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PMC3: What I learned at Power Morphicon

UPDATED 8/23/12 9:40 AM EST
I love behind the scenes stuff and here are stuff I learned about production and clarifying rumors:
  1. I totally forgot this: Johnny Yong Bosch's name is not really YONG! Yong is his mother's maiden name. Producers wanted him to sound more ASIAN! This shocked Blake Foster, believing him to always be Yong.
  2. ADR (Audio Digital Recording) is usually in post-production, bask in the day it would go along with the same production schedule. They would shoot for 3 episodes at the same time, alternating scenes. 
  3. I asked Scott Page-Pagter about Mystic Knights second season and he said he got to travel to Ireland. He told the actors to come to his house when they visit the US. He regretted it because most of them came to crash at his house. So he was with Lisa Dwan (Deirdre) when they were told "Oh did you know we were cancelled?" And it was awkward with her there as they both didn't know. He said they really didn't have any plans for the second season yet. He knew they were mulling it over. He thinks it was cancelled for low toy sales. He seemed to not be aware that the budget was used for Lost Galaxy. I couldn't ask more because time was running out at the panel.
  4. Tony Oliver, Scott Page-Pagter and Mark Litton explained they got chunks of Sentai footage and had to hurry up and worked 3 episodes at the time. They just went by the monster. They didn't worry about the name of the series or what it was.
  5. According to David Stenstrom (voice of King Mondo and dad in Masked Rider), he was told that Masked Rider will be coming to DVD next year. I was surprised to find out that he knows a bit of Kamen Rider and seen some episodes.
  6. I did not know that Phillip Jeanmarie was half Asian and African-American! His wife/significant other is Asian and their child is soooo cute and looks like an Asian version of him according to her.
  7. Hector David Jr. is dating a certain red-headed Nickelodeon actress.
  8. I knew about the flash mob, wanted to go but was in line for the David Yost's panel. 
  9. Didn't know that Daniel Southworth worked as a costumed Power rangers on tours.
  10. For RPM, Eddie G. did mean for Gem and Gema to be upbeat and positive opposite the darkness and seriousness of the main 5 (or 4, cutting out Ziggy) compare to Go-Onger that was the opposite where Go-On Wings were more stern. 
  11. As for the voice actors like Robert Axelrod, the higher-ups didn't believe he was the voice he auditioned for Zedd. He thought Zedd was a Monster of the Day (MotD) at first. He had voiced Finster and other MotD (like Eye Guy and Goo Fish). 
  12. Barbara Goodson's first instruction for Rita was to sound like the Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz. She did it but then they said it was 'not scary' and they wanted to get someone else. She then did the Rita we know and they were impressed.
  13. Won't say who said it but they said, "Saban's motto is if it isn't broken, break it..." "And then break it again," someone else added.
  14. Barbara Gordon, Kerrigan Mahan and Robert Axelrod were actors that worked for Saban for a while already and were naturally going to do MMPR. 
  15. The "Reel Fish Story" is one of David Yost's favorite episodes.
  16. Catherine Sutherland calls Karan Ashley "Beyonce" because Karan started doing it.
  17. I gave Gabrielle Fitzpatrick my two Dulcea trading cards because she said she never had any. I told her there was a ton of Dulcea merch.
  18. The voice actor Kerrigan Mahan changed Goldar's voice because constantly speaking in a gravely voice it "got to a point when i'd have to stop tape and rest my throat, doing Goldar really did a number on me." He also said that at first, he was really trying it out, trying to find the voice. He was surprised people thought it was another actor.
  19. Sabrina Lu (Scorpina) and Christopher Cho (Nukus from Beetleborgs Metallix) both got their jobs because "they fit in the suits."
  20.  I am remembering more stuff now. Like how Sabrina Lu (Scorpina) says she got the job for 'Goldar's Vice Versa' because she fit the suit. She heard that people thought she was not available for other episodes, she says it is not true, that she was available. She wasn't called back.
  21. Ron Rogge thought the role of Captain Mitchell was a small role and shocked when it was bigger when he got it. It was meant for an older guy so he put grey in his hair. 
  22. A 50 year-old British was to be Captain Mitchell but he was to go to vacation and Ron Rogge got the role.
  23. Also Tony Oliver was only to write the Bulk and Spike stuff for Power Rangers Samurai.
  24. Johnny Bosch says the 'Veteran Rangers' of Operation Overdrive could really drink him under the table.
  25. When asked about the voices they used when Austin, Thuy and Walter left, they used footage of them and their voices from before but sometimes you could clearly hear someone else's voice. Tony Oliver says he mostly used their voices and tried to match it. He revealed that he actually dubbed over Austin's voice. I think it sounded good.

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