Sunday, March 20, 2011

Can you guess the Ranger? - Answers #4

This was fun, I might do this again next weekend.


Hurricane Yellow/yellow wind ranger
Khrys got it.

OhGreen/Zeo Ranger IV
Rob C got it.

MegaRed/Red Space Ranger
sentai_ws got it.

Go-On Yellow/Ranger Yellow
Paolo1350, Silvermax and Pink_Power got it.

MagiYellow/Yellow Mystic Ranger
C-Bass got it.

Time Green/Green Time Force
Drunken Lemur got it.

Bouken Pink/Pink OO Ranger
Drunken Lemur.

Bouken Silver
Drunken Lemur got it.

Shinken Pink/Pink Samurai Ranger
Khrys got it.

Gosei Pink
sentai_ws got it.


henshin0 said...

Hey lavender, I have a few sugestions: first, can you please not say who got which ones midway through the game, it kinda make people who visit the site less often (such as me) less enthusiastic about playing, with people already getting answers correct. Also, when you reveile the complete images, can you grey out the parts you used, like in the first game. Lastly, for the same reason as the first suggestion, can you make each round last for an extended time period (such as 3 days or a week); it's been 2 days and 4 rounds are complete. One can feel lost. Further more, with the extended period in mind, this game will last longer, unlike 6-d, which lasted only 8 rounds with a 54-comment overtime

Lavender Ranger said...

k next time i'll do it because I do it for my own sake and sanity. I see this can only last a day because if you look at the answers, it is impossible for me. I have mild dyslexia and they all seem to join together. So if I had it last week, the long list will just be like a jumble maze to me.

henshin0 said...

I didn't say it had to be a week. It could be 2-3 days. It's just that the game moves way too quickly for fans to keep up. Not everyone can visit the site as frequently the people who won all four rounds in just 2 days. And I apologies if I sound selfish, but again, they are just suggestions, not demands.

Lavender Ranger said...

don't worry, i'll adjust it.