Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Power Rangers Toys at Power Rangers Art Show

 As I mentioned before, there was an Art Exhibition in Los Angeles this past weekend and new Power Rangers toys and some that we've seen at Comic Cons but haven't appeared in stores yet, were exhibited at the show.
Pictures from Facebook accounts of fan Corey Gibson and Official Power Morphicon Facebook.

The Morphin Action Figures, Deluxe Talking figure and the standard 5 inch figures.

Tokyo Vinyl Figures, the proposed figures of Black Megaforce and Robo Knight. No MMPR Megazord has been seen as there was proposed art for it. And new showing of MM Green Ranger, Blue Super Megaforce and Red Super Megaforce.

They had the special edition MM Red Ranger from New York Comic Con.

Also the figures that were there at NYCC like Legacy Helmet set, Legendary Megazord, Legendary Morpher, Zeo Zord Vehicle, Delta Patrol Zord, Mystic Dragon, Time Force Cycle, Lost Galaxy Cycle, Lightspeed Cycle, and Wild Force Lion. Only keys seen were Transparent Super Megaforce Red, Super Megaforce Red, Mighty Morphin Red, Wild Force Red Ranger, and Mystic Force Red Ranger.

Deluxe Might Armored Green Ranger

Infamous Wild Force Red Ranger figure.

Tommy Gold Legacy Morpher

Legacy Dragonzord

Legacy Dragon Dagger

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