Saturday, March 26, 2011

Can you guess the Kamen Rider? #1

Guess which Rider the picture it is. I might have repeated a team (sometimes twice) and even the same Rider. This time I will wait five days and then reveal the answers and who got it right on Wednesday. GUESSING IS NOW CLOSED

  1. Put the letter you are guessing and your guess. If there is a picture you can't guess, don't include it. I don't want to see: 'e. I don't know' or 'e. I think its...' Only put the ones you are absolutely sure about. And don't put 'OR,' only one guess per number/picture.
  2. I might be using a different mode of a rider, put the exact mode.
  3. If you commenting as Anonymous, please put some sort of nickname at the end of your message or the Anonymous will be disregarded and won't count. This is because I have to go on more than just 'Anonymous,' there are more than one.










Friday, March 25, 2011

Gokaiger Late March Pictures; More Cameos

UPDATED 3/26/11 8:30 AM EST
In the movie, it looks like Gokai Pink and Gosei Pink will be fighting Go Pink, MagiPink, BoukenPink, DekaPink, Pink Five (Bioman), MegaPink, WhiteSwan (Jetman), Houhouranger (Dairanger), OhPink, GaoWhite and TimePink and maybe more. Digiranger spotted Pteraranger (Original Pink Ranger) right behind Super GoseiPink!!!!!

Jan and Master Shafu are to appear in Episode 7.

Genta, Chiaki, Chief Akashi, and Saki are said to appear in the movie.

Oh and while I have your attention, can I ask you what you think about my Ranger Keys page of Gokaiger? Is it easy to understand? Does it load properly? Would you want it simpler? Please don't ask or talk about anything else that is not related to these pictures and the page itself. I say this because most of the time I talk about my websites, people ask me other questions about the site and tell me of mistakes, I am aware of such mistakes.

Bandai America Event for Japanese Relief Efforts

UPDATED 3/27/11 11 PM EST
Bandai America has now joined donors to relief efforts for those effected in Japan by the tragedy. I've been in California and did want to visit BOA in Cypress but it was too far and I heard they had no tour, but now I wish I was there for this. Above is a picture from Bandai America's Twitter.

"Donors who stop by Bandai America’s headquarters in Cypress between noon and 7 p.m. today for a drive-through fundraiser will get to meet characters from the Samurai Power Rangers, Ben 10 and Swampfire, Lassie the dog and Tamagotchi. Goodie bags are promised, too.

The Bandai drive takes place at 5551 Katella Avenue in Cypress and will benefit American Red Cross relief efforts. Cash and check donations (not food or clothes) are being accepted. Bandai and several related businesses, among them the entertainment company Saban, are part of the effort. Bandai America plans to make a matching contribution for personal donations."

More here at multiamerican

They joined the hundreds of people that turned out for his Youth Run 4 Japan to raise money for the Red Cross.

Saban’s Samurai Power Rangers joined Josh Duhamel for the Youth Run 4 Japan on the Santa Monica Beach on Sunday, March 27. All proceeds from the event went entirely to the American Red Cross’s Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Rendition of the 12 Extra Heroes

12 Extra Heroes

Shinken Red (Red Samurai Ranger), Aka Red, BullBlack Kyuuga (Magna Defender), MagiMother (White Mystic Ranger), Signalman (Blue Senturion), Wolzard Fire (Koragg the Wolf Warrior), Black Lion Rio (Dai Shi), Zuuban (Sentinel Knight), Deka Master (Shadow Ranger), Mele (Camile), Ninjaman (Ninjor), and DekaSwan (Kat Ranger).

I know I might have colored some items wrong. I tried touching it up with the computer. If you think the coloring is bad, you should have seen it before, much improved. All of these except for Aka Red and Ninjaman are confirmed to appear in the Gokaiger movie. And I also realize I lost Mele’s left arm and Wolzard’s right arm. Lots of the posing were inspired by Rangerstrike card illustrations and coloring book pages. Mele and Rio were from Gekiranger coloring book; Magna Defender from Lost Galaxy coloring book; DekaSwan, DekaMaster, Wolzard, MagiMother, and AkaRed were from Rangerstrike cards; poses for Ninjaman, Signalman, Shinken Red, and Zuuban were inspired by real pictures.

Regurgitation of pictures in both profiles:

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why weren't other Extra Heroes counted?

UPDATED 2/28/12 11:30 PM EST
I admit I am a little obsessed with this but I find it fascinating. I have a current poll that has Mask X-1, Ninjaman, AkaRed, DekaGold, DekaBright, GoseiGreen, Demon Knight, and VRV Master to choose from, as they were not chosen. Ninjaman is the one that confuses me the most, because I consider him in the same spot as Signalman and Zuuban. I had put Datas, Go-Roader GT, and Daigoyou, and I consider Zuuban in that category, so it's weird. And I admit I didn't count Mele and Rio before, because they are villains, so now my trap is shut.

Magne Senshi (Bioman)
A Tarzan-like friend who liked Yellow Four, he was experimented on by the villains into a warrior, who was being controlled and fought the Bioman. He then defected and fought alongside them. He appeared in two episodes. Don't seem to be remembered by Sentai anniversary stuff. In the logic of Gokaiger in which active Rangers fought, he no longer had his powers so it would make sense he didn't participate in the Legacy War.

Mask X-1 (Maskman)
He only appeared in 1 episode, but he was highlighted for sixth ranger in the 30th Encyclopedia for Boukenger. Maybe he was not counted because he only appeared in one episode, had no toy and was a one-time deal. In the logic of Gokaiger in which active Rangers fought, he no longer had his powers so it would make sense he didn't participate in the Legacy War.

Ninjaman (Kakuranger)
Even though in MMPR, Ninjor was a mentor who would occasionally fight with the Megazords, Ninjaman was a mentor/warrior who could be considered in the same spot as Signalman and Bull Black. So him not being included is a head scratcher. He was the first to fight with the mecha. In Episode 45, it has been revealed he was in a jar during the Ranger War and destroyed by Goseiger's villains but the Timerangers sent the Gokaiger to save him (without their knowledge). He turned out being the Kakuranger Greater Power. He had a toy in Kakuranger and for MMPR.

Gunmajin (Ohranger)
Gunmajin and Auric were both allies like Ninjaman and fought with the mecha (sometimes) but wasn't a big deal, he didn't get a lot of focus. His disappearance was not explained but maybe it can be thought he was stuck in his tiki-form and chose not to be in the Legacy War. He had a toy in Ohranger and a toy for Zeo too.

VRV Master (Carranger)
Many people are confused to why VRV Master is not considered one of the extra heroes, or not even a sixth ranger. VRV Master was the counterpart for Phantom Ranger but in reality, VRV Master only appeared for a few episodes, and a minor mentor. But in Power Rangers, they made the Phantom Ranger a full-blown Power Ranger. In the logic of Gokaiger in which active Rangers fought, he probably was not on Earth so it would make sense he didn't participate in the Legacy War. He only had toys for Turbo as Phantom Ranger.

Demon Hunter Seig (Movie)
Only appeared in a movie and not mentioned in Boukenger's 30th Encyclopedia. I previously said he had 40% chance to appear, so now we know it is zero chance. In the logic of Gokaiger in which active Rangers fought, he probably was not on Earth so it would make sense he didn't participate in the Legacy War.

Abare Max (Abaranger)
Just a power-up for Abared. He had various toys in Abaranger and Dino Thunder.

Deka Gold
Since she only appeared for a few seconds in the Dekaranger movie and also in the movie, it is very understandable to why she was not counted. I previously said 12% chance to appear. In the logic of Gokaiger in which active Rangers fought, she probably was not on Earth so it would make sense she didn't participate in the Legacy War.

Deka Bright
Maybe because she only appeared in one episode that she was not selected. In the logic of Gokaiger in which active Rangers fought, she probably was not on Earth so it would make sense she didn't participate in the Legacy War.

Zuuban (Boukenger)
Shouldn't Ninjaman be picked instead of Zuuban? Even though Sentintel Knight is a warrior in PROO, in Boukenger, Zuuban is a simple creature. It just can say its name, it is sort of like a pet. It only functions when children and humans are happy, not out of anger. I consider Zuuban in the same spot as Datas, Go-Roader GT, and Daigoyou. He was the second to fight with the mecha (BullBlack had to put on armor to do so). He had toys in both Boukenger and Power Rangers.

Aka Red
He might be counted as he cameoed in a flashback in Episode 2 and other episodes of Gokaiger. He appeared briefly in the last episode. I previously said 40% chance to appear, now he has like 65% chance.

Go Roader GT (Go-Onger)
A mindless vessel that the Engines would embody to fight. It was the third to battle alongside the mecha. It can be probably thought it was in the Machine World and couldn't participate in the Legacy War. He had toys in both Go-Onger and RPM.

Daigouyou (Shinkenger)
More of a talking helper bot. It was the 4th to fight with the mecha. Toei said in a book for 199 heroes that most of the mecha was lost so it could be possible he was lost.

Datas Hyper (Gosieger)
More of a helper bot. It was the 5th to fight with the mecha. He was not mentioned in Gokaiger vs. Goseiger but in the book for it, it said mecha were lost.

Gosei Green
Since we never saw his helmet and he only briefly appeared in a flashback of one episode, it is understandable why he isn't counted. I previously said he had 12% chance to appear. He was dead so obviously he couldn't participate in the Legacy War.

Probably the reason these weren't picked because there were only 10 spots and you could only do so much. And in the logic of the show, they were probably 'retired' from fighting and chose not to participate in the Legacy War. Also in a production stand-point, Toei probably thought they wouldn't make attractive-enough Ranger Keys or be remembered by fans.
Arashiyama Misa
The Commander's daughter. she transformed into "Shiro Bara Kamen" - white rose mask. she was also Commander Arashiyama's secretary and took care of the talking dog Shee Shee. She got her own figure in the Girls in Uniform collection.

Commander Ibuki (Changeman)
The leader of the EDS who seems cruel at first but has a caring side too. Eventually, he is revealed to be Yui Ibuki of the planet Heath Star which was destroyed by Gozma.

Flash Titan (Flashman)
A legendary warrior of the Flash Stars. He is the one who the Flash aliens based their Flashman technology and mecha after. He was an honorable soldier who tracked down Mess from planet to planet in order to stop them. As a result of his travels away from the Flash system, he developed the Anti-Flash Phenomenon and died while in battle with Baraki. He got his own RangerStrike card.

Dan (Jetman)
Dan is young and curious, he falls in love with Ako. Dan can change into a 'birdman' form and does so to avenge the murder of this friends and duels Radiguet. Radiguet stabbed him in the gut and he dies in Ako's arms as she makes him a ring out of daisy for him. He appeared in 2 episodes. He later played Dan/Tricera Ranger in Zyuranger.

Neo Jetman Team
A team created by Supreme Commander Ichijou to replace Jetman. They appear from Episodes 40-41. Each of them got their own Rangerstrike cards.

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Clarifications between characters in Super Sentai and Power Rangers

There has been some confusions about characters for years, many PR fans confuse how a Power Rangers character was portrayed versus their Super Sentai counterpart, hence believing that the Super Sentai character was portrayed in the same manner. This was all brought up because of the recent picture from the 199 heroes film revealing with Extra Heroes are counted and also the recent poll where most of the fans picked Zyuranger characters as the best of the 1990's and other fans disliking the picks.

Many people are confused to why VRV Master is not considered one of the extra heroes, or not even a sixth ranger. VRV Master was the counterpart for Phantom Ranger but in reality, VRV Master only appeared for a few episodes, and a minor mentor. Power Rangers Turbo and Space just built a big character (Phantom Ranger) around a little big of footage, hence the confusion.

Hyuuga is being called by fans, including me, as BullBlack and he is one of the Extra heroes. Many consider him a sixth as he was sold as a sixth in both Japan and America. I still see him as a Sixth, if GoseiKnight is a sixth, then he's a sixth. They have common threads to the main five and have big bulky armor.
Dukemon22 says:
"KuroKishi (Black Knight) would be the catch-all term for both, but I think BullBlack just has that ring to it. Technically, it's "KuroKishi Hyuuga" but then we're really splitting hairs."

The recent poll I put to pick the best of the 1990's and most of the fans picked Zyuranger characters (well, Gai of Jetman beat Goushi of Zyuranger). Other fans disliked these picks. I don't mind. But maybe there is a confusion that Zyuranger is just like MMPR. There are Sentai fans that consider Zyuranger a bad uneven series. It indeed is strange. But to tell you the truth, when I watch it, I have this strong feeling of nostalgia. Especially the scenes with Rita and her crew, I feel mystified. Maybe because we grew up with MMPR, that we see Zyuranger with beer goggles as well, or milk goggles as it were.

First Look at Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle

UPDATED 4/3/11 4:15 PM EST
Pictures of Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, which was to be released in May 21 but it has been postponed to a yet-to-be-announced date because of the Earthquake and Tsunami. Now confirmed to be released June 11, 2011.

This the biggest news, 10 other heroes with Big One and Aka Ranger. (Left to Right) Signalman (Blue Senturion), BullBlack (Magna Defender), MagiMother (White Mystic Ranger), Wolzard Fire (Koragg), Shinken Red, Deka Master (Shadow Ranger), DekaSwan (Kat Ranger), Zuuban (Sentinel Knight), Mele (Camile), and Rio (Jarrod). Making only 10, plus the other 187 in the Ranger War, making 197. GokaiSilver is 200, so we need two more. I hope they are not counting Big One and Aka Ranger as part of the 12. I do shut my lips about Rio and Mele not being counted, making fans happy. Not having DekaBright, they are probably only counting warriors that appeared in more than one episode (hence no GoseiGreen). I am hoping Mask X-1 makes an appearance.

Even though the suits are obviously filled with other people, there is a funny trend with which suit actors originally played these characters: Yoshinori Okamoto played Big One and Signalman (2 of the 12). Yuuichi Hachisuka played Shinken Red (Karou), Mele, and MagiMother (3 of the 12). Hideaki Kusaka played DekaMaster and Wolzard Fire (2 of the 12). The others weren't shared by the same person. Shinken Red, DekaSwan and DekaMaster are the only ones to be called 'Rangers' in Power Rangers. MagiMother, ShinkenRed, DekaMaster and DekaSwan are the only ones to have the first word of the team in their names like the main team members. And all of above had toys except for DekaSwan. Mele had a toy in America thanks to Jungle Fury and Wolzard's toy was only in purple (Power Rangers had one in the other version).

Gokai Pink shoots Battle France and Battle Kenya.

Super Gosei Red vs. JAKQ

He's back!!!!! Black Cross Führer

Gosei Red looks at the Ranger Keys

Gokaiger and Goseiger

Alata and Marvelous vs Bibis

He's back!!! Brajira.

Moune and Luka transform in front of Gosei Black and Gokai Blue.

Gokai Red versus Bouken Red and Mega Red.