Monday, October 12, 2020

Vehicles in Super Sentai #5 (2020)

 This is the fifth one of these. I am not including the Liveman, Jetman, Hurricanger (Ninja Storm), Go-Onger (RPM), Goseiger (Megaforce) nor Kyuranger because I already included them under Animal and they are majorly modeled after animals. I might have miss some, please kindly point them out, not rudely. If one vehicle appeared just once, then they are not mentioned here. So if you say... "You forgot Toqger's Shield Reesha or Diesel Reesha." I'll say...  "There's just one of those so far." If you read this and it is no longer 2020 and there is a new vehicle, keep in mind this was written in 2020.


Racers/Dragsters (8)
Turboranger (1989) - Turbo GT Fiveman - Land Gamma
Carranger (1996)/Turbo (1997) - Red Vehicle/Red Lightining
Carranger (1996)/Turbo (1997) - Yellow V Dozer/Star Racer
Boukenger (2006)/PROO (2007) - Black Gougou Formula / Speed Driver
Goukaiger (2011) - Green Goukai Racer
Go-Busters (2012) - Red CB-01 Cheetah
Lupinranger vs Patranger (2018) - Goody Striker (jet/racer)

Police Cars (8)
Carranger/Turbo - Blue V-Police/Siren Blaster BlueWhite Robo Racer/Sirender 
Boukenger/Operation - White Gougou Police/Zord #12
Dekaranger/SPD - Red PatStriker/Delta Runner 1
Gokaiger (2011)/Super Megaforce (2014) - Red PatStriker/SPD Patrol Zord
Toqger (2014) - Police Reesha
Patranger (2018) - Trigger Machines

Fire Engines (6)
Carranger (1996)/Turbo (1997) - V Fire/Lighting Fire Tamer 
Lightspeed (1999)/GoGoV (2000) - Pyro Rescue One/Red Ladder
Boukenger (2006)/Operation (2007) - Gougou Fire/Zord #11

Toqger (2014) - Fire Reesha
Patranger (2018) - Trigger Machine Splash
Kiramager (2020) - Mashin Fire

Trucks and/or Trailer (6)
Flashman - Titan Boy
Turboranger (1989) - Black Truck
Fiveman (1990) - Five Trailer
Dekaranger (2004)/SPD (2005) - Green and White PatTrailer/Delta Runner 3
Goukaiger (2011) - Yellow Goukai Trailer
 Go-Busters (2012) - Blue GT-02 Gorilla

Dumps (6)
Google V - Yellow Dump
Carranger/Turbo - Green V Dump / Thunder Loader
GoGoV/Lightspeed - Yellow Armor/Haz Rescue 4
Boukenger/Operation - Red Gougou Dump / Dump Driver
Ninninger/Ninja Steel - Yellow Otomonin
Kiramager - blue Mashin Duston

Drills (4)
Maskman - Black Masky Drill

Boukenger (2006)/Operation - Orange Gougou Drill/Drill Driver
Gokaiger (2011) - Gouzyu Drill
Toqger (2015) - Drill Reesha
Patranger (2018) - Trigger Machine Drill

Tanks (4)
Goggle V - Goggle Tank 
Flashman - Tank Commander
Maskman - Masky Tank

Toqger - Tank Reesha
 Lupinranger vs Patranger - Siren Striker

Ambulance/Emergency Vehicle (4)
Carranger/Turbo - White Wind Rescue/V-Rescue 
GoGoV/Lightspeed - Pink Aider/MedRescue Five
Boukenger/Operation - Gougou Aider/Rescue Runner
Dekaranger/SPD - PatSignlar /Delta Runner 5 (not ambulance, but emergency vehicle-like)

Cranes (3)
Boukenger - Indigo Crane
Go-Busters - BC-04 Beetle
Patranger (2018) - Trigger Machine Crane

Bikes (3)
Dekaranger - DekaBike (Omega MaxCycle)
Go-Busters (2012) - LT-06 Tategami Lioh Trike form
Patranger (2018) - Trigger Machine Biker

Vans (3)
Turboranger (1989) - Pink Turbo Wagon
Carranger (1996)/Turbo (1997)- Yellow Vehicle/Dune Chaser (SUV) 
Green Vehicle/Desert Thunder (Mini-Van)

Jeeps (2)
Turboranger (1989) - Blue Jeep 
Carranger (1996)/Turbo (1997) - Blue Vehicle/Mountain Blaster

Mixers (2)
Boukenger (2006) - Green Gogo Mixer
Kiramager (2020) Lime Green Mashin Magellan

Shovels (2)
Boukenger (2006) - cyan Gogo Shovel
Kiramager (2020) - yellow Mashin Shovellow

Trains (23)
GoGoV (1999)/Lightspeed (2000) - 5 GoLiners/Rail Rescues
Magiranger (2005)/Mystic Force (2006) - MagiTrain/SolarStreak
Toqger (2014) - Toqger's main Reesha (Locomotive, bullet and subway)
Ninninger/Ninja Steel (2015) - Otomonin Byunmaru
Lupinranger VS Patranger (2018) - X-Train Gold, X Train Silver, X Train Fire, X Train Thunder
Kiramager (2020) - King Express and Mashin Express, Mashin Zabyun

Jets (24)
Dynaman - Red Dyna Mach
Bioman - Bio Jet 1 & Bio Jet 2
Changeman - Jet Changer 1
Flashman - Red Jet Delta and Blue Jet Seeker
Maskman - Red Masky Fighter and Yellow Masky Jet
Timeranger - Five Time Jets 
Dekaranger/SPD - Red &
 Blue DekaWing/SWAT Flyer
Boukenger/PROO - Gougou Jet/Sonic Streaker
Boukenger/PROO - Red Gougou Commander, Yellow GouGouAttacker and Blue GouGouFighter/Battlefleet Zords
Gokaiger (2011) - Blue Goukai Jet
Go-Busters (2012) - Silver and Blue SJ-05 Stag Beetle
Scissors and Blade Dial Fighters, Victory Striker, Jackpot Striker
Kiramager (2020) - Blue Mashin Jetter

Planes (3)
Lupinranger - Lupinranger - Red Dial Fighter (military aircraft) and Blue Dial Fighter (air racer)
Kiramager (2020) - Gold Mashin Hakobu

Shuttles (14)
Denjiman - Denji Fighter
Changeman - Shuttle Base Flashman- Star Condor
Fiveman- Red Sky Five
Star Carrier (Not Pictured)
Megaranger/PriS - Mega V2
GoGoV/PRLR - LinerBoy/Max Shuttle
GoGoV/PRLR - the five Mars Machine/Omegazords
Dekaranger/SPD - Yellow PatWing 4 and Pink PatWing 5/SWAT Flyers

Helicopters/Gyros (9)
Changeman - Blue Helichanger 2 (belonging to Black and White)
Maskman - Pink Gyro
GoGoV/Lightspeed - Green Hover/Aero Rescue Three
Dekranger/SPD - Blue Patgyrer/Delta Runner 2
Boukenger/Operation - Blue Gougou Gyro/Gyro Driver
Go-Busters (2012)/Beast Morphers - Yellow RH-03 Rabbit
Lupinranger (2018) - Yellow Dial Fighters, Cyclone Dial Fighter
Kiramager (2020) - Mashin Helio


Marine Divers (2)
Boukenger (2006) - White/Black with little Pink - Gougou Marine Diver
Gokaiger (2011) - White/Black/Pink/Gold Gokai Marine

Toqger (2014) - Build Ressha (Construction train), Shield Ressha, Claw Ressha, Hyper Ressha
Kyuranger (2017) - Battle Orion Ship
Lupinranger vs Patranger (2018) - Magic Dial Fighter (Blimp), Hammer Dial Fighter (tiltrotor)
Kiramager (2020) - Mashin Rolland, Mashin Lifton

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Props and Concepts from Tokusatsu used in Power Rangers

 I have covered a couple of these topics before but here they are complied with some new ones. I will not include monsters that were reused later because there are too many to mention. 

Aura Changer/Manga Morpher
The Aura Changer, the morpher from Dairanger (1993) was changed to the Manga Morpher for Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1998). They changed the colors and name of Dairanger changed to silver. The toy had the name of Lost Galaxy while the show just had it silver. They changed the knots on the extending item to silver.

Gorma Emperor/Master Org
The costume for the main villain Gorma Emperor from Daitanger (1993) was used for Master Org in Power Rangers Wild Force (2002).

Nanami (Hurricanger 2002) was a singer, this trait was not moved to her counterpart Tori in Ninja Storm (2003) but given to Kira in Dino Thunder (2004). This was probably done because back then they usually got a few episodes in advance. They probably were already locked in character traits in Ninja Storm, that later after Hurricanger ended, producers liked that concept for Dino Thunder.

Rije/Mora and Rijewel/Morgana
In Abaranger (2003), the villain Rie was child-like became the woman Rijewel. The Dino Thunder series didn't have this concept. This concept was used for Mora/Morgana in Power Rangers SPD (2005). Morgana did get the battle suit from Succubus from Dekaranger (2004) so it was a composite character. This was probably done because back then they usually got a few episodes in advance. They probably were already locked in for villains for Dino Thunder and were not aware that concept would happen. Later after Abaranger ended, producers liked that concept for SPD.

Abarepink / Orange Ranger
In Abaranger (2003), Abarepink was a friend of the gang dressed as a fan-made pink ranger. This concept was not used in Dino Thunder. In SPD (2005), Boom made his fan made Orange Ranger costume. 

Thunder Stinger
B-Fighter (1995)/Beetleborgs (1996)'s Thunder Stinger becomes an unnamed weapon for Dr. K in RPM (2009). 

Baron Nero/Cosmo Royale
Toqger (2014)'s Baron Nero was used for Cosmo Royale in Ninja Steel (2017). They changed the face.

Jirayu and Gavan/Skyfire and Chaku
Jirayu (1993) appeared in Ninninger (2015) and Gavan (1982) appeared in Go-Busters (2012). Then when Ninninger was adapted as Ninja Steel (2017), Jirayu became Skyfire. Then when Go-Busters was adapted as Beast Morphers (2019), Gavan became Chaku.