Saturday, March 9, 2019

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Evok's Revenge - Episode Review

Roxie and Blaze arrive in the Cyber Dimension and meet Skrozzle and Tronics. Evok emerges and tells Skrozzle to bow down to him. They offer him Morph-X to teleport the robots and avatars but can't transport Evox. The Rangers came out of the simulator and head to the main room for an announcement. They meet their new tactical companions, the Beast Bots. Jax has a New York accent and doesn't like to be called cute. Smash is a hugging type and has a deep voice. Cruise (Kelson Henderson) is a little forgetful and has a Sonic-like voice. Betty and Ben present the Zap-o-matic and they both get zapped.  Vargoyle is after Skrozzle and he is hiding from him. He gives them keys to teleport. Blaze and Skrozzle leave. The commander shows them their zords. Ravi and Zoey compete to be a leader. The commander schools Ravi. Devn gets distracted with the Beast Blaster. The Rangers get called. Blaze bumps Morph-X outside. Zoey steps up. Blaze morphs. Tronics arrive. Intro and commercial.

The teens fight Tronics. Blaze and Devon fight. Zoey and Ravi show off. Devon tells them to stop fighting. Skrozzle makes a Robotron out of tires, Morph-X and the Evox virus and makes Cycletron. The Rangers morph. Blaze and Skrozzle leave. The Rangers transport their Beast X Sabers and fight the Tronics. Blue fights Cycletron. Red calls his Beast-X Blaster. Ben and Betty cheer. A dog arrives in fron tof Devon and he freezes. Ben and Betty protect him. The dog leaves and Devon un-freezes. Ravi heats up and starts blasting at Zoey. Zoey looses energy. Devon stops Ravi and blasts the monster. The vans arrive with Beast Bots. Smash tackles Ravi. Meanwhile in the Cyber Dimension, Skrozzle says Gigadrones can be powered with the Morph-X they gathered. 

Nathan scans the Rangers. Ravi and Zoey are still about beating Blaze but are tired. Devon tells them to stop competing. He says Ben and Betty worked as a team to help him. Devon tells the Commander he is going to the spot to find out why they got weak. Back at the Cyber Dimension, Skrozzle rises a Gigadrone from underneath and sent to the city. Devon morphs on to Cruise the cycle. Racer Zord is deployed. They get picked by the Racer and the two enter the cockpit. Cruise is linked and they activate Battle mode. Devon fights the Gigadrone that looks like Cycletron. Devon sees a dog and freezes again. Comander calls the Rangers. Nathan realizes the connection of cheetahs and dogs. Evok virus corrupted their DNA making the weakness. Zoey eats the carrot and feels better. If Ravi doesn't overheat, he's fine. Zoey and Jax link to the zord. Ravi and Smash connect to their zord. 

Zoey gets hit and goes down. Ravi saves her. Jackrabbit Mode is activated and the zord does Underground strike. She kicks the drone on Devon and he no longer sees the dog and is fine. He transports the Cheetah Beast Blaster. He strikes the monster down. Virus Eliminated. The Rangers regroup and Commander is concerned and says they are confident the Rangers will be ready. Zoey and Ravi say that Devon helped them out so he should be leader. Devon is shocked. Commander agrees. He thanks Betty and Ben. Smash hugs the,. They all get shocked by Ben's Zappo-matic.

First of all, I still like the cold opening. Usually a Power Rangers show has a short cold opening, goes to opening sequence and does act one with episode title. This time, Act One starts and ends with the opening sequence. Interesting that they used the Go-Busters weaknesses in this series. Red had the weakness of seeing a chicken and freezing, now Devon sees a dog instead of a chicken. Blue stays the same with overheating. Yellow would get weak and eat candy to energy up, this series smartly puts a carrot to tie in with the rabbit and be healthy example. I also like the tie to the Evok Virus to cause these weaknesses. As for Devon being a leader, I'd be all for it except for him constantly saying it is like a video game. I do like the Megazord catchphrase being "Virus Eliminated." This episode used much more Go-Busters footage than the last episode but that is a given since the last one had only original footage. Also interesting they established the difference between Robotron and Gigadrone, most seasons wouldn't bother. Also deploying the zords remind me of Timeranger and the GB guards helping the Rangers reminds me of Shinkenger. So another good episode.

Skruzzle is an American creation and reminds people of Finster with the tools. I say he could also be a Dragon because he has enough arsenal to be his own threat. So he could sneak up and be the main villain of the second season.