Thursday, September 26, 2013

KyoryuSilver and 2014 Super Sentai Reesha Sentai Tokkyuger

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No identity yet on KyoryuSilver. More pics:

烈車戦隊トッキュウジャー Reesha Sentai Tokkyuger has been copyrighted so it is the official name.  The title is a pun on the Japanese word 'ressha', which means train with using the kanji characters for 烈車 vehement car instead of the usual 列車 line car. The "Vehement" character can be found in words such as "Rekka" or "Reppu", and can even mean heroic. Tokkyu means limited express train, some people say the 'kyu' which means rescue is also incorporated. It can be said to be translated as "Vehement Car Taskforce Special Express Ranger". Fans seem to be excited about the train theme.

Updated: 9/30/13
Take this with a grain of salt, you can take this as truth or myth, a rumor if you will. There is no requirement for you to believe this, as many chose not to. On Twitter, there is a script supervisor for Toei that works on Super Sentai, checking the scripts and making sure they appeal to youth. He is Japanese and learned English in Philippines. Some people don't believe he is telling the truth. He has gotten in trouble with Toei for spilling some secrets. But what he can say about Tokkyuger is that the story, robo, colors, and suits have been finalized by now. China has to finalize toy designs as they manufacture the henshin devices. Thailand does mass production. As for most Sentai, theme and robo is settled first. Then comes story, colors and suits. Colors come before suits are finalize. This seems interesting to me.

Poll Results - ACG Legends United Preview 1

Which Heores United cards you like so far? #1-Previews
Red Turbo
  21 (32%)
Red/Green Turbo
  22 (33%)
White Alien
  33 (50%)
Red Psycho
  30 (46%)
Black Psycho
  26 (40%)
Blue Psycho
  26 (40%)
Pink Mystic
  14 (21%)
Red OO
  14 (21%)
Red OO (DV)
  17 (26%)
Red JF
  16 (24%)
Yellow JF
  16 (24%)
Mega Red
  12 (18%)
Ultra Red
  16 (24%)
Ultra Black
  16 (24%)
Ultra Blue
  13 (20%)
Shark Bow
  16 (24%)
Gold Zeo
  26 (40%)
Blue WF/Yellow LR
  22 (33%)
Retro Rangers
  36 (55%)

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Power Rangers Trivial Pursuit Review (Power Force)

I know a lot of my fellow Power Force members will be posting their reviews on this product as we all just received it. A lot of Power Rangers fans have bought it in advance and taken pictures, scanned and tweeted about it. There has been plenty of controversy over the game Saban Brands got the members of Power Force to write some questions with instructions of specific format on questions. First of all, they asked us for 85 questions per 5 seasons (or movie). They then said they made a mistake and they had us do 25. Second, Jason David Frank got a copy at SDCC 2013 and didn't like Trini Thuy question.
Third, fans complained about spelling mistakes and incorrect answers (facts incorrect). Some of Power Force want to clarify that we recommended a spell checker and a fact checker. I am not sure about this but I heard that some people are holding Power Force responsible for the mistakes. I really don't mind either way, I find the mistakes hilarious. The Power Force members were split into groups, 5 of us were split into four groups. Each group had 5 seasons and a bonus (add any questions for any season we wanted). I was grouped into MMPR Season 2, Turbo Movie, Lightspeed, Dino Thunder and Jungle Fury. I like the game, I like the packaging, I like the designs. As for the spelling mistakes and fact mistakes, I find them whimsical.

Mistakes I noticed, I know there is more:
"Which era of the United States did the Wizard of Deception send the Power Rangers to: Prehistoric, Colonial, Wild West or the 1970s?" The answer printed is "Wild West" but in reality it is "Colonial."

"What Children's magazine gave away the identity of the White Ranger before the episode aired in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Season Three?"
Disney Adventures, it was actually season two.

"What planet are Lergiot and his family from, as introduced in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Turbo: The Movie?" - Liaria

"In the Episode, "Lost and Found in Translation," the Dino Rangers are watching what Japanese Show?" - The television show Bakuryuu sentai Abaranger - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was adapted from it. 
Not quite, Dino Thunder was based on Abaranger. MMPR was based on Zyuranger.

"Which ranger sends someone back in their place after their Zeo quest is completed in Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers? Aishia

And I think the "who owns Jungle Karma Pizza" question appears twice.

So far I have spotted TEN questions that was printed exactly how I wrote it. Here are some that I did:

MMPR Season 2
It is possible my questions are rephrased or someone had a similar question.
My Question: Which Power Ranger actor was the eldest in the cast in Season two? - David Yost
Question on the game: Who was the oldest Power Rangers actor in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Season Two: Johnny Yong Bosch, Thuy Trang, David Yost or Amy Jo Johnson? - David Yost

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
My Question: What planet are Lerigot and his family from? - Liaria
Question on the game: "What planet are Lergiot and his family from, as introduced in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Turbo: The Movie?" - Liaria

Lightspeed Rescue
My Question/Question on game: What is the name of the combination of the Lightspeed Megazord and Max Solarzord? Lightspeed Solarzord 
My Question: List All Six Villains of the Skull Cavern. Diabolico, Vypra, Loki, Impus/Olympius, Jinxer, Queen Bansheera 
Question on the game: Name one of the six villains of the Skull Cavern in Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue. Diabolico, Vypra, Loki, Impus/Olympius, Jinxer, Queen Bansheera   

THE FOLLOWING I WROTE TO SABAN BRANDS but I'm not sure if they made it or not.
  • Dana the Pink Ranger and Ryan the Titanium Ranger are related to which other character? Captain Mitchell 
  • Which Villain shares the same name with a Norse god from mythology? Loki 
  • Which Zords house other zords within them? Rail Rescues 
  • Which the following Rangers left the team to become a modeling star: Carter, Kelsey, Dana? Dana 
  • Which villain did Captain Mitchell bargain with to save Ryan's life as a child? Diabolico 
  • Which following Ranger was once referred to as the “Sky Cowboy”: Chad, Joel, Carter Joel 
  • What is the name of Angela Fairweather's son (oops--I meant brother. My typo!) who invented the Mega Battles? Clark 
  • Which vehicle took Carter into the past and caused his day to repeat? Mobile Armor Vehicle 
  • Which of the following Rangers used the Trans Armor Cycle as armor?: Red, Blue, Pink, Titanium
  • Which female Power Ranger does not have a skirt? Yellow 
  • Which Space Alien from Lost Galaxy came to Marnier Bay with an evil plot? Trakeena 
  • Which Megazord resembled the Lightspeed Megazord?: Omega Megazord, Supertrain Megazord, Lifeforce Megazord Lifeforce Solarzord 
  • Which Power Ranger had a friendship with an astronaut, had a rich grandmother and once rock climbed? Kelsey 
  • Which of the following villains became Olympius?: Batlings, Jinxer, Daibolico, Olympius
  • What is the name of the aviary-like combination of the Rangers' five weapons? Rescue Bird 
  • Which weapons resembles a letter, was created by Ms. Fairweather and first used against the Titanium Ranger? V-Lancers 
  • Which Ranger was cursed with a cobra tattoo that snuck up his or her neck? Ryan 
  • Which Ranger found out their lifelong hero was Captain Mitchell?: Kelsey, Chad, Carter Carter 

Dino Thunder
  1. My Question/Question on Game: Which of the following Red Rangers had the most power-ups?: Shane, Connor, Cole
  2. My Question: Which Dino Ranger shares similar traits with Mighty Morphin's Billy, Lost Galaxy's Kendrix, and Ninja Storm's Cam? Ethan
    Question on Game: Which Dino Ranger shares similar traits with Billy the blue Ranger, Kendrix the Pink Galaxy Ranger and Cam the Green Samurai Ranger? Ethan (They all are scientifically Inclined)
  3. My Question: What was the original human name of Zeltrax? A) Smitty
    Question on Game:
    What is the original human name of Zeltrax in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder? Smitty or Terrance Smith
  4. My Question/Question on Game: Which of the following was linked through a dating site with Cassidy?: Trent, Connor, Ethan 
  5. My Question/Question on Game: What was the name of the town Power Rangers: Dino Thunder is set in? Reefside
  6. My Question: What was the Copyzord of the episode “Test of Trust” called in the toy line?  Blizzard Force Megazord
    Question on Game: What is the Copyzord from Power Rangers: Dino Thunder "Test of Trust" episode called in the Bandai America Incorporated toy line? Blizzard Force Megazord
  7. My Question/Question on Game: What did Elsa say would be in danger because of the existence of both Trent and the evil White Ranger clone? Morphing Grid
  8. My Question/Question on Game: Cassidy and Devin wanted to discover the Rangers' identity just like which past duo? Bulk and Skull
  9. My Question: List the five auxiliary Zords. Cephalozord, Dimetrozord, Stegozord, Parasaurzord, Ankylozord
    Question on Game: Name one of the five auxiliary zords in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder: Cephalozord, Dimetrozord, Stegozord, Parasaurzord, Ankylozord 
  10. My Question: List the three Rangers that appeared in Tommy's dream in “Fighting Spirit”. Green Ranger, White Ranger, Zeo Ranger V Red
    Question in Game: Name one of the three Rangers who appeared in Tommy's dream during "Fighting Spirit" in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder. Green Power Ranger, White Power Ranger, Red Zeo Ranger

THE FOLLOWING I WROTE TO SABAN BRANDS but I'm not sure if they made it or not.
  • How was Trent Fernandez related to Anton Mercer? Adopted 
  • Where did Cassidy and Kira both intern at? a television station 
  • The Rangers call Tommy “Dr. O” because what is his last name? Oliver 
  • Which monster called Zeltrax “Father”?: Goldenrod, Jupitor, Scorpex Goldenrod 
  • Which zord did the Dino Rangers and the Evil White Ranger clone share?: Stegozord, Parasaurzord, Ankylozord Stegozord 
  • The Copyzord resembles which Megazord? Thundersaurus 
  • Which Megazord combines with all four auxiliary zords? Mezodon Megazord
  • Which episodes showed past clips of seasons Mighty Morphin through Ninja Storm? “Legacy of Power” 
  • Which of the following villains did Mesogog trap in a jar?: Lothor, Zurgane, Choobo Lothor 
  • Which Power Ranger was frozen in amber, stuck in his Ranger suit and then was invisible for a while? Tommy

Jungle Fury
  1.   My Question/Question on game: Who created the Solar Morphers? RJ's friend 
  2. My Question: What is the name of trio Rangers three Masters can conjure? Spirit Rangers Question on the game: What is the name of the trio of rangers three Masters can conjure in Power Rangers Jungle Fury? - Spirit Rangers
  3. My Question/Question on Game: Name three of the seven Masters. Mao, Phant, Swoop, Finn, Lope, Guinn and Rilla 
  4. My Question:  What weapon did Dominick use to activate the Rhino Steel Megazord? Control Dagger
    Question on Game: What device does Dominic need to summon his Rhino Steel Megazord in Power Rangers: Jungle Fury? - Control Dagger
  5. My Question/Question on Game: RJ is the first to be what in Power Ranger history? Violet Ranger
  6. My Question: What is the name of Theo's twin?  Lewin 
    Question on Game: What is the name of Theo's twin in Power Rangers: Jungle Fury? Lewin
  7. My Question/Question on game: Which of the following zords did not transform with the Jungle Master Megazord: Gorilla, Lion, Bat, Shark, Penguin, Antelope Lion
  THE FOLLOWING I WROTE TO SABAN BRANDS but I'm not sure if they made it or not.
  • What fly that bugs Camile shares the same name as Pocahontas' hummingbird? Flit 
  • Yellow Ranger's second zord shares the same name as a certain black and white arctic bird? Penguin 
  • Name five of the ten Spirit Zords. Tiger, Jaguar, Cheetah, Gorilla, Penguin, Antelope, Wolf, Rhino, Chameleon and Lion 
  • Name the three zords that make the Jungle Master Megazord. Gorilla, Antelope, Penguin 
  • Where did Dominick have the Control Dagger hidden? A) Laundry Mat B) Resturant Couch Cushions C) Couch Cushions D) Under Books 
  •  Which Megazord is formed with the Wolf, Jaguar and Tiger? Wolf Pride Megazord
  •  Which Megazord is formed with the Gorilla, Bat, Penguin and Antelope? Jungle Master Megazord with Bat Power 
  • Where were Master Rilla, Lope and Guinn located? Spirit World 
  • Who transformed Flit into a fly? Camile 
  • Which Master is R.J.'s father? Master Finn 
  • Who trained under Master Swoop before the main three Rangers?: Dominick, Jarrod, RJ 
  • Who does the Lion Zord belong to?: Dai Shi, Rio, Jarrod Jarrod
  •  Camile is the first female villain to do what? Have a Zord

Henshin Grid Exclusive: ACG Preview: Blue Mystic Force Ranger (Legend Mode)

I kindly asked Andy of Bandai's Power Rangers Action Card Game Facebook for a preview and he obliged. This is the MEGA surprise I hyped up last week on my own Facebook page and Twitter. I am proud to have a female card preview. Please just link to this page. I will release a non-watermark one in a few weeks.

This is a rare card. It is 4-046. The sound it makes in the Gosei Morpher is "Mystic Force Blue Power Up." You can discard 1 card from your training area to move up to 2 Mystic Force cards from your Discard Area to your hand. 

Saban Brands also sent me the Trivial Pursuit game that Power Force worked on, I will review it in a few hours.