Friday, May 10, 2013

Akibaranger Season 2 Episode 4 Review

 Luna makes an audition video and dances, wanting more views. Doc comes and interrupts her. She says she has no time. She gets a call from her manager. Yamurai gives Akagi a car, saying that she got married. Akagi is shocked. Everyone else knew. She says her mother-in-law is strict. Akagi says it sucks. Akagi thought he would play an evil minion (Cotoporto) and kidnap her. Malshina is called by the General Pain, about a new monster. The monster is transported to her, he is made of three things. Akashi looks at a Aoi-can movie poster longingly. He hears a mysterious sound. A man dressed as a priest shows a cellphone to some men and everything gets corrupted. All the images become either sexual or full of blood.

 The man becomes the monster. The people run off. Akashi transforms into AkibaRed. Yellow comes running to him, apologizing for not inviting him to the wedding. The gender bending grunts arrive and the two perform a nostalgic attack. Malshina shows off a henshin device similar to theirs and she transforms into armored and masked form. The two then fight the monster, who teases them about the Aoi movie. The monster does a download attack. Red finds himself in a dimensional world where he must face spoilers. Yellow slaps him out of it. He falls and mourns. Marshina shoots them. They return to the real world. Malshina laughs, attacking their favorite anime. The movie becomes controversial in real life and this worries Akagi. The girls at headquarters see that even on the news, it becomes a big deal. Suddenly everything goes yellow and all their stuff gets seized.

Doc's clothes has changed too. Because of the show failing, her work as a voice actress has got her in financial crisis. They inform Akashi but he feels like a failure. Doc tells Akagi to get Lumaria's delusion excited, she will be making a fan comic and Akashi has to back her up. Akashi and Lumaria goes to her new home, home of her husband and mother-in-law. Akagi says he is Lumeria's assistant to Lumeria's mother-in-law. He is surprised that her room is very plain. Lumeria has secret compartments.  Doc goes to Luna. Lumaria needs her help as she has to get he rmanga done. Akashi assists her mother-in-law with internet stuff.

Lumaria wants him to model for her. She has him tied up and upside down. Mother-in-law comes with tea and knocks on the door. Akashi is getting hot. Lumeria hides everything. Mother-in-law comes in and finds Akashi tied up. Akashi makes it as he is doing sits up. Her mother-in-law buys it. Lumeria is all sweaty and gives the comic to Akashi, saying it is for him. He loves it naturally. He feels 'back.' They turn on the tv and shows the monster attacking.

The two transform and face Malshina and the monster. Blue appears, saying she will work with them. Red asks if she changed her mind, she cocks her head to the side. They fight the bad guys. Malshina blasts at them. They all fall. They get up, Red shows the comic and the monster cocks his head. The comic has AkibaRed as himself in the comic. He gets a new powerup.. Super Akiba Red. Doc is shocked to find out he got a powerup. Everything is back to normal in the headquarters. Super Red fights the monster. Malshina tries shooting but it is out of power. Akiba Red destroys the monster. Akashi and Yumeria return home.

 In-Law saw it all, saying she liked Yellow's pose. Akashi mentions Jasmine Captain from Ninja Captors. That her mother-in-law is also a Otaku. In this reality, Ninja Captor was all female and an anime. She ws a voice actress. Then we see the three of them dressed up. Akashi as the Red one and Yumeria as the purple one. Mother in law sings a song. This is serves as the ending theme.

Interesting that this time Aoi-chan got changed, much like Zyuranger and Dairanger. We still haven't found out anything about Captain Pain. But Luna seems to only be motivated by money and her need to be an idol. It is also interesting to have a female-version of Ninja Captor, which is another unofficial Super Sentai because it was made by Toei. At one point it was considered a Sentai. I am also thrown that Lumeria is married but we don't see the husband, neither is he mentioned, what he does or what he looks like. I am sure this was a marriage of convenience.

Akibaranger Season 2 Episode 3 Review

 Kibaranger attacked the Akibarangers. They backed away but he kept slashing at them. "Chinaman" hides behind some barrels. Blue says they don't need help from unofficial heroes. Mashina arrives. Akashi says he thought she was defeated. One of the grunts helps her with a script that says she was revived and under a new organization. She says she was giving them the explanation from her general. Kibaranger preforms a sound attack with singers from Gaoranger and it hurts the Akiabranger. They fall. Kibaranger says it was easy. The trio arrive back at headquarters, Luna likes it.
Lumeria and Luna meet properly. Akashi says they will do introductions later, he was sad that Kibaranger is mad. Doc is confused as well. Malshina bathes herself in a shower. She gets dressed and Kibaranger falls in sight of her. Malshina finds him naïve and weak. Malshina answers to the general. General brings up Queen Heridan from two different shows. He has little figurines of the monsters. Luna asks what is Dairanger, everyone does a prat fall. Kozkoz is about to show her on the internet but it is gone. They say that Akibaranger was unpopular and had bad ratings and cancelled after 13 episodes and was the worst series. The actor of Dairanger was also AkibaRed. Akasi realizes that the shop owner was being sarcastic about Akibaranger being great.

They figure that Kibaranger was going to be an extra Ranger but he never got to so maybe that is why he is made. The general makes a new model of the monster. General gets mad at Malshina and transports the monster. Meanwhile, Yumeria and Akashi draw masks of the Dairangers and put them on. Akashi is working on scripts to recreate the best moments of Dairanger to bring back their memories. Even though Luna doesn't understand, she will help, to become a better idol. The three transform.
ChinaRed is on his bike and gets hit in the neck with a tranquilizer. ChinaRed wakes up in a stage and the gang play the Dairanger song and recreate the theme song on stage with a fake dragon and sing the song. But it does work. Malshina shoots at them. The monster introduces himself. He has one eye like a Gorma monster, they go over the names. He says he was created by General Pain. Kibaranger goes after them and they fight. The Akibaranger and ChinaRed run away in their car. Monster blasts at them.
The Akibaranger let go ChinaRed. They put on a muscle suit and AkibaRed takes place of Boxer Jin from Dairanger and makes him go through the trails they did in Episode 27 of Dairanger. AkibaYellow dresses up as a nurse, as Jin's love, she screams to stop and ChinaRed knocks AkibaRed out. ChinaRed changes back to Ryuranger of Dairanger. AkibaYellow puts on a mask of Rin and shows Kibaranger it and the song that Rin sang plays. Kibaranger is back to normal, saying he is the sixth ranger of Dairanger. Malshina is upset that they are back to normal.

The five of them do roll call. They fight the monster. The two Dairanger give them two guns with red hands, they blast them at the monster. Akibared combines the two guns to make Dairen-bomber and destroys the monster. Malshina is mad and leaves. General is concerned. The Akibaranger return and celebrate as Dairange ris back to ebing official. Akashi asks two people who the Dairanger is, they answer. Doc says they have to be concerned for Malshina is back. They wonder how this whole Chinaman thing happened. Akashi remembers the monster mentioned General Pain. Luna said she wouldn't be transforming anymore. She figures they are not filming anymore, she wants to be an idol. Since Akibaranger isn't official anymore, her motivation is gone.

Interesting logic with Dairanger. I like Malshina's attitude. I loved the Dairanger references, even though they stretched a bit with the Rin episode storyline as Kou had nothing to do with that episode.