Friday, December 13, 2013

Power Rangers Action Card Game Series 5 and Series 6 News

 UPDATED 12/31/13 11:15 PM EST
Below are pictures from the Power Rangers Action Card Game Facebook page, these are the European versions hence no Ranger name. But these will indeed be the cards for Series 5 of Action Card Game.
 As always Fury Diamond has the exclusive on upcoming sets. The Super Megaforce Rangers won't appear until series 6 with Starter Set. Series 5 will come out in February, name not revealed yet and will have reprints. Series 6 will have the initials KoP and have the Super Megaforce Rangers.

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"Power Rangers Action Card Game Set 5 is the largest Booster Set with 183 cards (91 commons, 61 rares, 22 super rares, and 9 ultra rares). The set is inspired by Magic the Gathering Core Set with the usage of new and popular past cards that are reprinted with new numbers and foils. With Set 5, you can unlock every phrase from the Gosei Morpher! With 180+ cards, this collector set will have several of the fan-requested Megazord and Ranger cards. Bandai Cards has worked hard to create this collector set." - Fury Diamond

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Poll Results: Tokkyuger and US Ranger Keys

Which Super Megaforce product are you most excited about? 
Deluxe Super Mega Saber
  42 (40%)
Deluxe Super Mega Blaster
  27 (25%)
Legendary Megazord
  50 (48%)
Legendary Morpher
  58 (55%)
Wild Force Lion Zord
  36 (34%)

 What do you think about the Super Megaforce Ranger Key App?
  53 (61%)
  22 (25%)
  13 (15%)
Want More
  18 (20%)

Tokkyuger: What do you think of the giant robo?
  76 (47%)
  35 (22%)
  35 (22%)
  46 (28%)

 Tokkyuger: Do you like that Yellow is back and female?
  106 (76%)
  10 (7%)
Don't Know
  11 (7%)
Don't Care
  26 (18%)

 Tokkyuger: What do you think about the suits?
  85 (50%)
  39 (23%)
  46 (27%)
  33 (19%)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Power Rangers Toys at Power Rangers Art Show

 As I mentioned before, there was an Art Exhibition in Los Angeles this past weekend and new Power Rangers toys and some that we've seen at Comic Cons but haven't appeared in stores yet, were exhibited at the show.
Pictures from Facebook accounts of fan Corey Gibson and Official Power Morphicon Facebook.

The Morphin Action Figures, Deluxe Talking figure and the standard 5 inch figures.

Tokyo Vinyl Figures, the proposed figures of Black Megaforce and Robo Knight. No MMPR Megazord has been seen as there was proposed art for it. And new showing of MM Green Ranger, Blue Super Megaforce and Red Super Megaforce.

They had the special edition MM Red Ranger from New York Comic Con.

Also the figures that were there at NYCC like Legacy Helmet set, Legendary Megazord, Legendary Morpher, Zeo Zord Vehicle, Delta Patrol Zord, Mystic Dragon, Time Force Cycle, Lost Galaxy Cycle, Lightspeed Cycle, and Wild Force Lion. Only keys seen were Transparent Super Megaforce Red, Super Megaforce Red, Mighty Morphin Red, Wild Force Red Ranger, and Mystic Force Red Ranger.