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Dino Charge Scanner App, Theme Song, potential Sixth Ranger actor and Parade Balloon

 Power Rangers Dino Charge Scanner App is now available on Google Play and the App Store. It is also ready for Android, it is a great app, it is different from the Megaforce ones and it is entertaining with photo app with stickers, having a toy wishlist, morphing into 3-D helmets and scanning the Dino Chargers batteries. With this, we hear the theme song. Check out the link below for the song. It still has the 'go go power rangers' but not in the same key and with a new singer and ACTUAL lyrics. So it is much like the Zeo and Turbo theme songs in that it is own song but with a little rift on 'go go power rangers.'
SamuraiCast Blog covers the App:

In the NBC broadcast of the parade, they mention the new 2016 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie and new Dino Charge season. SamuraiCast Blog covers the Red Ranger Balloon on the Macys Thanksgiving Parade:
Yoshi posted this shirtless pic of him (Blue), Brennan (Red), James (Black) and an unidentified man who he says it is not Michael (Green). Since the person is clearly not female and he said they were Rangers, people are drawn to believe this could be the Gold Ranger. Given that they began filming around September and we already have footage (in the trailer sneak peak last week), they probably already at the sixth ranger episodes. It could also be Aqua or Graphite. 

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Power Rangers Super Megaforce - The Legendary Battle Extended Edition - Episode Review

UPDATED 11/25/14 7PM EST
"The Legendary Battle"
You can watch on in the United States only. Green means new scene. Some info gathered from fellow Power Force member Joe Rovang.
 Episode Summary:
Ernie bids farewell to Orion, retires his apron and cries. Emma arrives and they walk out. Orion says Earth is a happy place, all he could think was revenge. Emma is sad. Orion says not to be sad he has to say goodbye, be happy they met. They hug. Noah admires the Armada space ship, Orion and Emma arrive, meeting up with the others. Orion says the Armada is decimated so he's going home. Gia has a bag of snacks and mementos from them. Emma gives him pink flowers. Orion says Noah taught him to use his mind, Gia showed him to be tough and caring, Jake can find humor in tough times ("That's why everyone loves me... except for some stubborn people.") and Emma's empathy healed his scars of losing his home.
Finally, Troy showed him how to be a Ranger. And he gives him his bracelets. (Sixth Rangers keep giving Troy stuff) Emma kisses Orion's cheek. Orion leaves the planet. Jake says he needs cheering up too, Noah says to get froyo. Tensou tries to contact Orion but ends up with a transmission from Mavro calling all the ships for a 'real invasion.' The Rangers are called and they rush to the Command Center. The Rangers hear the transmission and Troy recognizes it. Gosei explains he is the dad of Vrak and Vekor and could be hundreds of thousands of ships. Troy says they are over a hundred fighting for Earth (100 vs. 1,000?). Meanwhile, Levira congrats Mavro, one of his cronies says she failed, that she was one of the three bumblers that failed to protect Vekar. Mavro sends her down. 

 The Rangers are on the Sky Ship when Levira arrives in her new Megazord. This scene is extended with some extra lines. They change to the Megazord and fight her. They become Ninja Storm Mgazord. Ninja Zords attack and she blocks them with a shield.  They use a Changeman attack (unnamed) against her and destroy the shield. They use a Maskman attack (called Lightning Aura Strike) in the extra footage. They then call the Fire Smasher and do the Samurai Strike. The Megazord is destroyed and she falls out. They jump out to fight her. Royal Guards arrive. They use Mystic Force powers as a shield.

Troy goes to Mighty Morphin Red (replacing Sun Vulcan VulEagle), Jake goes to Blitz Mode Black (Changeman's Change Gryphon), Emma goes to Prism Mode Green (Flashman's Green Flash), Noah goes to Lighting Mode Blue (Maskman's Mask Blue) and Gia goes to Supersonic Mode Yellow (Fiveman's Five Yellow). They call their weapons: Prism Shooter, Blitz Blaster, Supersonic Flute and Lightning Rod and Power Sword. The New Powers get extended scenes. Red fights Levira. The others fight the Royal Guards.  Jake does a Gryphon Magma Galaxy attack. They take down the guards. They go back to Super Mega Mode and use the Super Mega Cannon and destroy Levira.

This was Mavro's plan to eat up time and the Armada arrives and blasts at the Rangers. They de-morph, millions of ships arrive, scaring people out of their houses and schools. Mr. Burley is called out of the school as well. Mavro's lackey laughs. Mavro speaks to the Rangers, saying they can't stand against them. Gosei tells them to stay strong. The Rangers morph and say they won't surrender. They call the Megazords including Q-Rex and fight the ships. Q-Rex blasts at the ships and takes a hit for the Megazord and is knocked down. Gia takes out the SPD keys and they call the SPD patrol zord. They call the Wild Force Lion and Ninja Zord. Gia calls the Megaforce Zords and Jake calls the Jungle Fury Animal Spirits. Emma calls the Turbo Falcon that helps. They call forth the Mystic Force Dragon and form the Mystic Force Legendary Megazord. Noah auto-pilots the Q-Rex Megazord to fly with In Space's Mega Winger wings. They destroy many ships. Mystic Dragon joins the fight. Troy does a Fire Sword Strike attack (Dynaman). People applaud. Mr. Burley is hiding under his desk.
Mavro says it is impressive. Orion check the comm links and hears about the second wave from Mavro. Orion freaks out. More ships arrive, scaring people again. Mavro laughs and says to attack. Ninja Zord and Mystic Dragon go down. The other zords fall in like. Turbo Falcon goes back to another dimension. The Ranger groan as the Megazord crash lands. The Megazord is blasted at and the Rangers de-morph and land violently on debris in the city. They are all knocked unconscious. Mavro appears in the sky telling people of Earth that they won and that the Power Rangers have been destroyed. They have one last night. Tomorrow at dawn, they will return.

Where we last left our five Rangers, they are powered down and knocked out in various parts of the city. People are cowering and battle damaged. A little boy looks for his dog. People are trapped in an elevator. A man is pinned under a column when a familiar man and woman run to him in familiar jackets. They help him out. The woman checks him and tells him he will be okay. A Pink Lightspeed Ranger mask appears in front of her face, she is Dana Mitchell. The Red Lightspeed mask appears in front of the face of the man, he is Carter Greyson. A man in a blue jean jacket and red shirt saves the boy's dog and tells him they have cool names. He is Leo, the Red Lost Galaxy Ranger. The people in the elevator are rescued by TJ (Blue Space Ranger) and Cassie (Pink Space Ranger).

 A little boy in the back seat of a car tittering on a bridge is rescued by Tommy and Saba. The White Mighty Morphin mask appears on his face. He tells him he can be a superhero when he grows up. Troy and Jake awaken. Emma and Gia reunite. Jake takes a column off Noah. Gia and Emma climb to higher ground and wonder where the others are. It is now night and Damon (Green Lost Galaxy) and Wes (Red Time Force) overhear citizens worrying if the Rangers will rescue them. They nod to each other and run off. Karone (Pink Lost Galaxy) sees a mother and daughter hug. Gia and Emma reunite with Noah. Troy is talking to Gosei, telling him that the zords are gone. The five reunite and hug over a fire. Noah gives Emma his jacket.

 Jake says they lost their zords and are unarmed, how will they win? Troy says everyone believes in them for a reason, tomorrow morning they will be there for everyone and win. A red warship crashes, the Rangers go to it and find it is Orion. They hug and reunite. The next morning, people are sleeping in streets. The Armada (A general, X-Borgs, royal guards and Bruisers) arrives on foot and threaten the citizens. The citizens have weapons and are ready to defend themselves. X-Borgs are blasted down by the six Rangers who arrive. The Rangers battle the X-Borgs. The Rangers then face one of Mavro's generals. Orion becomes Mighty Morphin Green and gives his shield to Troy and he destroys the royal guards. The ships blast at the Rangers. They finish off the guards and blast at the monster.

 The Rangers get blasted at by ships. Buildings are destroyed and people run. Troy wants to defeat Mavro so he and Orion go. Troy asks the four if they can do it on their own. Gia says okay and takes the lead. Troy and Orion on the ship and fly over to the main ship. Citizens cheer the duo on. The general fights the four leftovers. Troy and Orion without helmets do their 'Comedy Crash' yell as they crash into Mavro's ship. They jump in and fight X-Borgs and Bruisers. The dup enter the main chamber and take down two royal guards and X-borgs quickly. They face Mavro who fights them sitting down. Silver goes to Gold Mode. Mavro easily takes him down and Red takes control of the ship and blasts away the other ships. 

The general looks up at the destruction. When distracted, the Rangers pull out the Super Mega Cannon. He blasts at them, they de-morph but destroy him with their blast. They fall and lay on the floor. They say it is up to Troy and Orion now. Troy celebrates his victory as Orion falls down. Troy and Orion double team Mavro. The two Rangers blast the control panel and strike Mavro. Orion takes him down, the ship starts exploding. Troy and Orion blast Mavro with their finishers. A huge explosion occurs and then the ship goes down. The others witness this and think the worst. Red and Silver In Space Rangers arrive on Galaxy Gliders and de-morph to be Troy and Orion. The six hug and reunite.

Mavro arrives, says he hasn't been defeated yet. The Rangers morph to Super Mega Mode. They are helmetless, say their Ranger forms and helmets appear. They say to use all the Ranger modes. Red becomes Operation Overdrive, Blue comes Squadron and Orion Roo Knight. Orion does Green Ninja Storm and Emma White Aquitar. Emma is MM Pink and Gia is Dino Thunder Yellow. Troy and Orion Lost Galaxy. Jake is Space and Lightspeed Rescue is Noah. Then Orion and Troy are Zeo. 

Troy slashes at Mavro, he blasts them and then they are all in Power Ups. Jake is SPD Swat, Noah is Ultra Mode, Pink is Mystic Force Legendary Warrior and Yellow is Jungle Fury Master Mode. Troy is Shark Attack Red and Orion is Gold Mode. They use their finishers and blast Mavro. He is still standing and blasts at them. Orion jumps up at him with the Super Mega Cannon, the six do a close attack and destroy him once and for all. Mavro said they can't defeat his army.

They celebrate until they see a horde of X-Borgs. They are tired. Troy is for battling them.  They then notice all the Legendary Rangers appear over the hills. They name a couple of them. Most of the Sixth Rangers and Extra Heroes are noticeably absent. The Rangers retire and the walk in front of the newbies. Only a handful take off their helmets (Wes, Domon, Karone, Leo, TJ, Cassie, Emily, Mike, Dana, Carter and Tommy). Troy says he dreamt of this.

Noah recognizes Tommy. Tommy tells them they are there to fight with them. Wes tells them they are proud of them. Troy says it is a honor but Cassie says the honor is all their's. The six newbies morph. The Rangers put on their helmets and fight the X-Borgs. Karone says she loves being a Ranger and the image of Astronema quickly superimposes her. Suddenly other Rangers appear out of nowhere, including Robo Knight (who Troy quickly acknowledges) and they fight. Orion and the Megaforce Rangers do their finishers with their blasters and all the X-Borgs are gone.

The Rangers and Legendary Rangers reunite, Tommy says it was an honor and it is time for them to leave. Tommy and Troy shake hands. Tommy and the others raise their hands and disappear in golden light. They are dispersed across the galaxy, them lifting causes the six Megaforce Rangers to fall down. They faint exhausted. Emma says the Earth is peaceful now. Gia kisses Jake on the cheek and they hold arms. Troy plants the Super Mega Saber on the ground and they walk away.

I wrote this before I had to go to work, I had only seen it in pieces. I had to see the whole thing complete. I do not have NickToons so I had to wait until posted it online. The pacing is better, not so erratic. Reading the live tweets during the ep, it was hate, hate, until it came to the end of Legendary Battle with the Mavro battle and Astronema cameo. Then everyone loved it.

"The Wrath" is more tolerable with more time but I would have liked if the 15 minutes was "Legendary Battle" more than "The Wrath." The actual final battle would had benefited from an explanation of where Robo Knight was and actual fighting from the Legendary Rangers.  Is it worth watching if you already seen the eps? Yes.

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Zordon and other Ally Merchandise

I covered Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, and Goldar in merchandise. I noticed that David Fielding tweeted to Kerrigan Mahan about my post on Goldar merchandise, so I decided to cover Zordon in merchandise and also some allies and mentors. I'm not counting Ninjor, Auric, Doggie, RJ, Udonna and any Ranger/warriors like those.
1994 Power Dome
This came around the end of season 2 of Power Rangers. I won this in a Bandai contest, I gave it to a cousin's kid long ago, I still have the Alpha. Zordon's face was on the tube and you could infamously 'change' your voice to a deeper one. 

Zordon Milk Disk
There were Pogs or Milk Cap Disks of Power Rangers in the 90's.

 Trading Cards
In the 90's, Zordon had several Trading cards.
Left is the Bandai Cardzillion and the right is the MMPR: The Movie cards from Fleer.

Comic Books
Hamilton Comics in the 1990's changed Zordon's look from issue to issue.
That Guy With Glasses:
Check Out RistaR87's Comics for more

Zordon in Coloring Book Pages

2010 Alpha and Zordon figure
Zordon came with Alpha in a clear tube and white face, no blue and green. Some fans filled it with toy goo to make it show accurate.
Other Allies
Alpha 5 1993 Collectible Figure 
Alpha 5 Power Dome Figure 1994
Monopoly Piece 2013 

Alpha 5 and Zordon 2010 

Alpha 5 Mini Battle Ready Figure 2010 and 2013
Came in set in 2010 for MMPR and in blind bag in 2013 with Megaforce with ACG card 

 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie Milk Cap
 1993-1994 Trading Cards

 Coloring Book circa 1993
Papercutz Comic Book
Lergiot (Turbo)
Lerigot came in a Turbo Garage Playset
Circuit (Time Force)
Circuit came with the Pink TF Fighter Ranger but I couldn't find a clear enough picture, he also came in the Power Ranger Mega Pack (above).
Princess Shayla (Wild Force)
Princess Shayla came in a Wild Force headquarters playset
 Sensei (Ninja Storm)
The little guniea pig came with Red Ranger and Lothor in the Mobile Control Center.

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Poll Results: Dino Charge Toys and Pre-Zyu Suits in Wrath

Poll Results:

Photo Credit: Thanks to Eric/TrekkieB47 and GoseiWonder of TokuInsider

What do you think about the Dino Charge toys that recently been released in stores? 
  75 (67%)
  24 (21%)
  14 (12%)
  8 (7%)
Don't Know Yet
  24 (21%)
Not Sure
  13 (11%)

What do you think about the Dino Charge toy packaging?
  71 (65%)
  37 (34%)
  10 (9%)
  10 (9%)

What do you think about the use of Pre-Zyu Suits in "The Wrath"?
They should've used existing teams
  86 (64%)
Where's Lightspeed?
  73 (54%)
Where's Time Force?
  67 (50%)
Where's In Space?
  57 (42%)
Cool, No Problem
  24 (18%