Saturday, August 25, 2012

Power Ranger Girl: Ciara Hana

She has been on Big Time Rush.

She played Summer on The Bold and the Beautiful. She has been on Revenge, Work It and The Protector.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Power Ranger Girl: Christina Masterson

 She was chosen to be Emma/Pink Megaforce Ranger

 She has been in CSI, Secret Life of the American Teenager, Deadgirl and Monster in Law.

Power Ranger Boy: Azim Rizk

 Azim Rizk will be Jake in Power Rangers Megaforce.

 He was in Warrior Showndown like Alex Heartman.

Power Ranger Boy: John Mark Loudermilk

21 year-old actor, chosen to be Noah, Blue Megaforce Ranger.

He is said to be part Brazilian.

Power Ranger Boy: Andrew Michael Gray

 25 year old model/actor, his mother is from Spain and his father is Native-American. He doesn't speak Spanish.

 He has been chosen to be Troy the Red Ranger in Power Rangers Megaforce

 He's 5'11", 155 lbs, and green eyes.

He was in  Gay B-film director David Decoteau's "1313: Wicked Stepmother." 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Poll Results: PMC Exclusive and Saban Brands News

 What do you think of the Power Morphicon exclusive of Shark Attack Red Ranger and Mooger? 
  74 (51%)
Kind of
  26 (18%)
Want It!
  39 (27%)
  12 (8%)
  38 (26%)

What do you think the surprise Saban Brands will reveal at Power Morphicon?
Bandai Megaforce Toyline
  297 (72%)
Megaforce trailer
  297 (72%)
Power Rider
  297 (72%)
New Movie
  297 (72%)

So it turns out that the news was the Megaforce trailer, Megaforce cast reveal and Bandai had the Megaforce toys at the convention. So 2 out of 4 is not bad.

Vortexx Red Ranger Chat Postponed

I have been informed that the scheduled Saturday morning (August 25) Twitter chat with the Red Ranger has been postponed. New updates when they come!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Closed Captioning in MMPR Box Set and VR Troopers DVD

At the Power Morphicon, I got the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers DVD Box Set and VR Troopers Season One Volume One from Shout! Factory. I love closed captioning. My sister is deaf and I grew up with closed captioning. Sometimes I can't hear well, so it helps. I noticed some mistakes.

In one of the featurettes for the MMPR Box Set, Haim Saban is interviewed and says 'Toei' and the closed captioning as 'Toy.' In the episodes, they always get the song 'Combat' wrong. When it says 'C-Co-Combat,' they have it as 'Go Go Cry' or 'Go Go Pow.' The DVD producer Brian Ward says "Those captions were the ones provided by Saban, unfortunately. We didn't produce the captions." "Ha! To be fair, I think it's likely just the caption house not knowing. But it's good to know. Thanks!"

Also VR Troopers closed captioning has Ryan Steele as 'Steel.'

PMC 3: Ron Wasserman Panel

I have no video on Ron Wasserman, basically because he was saying some incriminating stuff and I didn't know how he would feel. I am sure other people recorded but I just didn't want to risk it. Anyway, he would have asked to take the cameras away. With my insane troll logic, I will write it but not have video. Anyways, this is what went down:

Ron Wasserman was saying that he will re-record most of his songs from MMPR and the theme because he likes the new technology and equipment. He says it is unconnected to Saban Brands or any producers. Someone asked about the Power Rangers Samurai theme, he said it was okay. And if he was asked to do the theme? He says they called him to do it, he said okay. Then a month passed and then another month passed and nothing. So he e-mailed them and they e-mailed back something like, 'thank you but we found somebody.' The whole audience said 'aww.'

About the SPD theme, he said he made one and then they told him to change it so he added changes. As for the Mystic Force one, he made the song we heard and Disney didn't like it, they wanted a rap. He then leaked his song and they got upset. They said he shouldn't have done that. Then he said there is difference between 'shouldn't' and 'couldn't.' Maybe I got this wrong. I am sure MorphinLegacy will correct me or someone else. 

When asked about the Gold Ranger theme, he wasn't sure if he did it or not. He said he was with Saban from 1993 to 1995 and things were heated by 1995. He did the background music for the movie but it was dumped because some higher ups didn't like it. He was upset about that. As for the Bulk and Skull theme, he said Bulk is the tuba and Skull is the other instrument. And for the songs with lyrics in Season 3, he added them rather quickly. He came up with most songs within one or two days. 

Here is one interesting story:
Valerie Bertinelli was married to Eddie Van Halen and they have a kid together. Ron does music now for Hot in Cleveland which Valerie stars in. Ron went to her house and met Van Halen. Van Halen said, 'you know I played for a band called Van Halen?" Van Halen even wanted to know from Ron how to play the MMPR theme on the guitar, he said his friend was trying to figure it out. Ron Wasserman explained that the guitar rift was done by the computer, impossible for a guitar to do. When Van Halen heard this, he said, "Oh... I knew that."

UPDATED 8/23/12
He also said that he was he was given the name 'Mighty Raw' by Saban management. They were like 'you're now 'Mighty Raw.' He said okay. Ron was born Ron Aaron Wasserman and made his name 'Aaron Waters' because 'Wasser' means Water and basically his name is 'Water-Man.' I remember hearing the song for the pilot of "Cybertron" starring Jason David Frank, which became VR Troopers. The song sounded a lot like the 'Go Green Ranger' song and had the words 'Cybertron.' I asked him about the song, he said they had to change it so he added 'Green Ranger.' He said that Power Rangers originally was called 'Metal Man.' I think he meant VR Troopers but oh well.

AnimeGamer75 got it, thank you:

PMC 3: Power Rangers Super Samurai Panel

Paul Schrier (Bulk) had to vamp until the cast came from a 'underground tunnel':

PMC3: David Yost Panel

This was a ticketed event, $10 I believe. It was on Saturday, we had to get to the convention center by 10am to get tickets. Jay (MorphinLegacy) and I got there late because I was talking to Elie Dekel at the Power Breakfast but we got tickets. The line to go into the event at 3:30pm was long and then afterwards to get an autograph was super long. Thank you so much to the two fans that let us in earlier! E-mail me and I'll credit you guys! In the line, autographs were free. But you had to choose, it was a photograph with him and an autographed photo or just an autographed item. I chose the autographed item. I told him about Yes Institute, an non-profit organization I volunteer for that is about gay and transgender youth, stop bullying and prevent teen suicide. He appreciated it. 

Audio sucks

David Yost Morphs

About the panel:
Steve Cardenas and Johnny Yong Bosch came to hug him. Later was Walter Jones. Catherine Sutherland and Nakia Burrise came too and talked but I couldn't get it on video. I ran out to get Rajia Baroudi (Delphine) and Alan Palmer (Corcus) from the big expo room to get them to say hi to David. Rajia came up to David and hugged him. David was asked many questions and told stories about how much he means to them, if nerdy, smart, gay, etc. I was going to stand in line to ask a question but it was too long. He had a raffle for the Movie Script. Runner-up got a piece of the crystal from when Zordon was dying in the movie (shattered Zordon tube). Whichever questions he liked got free stuff: signed cards, photos, etc. And afterward, he made sure the other people who asked questions got stuff too.

PMC 3: Ron Rogge

Ron Rogge was an utter delight. He is charismatic and so funny. He also remembers lots of stuff about Lightspeed. He might not know stuff before or know stuff after, but he is like a big fan too. He has an interesting story as to how he became Captain Mitchell, which I got from the 'Unsung Heroes' panel on Friday and the 'A Legacy of Power' on Sunday. He was also at the 18 and over 'After Dark' panel on Friday and Scott Page-Pagter 18 and over Audio panel on Sunday. He participated on a lot of the panels and was very welcoming. He came to hug Scott Page-Pagter in the 'Producing Power Rangers' panel as well.

Getting the role of Captain Mitchell
He is friends with Iris Hampton, casting director of Power Rangers back then and he was also in casting. He acted here and there but this ultimately was his first big role. She told him about the auditioned, he just got a few lines and thought the role would be small. The day of the audition (or second time, I don't remember well), he forgot about it and then remembered and hurried up. The role of Captain Mitchell was meant to be an older man in his 50's, he was in his 30's at the time. So he dyed his hair a bit grey. He auditioned and later got a callback and he thought he had to audition more but ultimately it was between two, him and a British guy in his 50's. Because the British guy had to go on a vacation he had previously had planned, the role went to Ron. 

When Ron went for makeup, they gave him sideburns and mustache with grey. He was wondering why he was getting so much attention if the role was for one episode or something. He then found out it was a major role, which surprised him. He didn't even know Pink Ranger was his daughter, which he later lamented (because she was hot). He is also responsible for hooking Alyson up with James Marsters (Spike of Buffy the Vampire Slayer)--which I like that info. 

"My Cast Sucks"
In the Over 18 'After Dark' panel on Friday, when the rest of the cast there (Walter Jones, Jason Narvy, Paul Schrier, Catherine Sutherland, Daniel Southworth, Tony Oliver and Jason Faunt) talking about raunchy stories, gossip, rumors and whatnot, he would just say, "My cast sucks." That was just a crowd pleaser. Since I had already gotten to know him at the "Unsung Heroes" panel, I was not surprised by his behavior. But other fans that were at the Over 18 and didn't see him before were surprised and impressed. 

Halloween Caves
He owns a Haunted House in California and one of the park uses caves from Wild Force. The staff were going to get rid of the Org's headquarters and throw it away and Ron asked for them. They said sure and ultimately they are at his haunted house park. He said if he knew fans would like it, he would have scheduled a field trip. Everyone liked this.

Ms. Fairweather
When asked where his character would be now at the 'Unsung Heroes,' he said "send Joel on a mission and have Ms. Faitweather to himself." At the 'After Dark' panel, he said a raunchier version of that. Everyone cheered. When they played her voice in the Audio panel on Sunday, he said it was her and there were many cheers.

Communication with Lightspeed Cast
He says he still in communication with a lot of them. He was at the recent wedding of Sasha Williams (Kelsey). Michael Chaturantabut (Chad) is working hard, hasn't seen him in a while. He still in communication with Alison Macinnis (Dana), Sean CW Johnson (Carter), Monica Louwerens (Fairweather) and Keith Robinson (Joel). He hasn't spoken to Rhett Fisher in a while, much like a father and son he alluded to. A fan wanted to send a message to Sean to come to a PMC so he recorded a message for him on his phone. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

PMC3-Legacy of Power Panel

UPDATED 8/22/12 12:30 PM EST
Ron Rogge (Captain Mitchell), Scott Page-Pagter (Producer), Writer Mark Litton, Neil Kaplan (voice of Diabolico), Christopher Cho (Dark Specter voice), and Michael Maise (Psycho Black). Sorry for the loud noise! It was Johnny Yong Bosch's band Eyeshine (or whatever its called) next door!

At the Legacy of Power Panel, I ask Scott Page-Pagter about Mystic Knights season 2.

Ron Rogge asked about stuff and Neil Kaplan talks about Diabolico's evolution.

Fan says a message to Sean CW Johnson for Ron Rogge to relay that fans want him in a future con.

Asking about Titanium Ranger

About monsters and Titanium Ranger

Ron Rogge has the caves of Wild Force for his haunted house. Scott Page-Pagter talks of his audio 18+ panel. And questions about Gingaman vs Lost Galaxy and Titanium Ranger. Chip Lynn made those decisions.

Also, I was 'Press' which let me be in the front but only on the left or right side, not in center, that is why my videos are sideways. Gold Ranger members got to be in center. I was Silver Ranger.

PMC3: More clips

UPDATED 8/22/12 10:20 AM EST
I am just clumping them here:
Dan Southworth morphs. Wild force cast: Rick Medina, Jack Guzman, Jessica Rey and Phillip Jeanmarie morph.

Phillip (Max Blue), Jack Guzman (Danny, Black), Rick Medina (Cole, Red), Jessica Rey (Alyssa, White), Scott Page-Pagter (ADR), Jason Faunt (Wes), and Dan Southworth (Eric).

Catherine Sutherland, Nakia Burrise, Johnny Bosch, Blake Foster (Justin), Jason Narvy, Paul S., Gabrielle Fitzpatrick (Dulcea), Tony Oliver and David Winning, director of the Turbo: A Power Rangers movie. Gabrielle (Dulcea) talks about a nip slip. Nakia and Johnny discuss that pairing of Tanya and Adam. David Winning discusses deleted scenes and the Mermaid. Johnny's middle name is not Yong! It's his mom's maiden name, they wanted something ASIAN!

David Yost Morphs (sorry only vid I got at the panel)

Augie (AJ Yellow) asks question to Tony Oliver, Michael Maize (Psycho Black), Morrigan Mahon (Goldar), Neil Kaplan (Diabolico), Barbara Goodson (Rita), and Robert Axelrod (Zedd)

Sabrina Lu (Scorpina) in Villains Panel:

PMC3: Producing Power Rangers Panel (Video)

UPDATED 8/27/12
Writer Mark Litton, Producer Tony Oliver, Audio Director/Producer Scott Page-Pagter and John Stewart, director:
They were asked about monsters that were not used. Mark Litton talks about a tongue monster that licked the monsters.  I spoke up. The audio is a bit wonky. Also talking about 鍵道化師, Key Clown from Dairanger who Mark called 'Scissor monster'.
Update: The Tongue monster turns out to be Impersenator (オンブオバケ Onbu-Obake) ngue I spoke to Mark Litton on Facebook and showed him Onbu-Obake footage and he confirmed it was that pink monster from Kakuranger vs Ohranger. They did use it for "Rangers of Two Worlds" Part one and two.

PMC3: Great Moments with the Guests

Here are some little moments I remember having with former cast, guests at the Power Morphicon:
  1. On Saturday night, I was tired and wanted to get a drink so I went to the hotel bar. I sat next to this nice guy (forget his name, sorry!) and then Dan Southworth and Jason Faunt walked in and sat on stools, also with their friend. Dan Southworth asked at the hotel bar what was David Yost's appeal. We told him it was because he barely goes to conventions and that he is one of two openly gay Rangers. But we forgot to say it is because he is one of the original. That will beat everything. Jason Faunt asked me who else was gay and I told them that Alan Palmer. Jason is unaware of all other seasons so he was like 'who?" I said: 'never mind.'
  2. Spotted Catherine Sutherland and Nakia Burrise entering the elevator with my pal Jill. They were heading to the Gold Ranger Breakfast. We were heading to the Power Breakfast. Catherine Sutherland told me to close my coffee lid or I'll spill it. I said thank you. I kept walking and went to the Power Breakfast. On the way, I accidentally spill some on my coveted Gokaiger Super Sentai shirt with all the red Rangers on it. All my pals were mad. I later tell her what happened, she was like "I told you!"
  3.  Raijia (Delfine) and Alan (Corcus) were great. I mentioned them before. They are so funny and open and warm, like old pals.
  4. I mentioned Mike Ginn before, he's great. What was funny was the whole 'awkward face' of Gem I have on
  5. I spoke to Phillip Jenamarie's wife. Well, what happened was that I was sitting the panel for Time for Wild Force and saw a cute baby with a woman (not his wife, not sure who she was.) and I told her he was cute. Later on, I find out that he is Phillip's son as he pointed it out to everyone. I asked for a picture, she told me she wasn't the mom. His mom later came and said she wasn't sure if Phillip would like it. So I said it was okay. I said the baby looked like Phillip and she said that he's an Asian version of Phillip. I said, 'you said that, not me.'
  6. Also at the Time for Wild Force panel, I met casting director Iris Hampton, who was responsible for casting most of them. Scott Page-Pagter came to hug her. And one of the cast members pointed her out. She was so beautiful and youthful. I asked her for a photo and we took one. I twitted about it and Ian Blaze of Rangercrew said to say hi to her because they has been in correspondence for 2 years. So I mentioned him and she remembered and I tweeted him back and he was delighted.
  7. Also with Gabrielle Fitzpatrick (Dulcea of MMPR:TM), I wanted her to sign my trading cards but she admitted she never had any merchandise. So I gave them to her. She was honored. I told her that I was glad she got the role instead of Martikza Hartigay (Gabrielle was hired first, then had to pull out because of a health scare and they got Martizka and then fired her and re-hired Gabrielle). I told her "She might have an Emmy but you got this." "Yes, Dulcea is mine," she said. She is so beautiful!
  8. Also forgot a curious thing that happened with Monica May. She charges $5 for signing posters and stuff. And I had her sign my mini Dekaranger poster. Her male friend there (don't know if husband or boyfriend or just friend) gave me back change for $20 but instead of $15, I was given $50. I immediately gave it back and told them, "To show you that fans are honest."

Monday, August 20, 2012

PMC3: What I learned at Power Morphicon

UPDATED 8/23/12 9:40 AM EST
I love behind the scenes stuff and here are stuff I learned about production and clarifying rumors:
  1. I totally forgot this: Johnny Yong Bosch's name is not really YONG! Yong is his mother's maiden name. Producers wanted him to sound more ASIAN! This shocked Blake Foster, believing him to always be Yong.
  2. ADR (Audio Digital Recording) is usually in post-production, bask in the day it would go along with the same production schedule. They would shoot for 3 episodes at the same time, alternating scenes. 
  3. I asked Scott Page-Pagter about Mystic Knights second season and he said he got to travel to Ireland. He told the actors to come to his house when they visit the US. He regretted it because most of them came to crash at his house. So he was with Lisa Dwan (Deirdre) when they were told "Oh did you know we were cancelled?" And it was awkward with her there as they both didn't know. He said they really didn't have any plans for the second season yet. He knew they were mulling it over. He thinks it was cancelled for low toy sales. He seemed to not be aware that the budget was used for Lost Galaxy. I couldn't ask more because time was running out at the panel.
  4. Tony Oliver, Scott Page-Pagter and Mark Litton explained they got chunks of Sentai footage and had to hurry up and worked 3 episodes at the time. They just went by the monster. They didn't worry about the name of the series or what it was.
  5. According to David Stenstrom (voice of King Mondo and dad in Masked Rider), he was told that Masked Rider will be coming to DVD next year. I was surprised to find out that he knows a bit of Kamen Rider and seen some episodes.
  6. I did not know that Phillip Jeanmarie was half Asian and African-American! His wife/significant other is Asian and their child is soooo cute and looks like an Asian version of him according to her.
  7. Hector David Jr. is dating a certain red-headed Nickelodeon actress.
  8. I knew about the flash mob, wanted to go but was in line for the David Yost's panel. 
  9. Didn't know that Daniel Southworth worked as a costumed Power rangers on tours.
  10. For RPM, Eddie G. did mean for Gem and Gema to be upbeat and positive opposite the darkness and seriousness of the main 5 (or 4, cutting out Ziggy) compare to Go-Onger that was the opposite where Go-On Wings were more stern. 
  11. As for the voice actors like Robert Axelrod, the higher-ups didn't believe he was the voice he auditioned for Zedd. He thought Zedd was a Monster of the Day (MotD) at first. He had voiced Finster and other MotD (like Eye Guy and Goo Fish). 
  12. Barbara Goodson's first instruction for Rita was to sound like the Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz. She did it but then they said it was 'not scary' and they wanted to get someone else. She then did the Rita we know and they were impressed.
  13. Won't say who said it but they said, "Saban's motto is if it isn't broken, break it..." "And then break it again," someone else added.
  14. Barbara Gordon, Kerrigan Mahan and Robert Axelrod were actors that worked for Saban for a while already and were naturally going to do MMPR. 
  15. The "Reel Fish Story" is one of David Yost's favorite episodes.
  16. Catherine Sutherland calls Karan Ashley "Beyonce" because Karan started doing it.
  17. I gave Gabrielle Fitzpatrick my two Dulcea trading cards because she said she never had any. I told her there was a ton of Dulcea merch.
  18. The voice actor Kerrigan Mahan changed Goldar's voice because constantly speaking in a gravely voice it "got to a point when i'd have to stop tape and rest my throat, doing Goldar really did a number on me." He also said that at first, he was really trying it out, trying to find the voice. He was surprised people thought it was another actor.
  19. Sabrina Lu (Scorpina) and Christopher Cho (Nukus from Beetleborgs Metallix) both got their jobs because "they fit in the suits."
  20.  I am remembering more stuff now. Like how Sabrina Lu (Scorpina) says she got the job for 'Goldar's Vice Versa' because she fit the suit. She heard that people thought she was not available for other episodes, she says it is not true, that she was available. She wasn't called back.
  21. Ron Rogge thought the role of Captain Mitchell was a small role and shocked when it was bigger when he got it. It was meant for an older guy so he put grey in his hair. 
  22. A 50 year-old British was to be Captain Mitchell but he was to go to vacation and Ron Rogge got the role.
  23. Also Tony Oliver was only to write the Bulk and Spike stuff for Power Rangers Samurai.
  24. Johnny Bosch says the 'Veteran Rangers' of Operation Overdrive could really drink him under the table.
  25. When asked about the voices they used when Austin, Thuy and Walter left, they used footage of them and their voices from before but sometimes you could clearly hear someone else's voice. Tony Oliver says he mostly used their voices and tried to match it. He revealed that he actually dubbed over Austin's voice. I think it sounded good.

PMC3: Friday After Dark Panel (18 and over!) and Sunday Audio Panel

So we couldn't take video, audio or pictures at this event.
Present at the event was Daniel Southworth (Eric/Quantum), Jason Faunt (Wes/Time Force Red), Walter Jones (Zack/Black), Ron Rogge (Captain Mitchell/Lightspeed), Johnny Bosch (Adam/Black), Catherine Sutherland (Kat/Pink), Jason Narvy (Skull) and Paulie S. (Bulk). I forget if Tony Oliver was there or not. Anyway, it was a great event, everyone loved it, many saying it was the best panel. We did not know what to expect. I got what I expect: Cursing and Adult innuendo and stories.

[I try to keep this blog family friendly, so press 'click here' if you are over eighteen years old!]

PMC3: Mike Ginn and Awkward Face Gem

 Me, Mike Ginn (Gem, Ranger Gold) and Jay (MorphinLegacy)
Mike is from New Zealand, now living in Los Angeles for two years. He is great.

I told him I was the co-webmaster of Power Rangers Central and was semi-responsible for this picture. He says fans print it out and have him sign it. He joked that he didn't like it but he said in reality it fit in with Gem's personality. He had his own theories on the character. He said he liked hearing the theories from fans.

So he wrote this: Thanks for creating the awkward face Gem! It's the Best. It's go for Boom time!" When my site partner Mike B. first made the picture, I told him to change the pic for Gem and Gema but he didn't see the reason to do it. Mike Ginn doesn't want us to change it. I'm sure Mike B. will be happy. So anyway, Mike Ginn says Eddie G. told him that Gem and Gema were genetically made super soldiers, to be great fighters and happy all the time. So that explained their personalities.

PMC3: The Aquitar Rangers and I!

 As some of you might remember, I got to interview Alan Palmer a year ago or so and he is so awesome. He's gay and married (3 times to the same guy! Hope it sticks now!) with 2 kids. He has done shows before, he has written and starred in. He is down to Earth and shy about the Con. I had to encourage him and Raija Baroudi (Delphine/White Aquitar Ranger and also voice of Jara in Beetleborgs) into stuff I will explain later. 

 Alan Palmer was there Friday and Saturday and participated in the "Unsung Heroes" panel on Friday. Video on the panel is available on this blog and my Mythical Destiny YouTube channel. Alan said he wished his character would talk more and explained about his mask makeup. Both Raija and Alan liked the makeup. Raija had longer hair at the time and had to spool it through a hole in the mask thingy and she said it was a bit of a bother. 

[Picture above thanks to Jill Sylvan]
Here is Raija Baroudi with my pal Jill. Raija is half Kuwait/half Irish, born in Ireland and has a wonderful accent! She is so much fun and she loves being a female leader, the first! She is also proud of being Jara. She was hanging and talking to Catherine Sutherland. She was there Saturday and Sunday. When the David Yost panel was going on Saturday, Walter Jones dropped in, then Steven Cardenas, Catherine Sutherland, and Nakia Burrise. So I decided to go get Raija and Alan who were in the big room with autographs. So I encouraged them to go on stage with David Yost.

[Picture above thanks to Jay of MorphinLegacy]
So Raija did and hugged him. On Sunday, Raija was late for the AmeriToku panel for Beetleborgs and VR Troopers. I urged her to go, but she had fans waiting. She said she'd go to the restroom and then go, I dunno if she did go, I think she did. She also was present for the 18 and over Scott Page-Pagter Audio Retrospective in the audience with Paul S., and Morrigan Mahan. I will discuss more of that later. Raija and Alan are both a delight!

PMC3: Bandai (Megaforce toys) and Tamashi Nations

I know you guys have seen it before, but what is it to have another?

 They had two Mooger pinatas that looked awesome. I kept asking when they would break them but they didn't know. Sunday they did it, maybe when the Over 18 Audio Panel was going on and they told me they did one with kids and it went crazy that they didn't do it again. Word is that inside where mini Samurai figures. They were giving out translucent mini MMPR Red figures too. They said the second pinata would probably go back to Headquarters.

 This was actually the Red Turbo Ranger and they reformatted it.

Original. I couldn't take a picture of the diagram of them changing it because they said it was not allowed.

 They added the Retrofire figures later day.

With Augie (AJ Yellow of Rangerboard), my expression is not from him, it is I was tired. Augie is a great guy! He volunteered for Bandai at PMC two times (three times?)

Back of the PMC3 Exclusive toy package, it has '7th Mystery Ranger.' It looks very much like female Red. Bandai reps were mum. 

Joe Rovang (@Rofang) was told she (Female Red Ranger) would be released before Christmas. RRR thinks it will be in mid-October.