Tuesday, August 21, 2012

PMC3: Great Moments with the Guests

Here are some little moments I remember having with former cast, guests at the Power Morphicon:
  1. On Saturday night, I was tired and wanted to get a drink so I went to the hotel bar. I sat next to this nice guy (forget his name, sorry!) and then Dan Southworth and Jason Faunt walked in and sat on stools, also with their friend. Dan Southworth asked at the hotel bar what was David Yost's appeal. We told him it was because he barely goes to conventions and that he is one of two openly gay Rangers. But we forgot to say it is because he is one of the original. That will beat everything. Jason Faunt asked me who else was gay and I told them that Alan Palmer. Jason is unaware of all other seasons so he was like 'who?" I said: 'never mind.'
  2. Spotted Catherine Sutherland and Nakia Burrise entering the elevator with my pal Jill. They were heading to the Gold Ranger Breakfast. We were heading to the Power Breakfast. Catherine Sutherland told me to close my coffee lid or I'll spill it. I said thank you. I kept walking and went to the Power Breakfast. On the way, I accidentally spill some on my coveted Gokaiger Super Sentai shirt with all the red Rangers on it. All my pals were mad. I later tell her what happened, she was like "I told you!"
  3.  Raijia (Delfine) and Alan (Corcus) were great. I mentioned them before. They are so funny and open and warm, like old pals.
  4. I mentioned Mike Ginn before, he's great. What was funny was the whole 'awkward face' of Gem I have on RangerCentral.com.
  5. I spoke to Phillip Jenamarie's wife. Well, what happened was that I was sitting the panel for Time for Wild Force and saw a cute baby with a woman (not his wife, not sure who she was.) and I told her he was cute. Later on, I find out that he is Phillip's son as he pointed it out to everyone. I asked for a picture, she told me she wasn't the mom. His mom later came and said she wasn't sure if Phillip would like it. So I said it was okay. I said the baby looked like Phillip and she said that he's an Asian version of Phillip. I said, 'you said that, not me.'
  6. Also at the Time for Wild Force panel, I met casting director Iris Hampton, who was responsible for casting most of them. Scott Page-Pagter came to hug her. And one of the cast members pointed her out. She was so beautiful and youthful. I asked her for a photo and we took one. I twitted about it and Ian Blaze of Rangercrew said to say hi to her because they has been in correspondence for 2 years. So I mentioned him and she remembered and I tweeted him back and he was delighted.
  7. Also with Gabrielle Fitzpatrick (Dulcea of MMPR:TM), I wanted her to sign my trading cards but she admitted she never had any merchandise. So I gave them to her. She was honored. I told her that I was glad she got the role instead of Martikza Hartigay (Gabrielle was hired first, then had to pull out because of a health scare and they got Martizka and then fired her and re-hired Gabrielle). I told her "She might have an Emmy but you got this." "Yes, Dulcea is mine," she said. She is so beautiful!
  8. Also forgot a curious thing that happened with Monica May. She charges $5 for signing posters and stuff. And I had her sign my mini Dekaranger poster. Her male friend there (don't know if husband or boyfriend or just friend) gave me back change for $20 but instead of $15, I was given $50. I immediately gave it back and told them, "To show you that fans are honest."

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Hey Lavender Ranger. The nice guy was me: Matthew. Nice to know I'm known as a nice guy.