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Power Rangers/Super Sentai Character Conversion: Jungle Fury / Gekiranger


Casey / Jan (GekiRed)
Both can be kinda annoying to fans. They are very different in origins. Jan was a jungle boy, literally. He had his own language, he would make up funny words and was rather childish. Even the Sentai producers admitted he was the most childish adult character they have had lately, I think ever. Casey isn't as bad as Connor but there doesn't seem much to him, many fans find him whiny. Casey is basically a normal kid but new to the whole Phai Zhuq (special class of martial arts of this series). Casey also comes with this 'full of it' attitude and is also absolute--he told a kid if he steals, then he is evil and against the Power Rangers, no grey. And that's not how the whole world works. The entire Gekiranger story was all about choosing your own path, Jan's father was a fighter and he was destined to fight Rio but ultimately he chose it. Jan had to deal a Darth Vader-ish father but Casey didn't, just dealing with the banished Whiger. Jan became close to Rio and both Jan/Casey believed in Rio/Jarrod. No one else believed Jarrod could be turned. While, mostly everyone wanted Rio back, but Ran and Retsu didn't want to completely forgive him.

Theo / Retsu (GekiBlue)
I initially disliked Retsu at first, finding him stuck up but he grew on me. He found beauty in everything, loving to paint and was all technique when it came to fighting. Unfortunately, Theo grows like a fungus. He is just plain stuck up. He is bossy, wants things a certain way and is such a multi-tasker, that he doesn't care to listen to reason. Retsu was very young when Gou was already an adult, he had went to fight Rio and he promised to Gou not to join GekiJyuKen (Fierce Beast-Fist) and fight. Of course, Gou disappeared and Retsu thought him more or less dead. Later after Gou returned and they made up, Retsu still felt like his brother treated him like a kid. In the end, Theo revealed his feelings to Lily. Retsu and Ran never had these feelings.

Lily / Ran (GekiYellow)
Ran was a bit of a prude, she was a tomboy and very strict. She also had a habit of saying 'eh???!' the equivalent to 'huh.' Lily is more laid back, she is a sweet nice girl, she sees the bright side of things. She also cops an attitude when she has to be put the boys in line. So did Ran, as she was like the 'mother' of the team. Both became 'bad,' in reality defiant, in one episode due to a 'spell.' Also, Lily was given the position of 'captain,' which I consider the leader because she is seen taking charge and the boys follow her orders. And in all other group attacks, she is seen in the center. Lily has yet to have any sort of promotion, I doubt it since Casey has already asserted he is the leader. Ran and Retsu didn't forgive Mele and Rio and challenged them to a battle for forgiveness.

RJ (Wolf Ranger) / Gou (GekiViolet)
RJ is the mentor, a zen-obsessed neo-hippie vegan. He is quite entertaining and refreshing for a young trainer. He is a quite innovative character on the part of the writers. Gou, on the other hand, is one of my favorite characters of Gekiranger. He followed his own path, even when he didn't know what it was. He is stern, but not too cold, he cares for his brother Retsu so much, he didn't want him to fight and made him vow not to. Both RJ and Gou became werewolves, except Gou did it to himself trying a forbidden technique and RJ's wolf side was simply tampered with by Dai Shi. Both had to tame the beasts. RJ also sought his own path, since his father is a Shark-style user and he chose to go under a Wolf master. Gou was also old friends with Rio. He tried fighting him but ultimately it had to come between Jan and Rio. RJ simply told Casey he couldn't teach them anymore at the end and told the others that when he fought Dai Shi it was his destined battle.

Dominic (Rhino Ranger) / Ken (GekiChopper)
Ken is lazy (nothing wrong with that), has technique and power but just fell on it, he's a goof-off. He is girl crazy and it was hinted he had feelings for Ran. While training in front of SaiDain, he decided to quit but vowed to come back and protect the sacred ground. The others didn't immediately warm up to him. Same as PR, they don't warm up to Dom--everyone considered everything being a game to him, same as Ken. In fact, Dom saved Fran the same way Ken saved his sister. Dominic wandered the Earth for six years, like Gou (well, much longer=10). And same as Ken, he had to make the others want to be part of the team. Dominic seems more wanting to part of something. I personally like Ken, always looked at the positive. Ken sold the SouJyuTo, which is much more reckless than Dom who left it (Control Dagger) between cushions in a restaurant. In the end, Dom ended having a romance with bookish Fran.

Master Mao / Master ShaFu
ShaFu is a anthropomorphic Caracal, who used to be human. They decided not to go that way in Jungle Fury, so Mao is human but when he disappears or teleports, there are signs of caracal. Mao was killed early on and is now a spirit that occasionally helps the gang. He was their first master. ShaFu was always there, and was very much hard to understand sometimes with his phrases. He was unconventional, him and RJ of course have similar teaching styles. ShaFu used to have a relationship with Rageku and took his students to their limits. Mao took ShaFu's animal form by the last episode.

Master Phant (Elephant Spirit Ranger) / Master Elehan Kempo
There is three definite different things between the two, the only two similarities are their costume and they share the same animal spirit. #1 is the most obvious, that Phant is human; #2 is Phant was connected to the Spirit Ranger--Master Elephant Ranger; and #3 Elehan is a pervert. Phant was a sad-sack, that people thought they didn't care about him. He is very similar to Bat Li, who refused to teach anyone new. Elehan chased young girl's skirts, touched Ran everywhere and was just an overall pervert. He believed in having fun. Phant took Elehan's animal form by the last episode.

Master Swoop (Bat Spirit Ranger) / Master Bat Li
They both have different costumes to begin with. Swoop has a Matrix-like outfit. Both of them are interesting characters. Bat Li was a hermit, who refused to teach anyone, because he was saddened from the failure of a student with promise not learning from him. Of course, Retsu learns and makes him cry. Also, Bat Li had a lady love---unfortunately because of his commitment to GekiJyuKen, he couldn't be with her and she had been living in contempt for him for decades. But of course, the Gekiranger clarified this. Swoop, on the other hand, is actually blind and is RJ's favorite teacher and taught him how to fight blind. Swoop has a nice sense of humor and very insightful. He was able to call Theo out on his bad habits and help him. Swoop was connected to the Bat Ranger. Swoop took Bat Li's animal form by the last episode.

Master Finn (Shark Spirit Ranger) / Master Sharkie Chan
Both have the same outfit, and that's all they have in similarities other than their animals. Sharkie is basically a kid, he never had a student before and the other Kensei didn't take him seriously. Sharkie and Jan are very similar and got along quickly. Sharkie is very clumsy, he was in charge of keeping something that could bring Maku to life, but he lost it. Finn is RJ's father and was insulted when he didn't follow in his father's footsteps in studying the shark techniques. Finn and Casey got along quickly. Finn and RJ had a typical dysfunctional father-son relationship. Finn was connected to the Shark Ranger. Finn took Sharkie's animal form by the last episode.

Master Rilla / Master Gorrie Yang
Gorrie Yang worked in NY writing novels. He had dreads in his hair. Other than ShaFu, he was like the leader, he is smart and stern. He helped Gou at a time when he was concerned about the gang's triangle, he was very insightful. He was even insightful with Rio with a spar/mentoring thing. He even rubbed Jan to the wrong way when he asked why he was studying GekijyuKen. What drove him. But Gorrie has his moments of goofiness. Rilla didn't have a lot of characterization since he is dead and was visited in the spirit world and the jungle fury masters have limited appearances compared to the Kenseis. He did appear at the end and took Gorrie's form.

Master Lope / Master Pyon Biao
Pyon monitored a national park in Kenya. He decided to teach Retsu to hone his body. Retsu and Pyon combat in a bloody battle in a soccer field, the object was for Retsu to capture Pyon's bandanna. He mostly followed Ken in a X-mas ep. Lope didn't have a lot of characterization since he is dead and was visited in the spirit world and the jungle fury masters have limited appearances compared to the Kenseis. He did have Theo sing karaoke. Also, Pyon is a Gazelle and Lope's power lies on the Antelope. He did appear at the end and took Biao's form.

Master Guin / Master Michelle Peng
Michelle is colorful and cheerful, she is in charge of the Sweden branch of SCRTC. She was selected by Gou to teach him how to hone a technique the master of GekiJyuKen--Brusa E created and honed and none of the Kensei knew. She only knew it in theory. Guinn didn't have a lot of characterization since she is dead and was visited in the spirit world and the Jungle Fury masters have limited appearances compared to the Kenseis. She was played by Michelle Langstone, who portrayed Kat in SPD. She did appear at the end and took Peng's form.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Power Rangers/Super Sentai Villain Comparison: Jungle Fury / Gekiranger


Jarrod/Dai Shi / Rio (Black Lion)
Rio is a young student of ShaFu, of the GekiJyuKen. He was swayed to the dark side, because he wanted more power. This all stemmed from an incident that occurred as a child, his whole family being murdered, which was orchestrated by Ron. For a long time, it seemed like Rio was in charge of his actions. In Jungle Fury, Jarrod was the human and Dai Shi was established to resolve Jarrod from the faults of being evil. Now, it was sort of unclear who is in control, either Jarrod or Dai Shi, an evil spirit since 'he' had to get training from the Overlords and supposedly, Dai Shi had met the Overloads before. So it was like if Dai Shi was Ron, in a way. But personality-wise 'Jai Shi' and Rio, Rio was much more subtle and unbelieving of anyone else. While Dai Shi is a little more accepting of assistance but just as cranky and angry. Rio also had his weakness of being one-sighted, to become obsessed with something. Also Rio killed more.. or he thought he did. Dai Shi showed off his 'Zocato' a lot later than Rio showed his DoRinki to Maku. By the end of Jungle Fury, of course, they had to split Dai Shi and Rio up. While Ron pulled Rio's strings and he got angry about it because he didn't know about it, but Jarrod knew it from the beginning. Casey believed in Jarrod, while no one else did or said they didn't in order to test Casey. Biggest difference, Rio died and Jarrod didn't.

Camille / Mele
Mele is my number one favorite character in Gekiranger. She was a warrior/follower of the Kenma and swallowed Bae. She died, became a Rinshi warrior and was resurrected by Rio. She instantly falls in love with Rio and will do anything for him. Unfortunately, her love is not returned nor noticed, for a while. Camille was just waiting in the wall and her 'love' for Dai Shi slowly developed and wasn't so clear, probably because the writers released they had to put one and one together. Also, all the footage of her in her beast form had to be re-shot because of 'objectionable' 'nipples' on her chest, which actually was Chameleon eyes. Mele earned her Dorinki when going against her 'fair and square' standards by stealing the Soujyuto underhandedly and broke Rio out of a prison with it. But on the other hand, Camille merely stole the Control Dagger from Dommick underhandedly and gives Jai Shi the dagger so he breaks himself out. Fans knew it would come to the test when Jarrod would be split from Dai Shi, if Camille would love him. So, the 'love' between Jarrod and Camille can't compare to Rio and Mele; but they did it well enough by tying it up with characterization, that Dai Shi never said thank you to Camille, so when Jarrod said it, it resonated it. Mele died, Camille didn't, neither was her state as a undead person was mentioned.

Both are little talking flies that announce the 'Megazord' battles and they used to be humans. They are basically the same, especially their MC-like voices and they can't survive too long away from their Chameleon companion. Only difference was that Bae turned himself into a fly but since his technique was flawed, he became small. Camille had 'cursed' Flit into a fly and both had swallowed them. Bae was released from being dependent on Mele by the finale. And Flit was made human again by Camille and joined Jungle Karma Pizza.

Carinsoar / Kata
Both were revived from the same place by the 'lion cub.' Both handled him with deadly teachings. Kata put Rio under a 'Rinki' spell that slowly sucked his life. Carinsoar took 'Jai Shi' to his past or in his mind and erased his good deeds, to make him more evil. Both of them pushed the lion warrior to the limit, concerning the chameleon warrior, they both didn't like her either. Kata was too much for the heroes, but Jan/Casey was able to defeat him and Ken/Dominick destroy him.

Jellica / Rageku
Both were revived by the chameleon warrior. Rageku was ShaFu's love interest but he forgot about her as soon as she betrayed him. Rageku wanted to train Mele and wanted to pit her against Rio, she didn't like men. When she proved herself, and Rio as well--in sparing with her, she agreed to teach them both. He wasn't so fond about her teachings in jealously, until she made him realize the jealous he had for Byakko, Jan's father. Both were very successful in kicking our heroes' butts. Jellica told Camille to waste the Rangers, but because Lily helped her, she released her. Rageku was killed by Ron. Jellica brought three Phantom Beast Generals to life and was destroyed by them.

Grizzaka / Maku
Both were aggressive and possess a special power that the lion warriors want. Dorinki = Zocato. Maku's resurrection was much more elaborate. He was under the palace and needed the Ikgimo, which was taken out of him. It fell in the hands of some spoiled chick. While to revive Grizzaka, Camille merely threw a talon in a cave. Maku was once a student of Brusa E and was elevated to be his successor but he got pissed when he found out he wasn't the first choice--ShaFu was. So after a scuffle with Shafu, he started the GekiRin Rebellion, he and his followers took animal forms and killed Brusa. Grizzaka was 'friends' with Dai Shi but hates humans, so now that he is in a human form (Jarrod), he hates him. Both took the place as leader. Maku actually expected Kata and Rageku to do their dirty work, but they didn't oblige. Grizzaka had the other Overlords look for the Phantom Crystal Eye stones. Maku didn't do anything to bring the Phantom Beasts. They were defeated the same way, with the animal spirits.

Scorch / Ron
Ron was introduced around the time when Gou was introduced, but only to Mele, he manipulated her. He revealed himself to Rio to introduce the GenJyuKen and way later to the Gekiranger. But his true form was not revealed until the last episodes. Scorch has no human form, he is the leader of the Phantom Beasts. Ron killed Rageku, but Scorch and the other two killed her counterpart Jellica. Ron was a big player, he was a main big player and pulled everyone's strings. Ron was eternal, immortal and became very bored and wanted some excitement so his plot was to turn Rio to something like him, to cause havoc. Scorch was obedient to Dai Shi, he died three times, one big, two when Ron was sealed and third an original death. Ron's final multiple-headed dragon became Dai Shi's final form.

Snapper / Sanyo
Sanyo was Ron's lackey and coughed alot and said 'yo' alot. He revealed stuff Ron didn't want him to. Sanyo's power was of the Basilisk but Snapper is of the more obvious Snapping Turtle of his appearance. Snapper seems more intimidating, but he was much more of Scorch's lackey and Mele/Camille did overcome Sanyo/Snapper. Snapper was killed by the Rangers and Camille. Sanyo was sucked up by Ron to make his final form.

Whiger / Suugu
Suugu did not speak at all because he was just the GekiWaza or power of Dan, the father of Jan. He was used by Ron to lure Rio into GenJyuKen. This was because Rio had a rivarly with Dan and he killed Dan or he thought he did. He had no mind, but he slowly came to care for Dan's son. He asked Jan to kill him and then Dan was free. Dan's power was of the White Tiger but Suugu was the Chimera, Whiger's power is of the White Tiger. The name Whiger is just the combination of the two words. Whiger was given the task of stealing Casey's tiger spirit, he was banished by Dai Shi when not being able to defeat Casey and then helped Casey when he helped him and faded away.