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Power Rangers Super Samurai - Stuck on Christmas - Episode Review

A.K.A. Show off the Mega Mode because let's sell off the last remaining Samurai toys before Megaforce starts
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Jii sets up the CHristmas Tree, the Rangers fight Gred (half Red and Green Nighlok--who imitated Shinken Green in Shinkenger) in a quarry. Mike fights it off and then they destroy it and fight it with the Battlewing Megazord. Once the monster is destroyed, they are stuck in the Megazord and must find a way out. So the flashbacks start. Kevin recalls Antonio programing the Clawzord. Jayden reminds Kevin that Kevin was able to help them with his plans.
 At the Shiba House, Mentor Ji opens the door to find Bulk (dressed as Santa) and Spike (dressed as an elf). Spike wants to deliver a present meant for Mia. Jayden remembers the time when Kevin and Mike were stuck together. Mia asks Emily what they should wear for Christmas. Mia remembers the time they went on a shopping spree in the "Strange Case of the Munchies" episode. Bulk asks if 'drill sergeant' is at the dojo. We see a flashback of Emily training Bulk and Spike. 

Bulk and Spike help Mentor with the tree. Jayden calls Jii about what is going on. Mia and Emily cheer up Mike with a flashback of Antonio's concert and when Mike took a pic of Kevin in a ballerina outfit. Spike attempts to put the angel on top of the tree. Bulk and Spike remember the day they saved the cat. Jii tells them they are heroes and gives them cookies. Bulk tells Mentor that they have helped the Rangers. We see a clip of Bulk and Spike running from Moogers. Mentor replies that they are all lucky that the Rangers protect everyone. 

Clips of several battles where the Rangers defeat the Nighloks (including the Origins episode) are shown. The Rangers say they owe a lot to Mentor. Mia thinks he is lonely all alone. Spike tells Mentor how he met Mia and she told him to never give up.  Bulk says Mia introduced them to a young fisherman named Antonio. Jii didn't realize it was so late. Kevin continues on the Megazord repairs. Almost everyone is sleeping.
 He fixes the problem with red and green wires, saying it is a Christmas miracle. Emily screams "Merry Christmas." Jayden calls Mentor that they are on the way. Mentor asks for a quick favor on their way home. Bulk and Spike wake up and want to sneak out before 'the drill sargeant' returns. Mentor Ji stops Bulk and Spike and tells them that he has a surprise for them. The Power Rangers (morphed) walk inside the Shiba House, shocking the two, and thank the two for their help. The duo leave happily. The Rangers close the door. We see Santa fly across the moon and then we see Bulk and Spike fly in a motorcycle and they say "Merry Christmas to all."

People have said how they have liked "Party Monsters" and early reports say they like this episode. It is funny how the only popular episodes these two seasons are clip shows. "Strange Case of the Munchies" is also popular, because it is funny and a bit out of the Shinkenger mold. I think the episodes that mix Bulk and Spike with the Rangers. But I heard that Tony Oliver wrote the Bulk and Spike stuff separately so maybe it was hard to get them to mix it up. I think it was a good episode but I would had love to see the Green Ranger in Shogun mode. The flashbacks were okay but if there were less, they could had fit in more Mike stuff. I kinda am disappointed that the footage episode they  used was not a fully-used episode. It had great character development for the Green Ranger.

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SPOILERS! SPECULATIONS! Power Rangers Megaforce with Ranger Keys

 UPDATED 12/13/12

These are spoilers for Power Rangers Megaforce...

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Poll Results: Megaforce Bandai Website/Samurai Forever/Ninja Turtles Next Mutation

What do you think about the Bandai Power Rangers Megaforce site? 
  70 (41%)
It's Okay
  87 (51%)
Don't Care
  32 (19%)
  8 (4%)

What do you think about the inclusion of two Power Rangers in Space Episode in Volume 2 of Ninja Turtles: Next Mutation? 
  106 (63%)
  38 (22%)
Don't Care
  47 (28%)
  15 (9%)

Have you seen Samurai Forever episode?
Yes, Netflix
  46 (27%)
Yes, foreign airing
  26 (15%)
Yes, DVD
  23 (13%)
No, not yet
  94 (56%)

What do you think polls were only one week and another week off? 
  41 (32%)
  58 (45%)
Not Good
  50 (39%)

What do you think about RoboKnight being blacked out in the Bandai site?
Silly because the toys out
  116 (76%)
Silly because Toys R Us display
  74 (48%)
It's Fine
  31 (20%)
  16 (10%)

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Vehicles in Super Sentai (2012 Edition)

UPDATED 12/16/12
Thanks to James Spiring
This is the second one of these. Just like the Animals in Sentai, I decided to do Vehicles in Sentai, it is exhausting to do because it isn't as easy as animals. For me, it is easier to remember the animals and harder to remember the vehicles, also some of them were a mix of some other vehicles and don't look as identifiable. This is the reason I have not done this before. I am not including the Liveman, Jetman, Hurricanger (Ninja Storm), Go-Onger (RPM), nor Goseiger because I already included them under Animal and they are majorly modeled after animals. First one I did:

For the Animals in Sentai for 2012, click here:

Marine Divers (2)
Boukenger (2006) - White/Black with little Pink - Gougou Marine Diver
Gokaiger (2011) - White/Black/Pink/Gold Gokai Marine

Cranes (2)
Boukenger - Indigo Crane
Go-Busters - BC-04 Beetle

Bikes (2)
Dekaranger - DekaBike (Omega MaxCycle)
Go-Busters - LT-06 Tategami Lioh Trike form

Jeeps (2)
Turboranger (1989) - Blue Jeep 
Carranger (1996)/Turbo (1997) - Blue Vehicle/Mountain Blaster

Drills (3)
Maskman - Black Masky Drill
Boukenger/Operation - Orange Gougou Drill/Drill Driver
Gokaiger - Gouzyu Drill

Fire Engines (3)
Carranger (1996)/Turbo (1997) - V Fire/Lighting Fire Tamer 
Lightspeed (1999)/GoGoV (2000) - Pyro Rescue One/Red Ladder
Boukenger (2006)/Operation (2007) - Gougou Fire/Zord #11

Tanks (3)
Goggle V - Goggle Tank 
Flashman - Tank Commander
Maskman - Masky Tank

Vans (3)
Turboranger (1989) - Pink Turbo Wagon
Carranger (1996)/Turbo (1997)- Yellow Vehicle/Dune Chaser (SUV) 
Green Vehicle/Desert Thunder (Mini-Van)

Ambulance/Emergency Vehicle (4)
Carranger/Turbo - White Wind Rescue/V-Rescue 
GoGoV/Lightspeed - Pink Aider/MedRescue Five
Boukenger/Operation - Gougou Aider/Rescue Runner
Dekaranger/SPD - PatSignlar /Delta Runner 5 (not ambulance, but emergency vehicle-like)

Police Cars (4)
Carranger/Turbo - Blue V-Police/Siren Blaster BlueWhite Robo Racer/Sirender 
Boukenger/Operation - White Gougou Police/Zord #12
Dekaranger/SPD - Red PatStriker/Delta Runner 1
Gokaiger - Red PatStriker 

Dumps (4)
Google V - Yellow Dump
Carranger/Turbo - Green V Dump / Thunder Loader
GoGoV/Lightspeed - Yellow Armor/Haz Rescue 4
Boukenger/Operation - Red Gougou Dump / Dump Driver

Trucks and/or Trailer (6)
Flashman - Titan Boy
Turboranger (1989) - Black Truck
Fiveman (1990) - Five Trailer
Dekaranger (2004)/SPD (2005) - Green and White PatTrailer/Delta Runner 3
Goukaiger (2011) - Yellow Goukai Trailer
 Go-Busters (2012) - Blue GT-02 Gorilla

Racers/Dragsters (7)
Turboranger (1989) - Turbo GT Fiveman - Land Gamma
Carranger (1996)/Turbo (1997) - Red Vehicle/Red Lightining
Carranger (1996)/Turbo (1997) - Yellow V Dozer/Star Racer
Boukenger (2006)/PROO (2007) - Black Gougou Formula / Speed Driver
Goukaiger (2011) - Green Goukai Racer
Go-Busters (2012) - Red CB-01 Cheetah

Helicopters/Gyros (6)
Changeman - Blue Helichanger 2 (belonging to Black and White)
Maskman - Pink Gyro
GoGoV/Lightspeed - Green Hover/Aero Rescue Three
Dekranger/SPD - Blue Patgyrer/Delta Runner 2
Boukenger/Operation - Blue Gougou Gyro/Gyro Driver
Go-Busters (2012) - Yellow RH-03 Rabbit

Trains (6)
GoGoV/Lightspeed - 5 GoLiners/Rail Rescues
Magiranger/Mystic Force - MagiTrain/SolarStreak

Shuttles (14)
Denjiman - Denji Fighter
Changeman - Shuttle Base Flashman- Star Condor
Fiveman- Red Sky Five
Star Carrier (Not Pictured)
Megaranger/PriS - Mega V2
GoGoV/PRLR - LinerBoy/Max Shuttle
GoGoV/PRLR - the five Mars Machine/Omegazords
Dekaranger/SPD - Yellow PatWing 4 and Pink PatWing 5/SWAT Flyers

Jets (22)
Dynaman - Red Dyna Mach
Bioman - Bio Jet 1 & Bio Jet 2
Changeman - Jet Changer 1
Flashman - Red Jet Delta and Blue Jet Seeker
Maskman - Red Masky Fighter and Yellow Masky Jet
Timeranger - Five Time Jets 
Dekaranger/SPD - Red &
 Blue DekaWing/SWAT Flyer
Boukenger/PROO - Gougou Jet/Sonic Streaker
Boukenger/PROO - Red Gougou Commander, Yellow GouGouAttacker and Blue GouGouFighter/Battlefleet Zords
Gokaiger (2011) - Blue Goukai Jet
Go-Busters (2012) - Silver and Blue SJ-05 Stag Beetle

I might have miss some, please kindly point them out, not rudely, like some do. If one vehicle appeared just once, then they are not mentioned here. So if you say... "You forgot Boukenger's Mixer." I'll say...  "There's just one Mixer so far." If you read this and it is no longer 2012 and there is a new vehicle, keep in mind this was written in 2012.

Ranger Key Christmas Tree

I got this idea from my fellow Power Force member Mr. Yellow. I couldn't fit all 33 (I am expecting more soon) Ranger Keys on the tree.


 The Keys I managed to fit: Red Ninja (Alien Ranger), Gokai Red, Red Buster, Magi Red (Mystic Force), Hime Shinken Red (female Red Samurai), Blue Swallow, Magi Blue (Mystic Force), Blue Buster, Mele (Camile of Jungle Fury), Gokai Green, Dragon Ranger (Green Ranger), Geki Violet (Wolf Ranger), Magi Mother (White Mystic Ranger), Magi Pink (Mystic), Gokai Pink, Go-On Silver (Ranger Silver), Stag Buster, Beet Buster, Magi Shine (Solaris Knight), Gokai Yellow, Yellow Buster