Sunday, March 20, 2011

Can you guess the Ranger? - Answers #3


(S) Time Red
No one got it correct.

(T) Pink Racer
Jon B got it.

(U) Deka Red/SPD Red
RFyleCreatorAnimator got it!

(V) Goggle Yellow
OHrangerfan got it.

(W) TriceraRanger/Blue Ranger
Drunken Lemur, Jasper got it.

(X) Blue Swallow
Paolo1350 got it right (once), Jon B too.

(Y) Bouken Blue/Blue OO Ranger
OHRanger Fan, Mako_Chan99, Jasper, KamenRiderBlue, and Jon B.

(Z) Abare Yellow
Drunken Lemur, Jasper, Blue Dolphin, and Jon B got it.

1 comment:

Jon B said...

Thanks for the congrats, but I didn't get the Time Red one right. I said it was Time Fire. Yeah, they're basically the same and Time Fire is in the pic, but if the answer was Time Red, I don't want credit for it. I'm still proud of how I did. :)