Friday, December 25, 2020

More Zenkaiger scans

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, translated as Machine World Squadron Full Throttle Ranger.

In this story, our heroes will use full-force full-throttle to stop the enemies who are trying to destroy the parallel universes. One hero known as Zenkaiser, with a heart of justice, will stand up to a preposterous giant mass of evil who has managed to break into their homeworld. Fighting alongside him are four robotic lifeforms. Kaito Goshikida becomes Zenkaiser, Zyuran becomes ZenkaiZyuran and his main outfit is based on Geki of Zyuranger and his armor is based on Daizyujin (Original Megazord). Gaon, is based on the Gaoranger's vests and when he becomes ZenkaiGaon, his armor is based on GaoKing. Magin's outfit is based on the Magiranger uniforms and when she becomes ZenkaiMagin, it is based on MagiKing. Vroon is based on DaiBouken and his regular outfit is based on Boukenger's jackets and he becomes ZenkaiVroon.

Their mech forms can become animals or vehicles and can merge together. ZyuranGaon is made of ZyuranTyranno and GaonLion. ZenkaiOh VroonMagin is made of MaginDragon and VroonDump. ◆