcs. Other than that, they don't have much in common. As for Garu, who was the Blue Kyuranger, they don't have much in common there. Garu was a father and missed his family. 

Zayto has no color equilavent as his color is more of a champagne/beige. Tsurugi is the Houhou Soldier that acts as a Sixth Ranger, even though he technically is a 11th Ranger. They are similar as they come later on and Tsurugi was frozen and Zayto was unconcious in a tree, healing. Technically, Zayto was frozen in the beginning of Dino Fury. Zayto is on borrowed time and is on the journey to become a Morphin Master and is using magic, if he uses too much, he might die. Ultimately he does die and become a Morphin Master. Also, Zayto is tied with the zord creators and Tsurugi was one of the scientists of the technology to go aganist the villains. 

Both orange. Fern is Izzy's girlfriend that accidently ends up in space and saves Solon and bonds with her, becoming the first Orange Ranger in Power Rangers. Stinger, was once an assassian for Jark Matter, the villain and his brother Scorpio became a villain and he had to fight him. All they have in common is colors. Stinger is caring but stern and cold on the outside. Fern is sunny and courageous. She serves as an audience surrogate. 

Billy/Shou Ronpo
Billy is the OG Blue Ranger from MMPR. Shou Ronpo is Ryu Commander, the 'boss' and sort of mentor of the Kyuranger but he is goofy and fun-loving. Billy is a caring and concerned mentor, he is also tech support. Shou Ronpo wasn't so helpful with dilemmas but he is dependable that he will fight for his teammates. Billy didn't have to stay with the Cosmic Fury team but he did and supported them.

Maybe I am pulling at strings here as they don't seem to have much in common or that they both piloted the pink agle. Raptor was tech support before she became a Kyuranger. Mick was more of a scout, he was going to other planets to find Zayto and help the Rangers with their mission. The differences are that Micj is a shapeshifter who rather hide that fight and Raptor did want to fight, she could also get dreamy. 

Heckyl/Ferocious Knight D
Ferocious Knight D is Deathryuger and his monster form was used for Badussa in Dino Charge. Apparently, the Deathryuger suit could not be used for Dino Charge because of rights issues. Heckyl's Dark Ranger suit in Cosmic Fury was the Deathryuger suit and KyoryuNavy helmet with the silver stripe. Apparently, Toei gave Hasbro the KyoryuNavy helmet without explanation and was not allowed to color it. Heckyl was a bad guy but eventually became good. He had two sides, Heckyl and Snide. They were split apart and his planet Sentai 6 had returned because of the changes the Dino Charge Rangers did. Heckyl became Dark Ranger in the comics and off-screen for Power Rangers the TV show. Ferocious Knight D had no human form and was destroyed. 

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