Saturday, October 8, 2011

Monsters Pretending to be Rangers

Here I am talking about when a monster pretends to be one ranger but multiple at once at a time. I can't think of any more, post politely in the comments section.

MMPR (1994)
This is not from Zyuranger but Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, where Primator (from the 'Zyu2' footage) pretends to be Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger and various others.

Lost Galaxy (1999)
Mutantrum disguised as Mike in Lost Galaxy I don't know if he counterpart did so in Gingaman.

Dekaranger (2004) and SPD (2005)
Not exactly the same thing as they didn't copy the image but actually switch bodies. Wootox and Wojonian both switched bodies with the Blue Rangers in order to take control of the Deka Base Robo/Delta Base.

Gekiranger (2007)
Shiyuu hit Retsu and when he went to the mirror, his mirror self took his place. I don't really count it as the monster, he did transform into the monster but he was his offshoot.

Shinkenger (2009)
Narisumashi pretends to be Kotoha, Chiaki, Shinken Green and Shinken Red in Episode 15.

Gokaiger (2011)
It seems a monster will be imitating some of the Gokaiger in ep34.


Gokaiger 33 and Preview for 34

 Dairanger's Grand Power seems to be fire.

Ep 34:

Power Rangers Samuai - The Ultimate Duel - Review

Mia finishes off her battle with Dayu and Emily gets hurt, they return to their home. Meanwhile, Deker shows off how he can finish off Moogers and threatens humanity into getting Jayden to duel him. Kevin and Mike are against it and Mia is for it, knowing Dayu and Deker's backstory. Mia tells Emily she feels responsible for her injury because she got distracted in wanting to help Dayu. Ocotroo and Xanderd feel Jayden and Deker killing each other is great. Jayden puts Kevin in charge when they fight the Rhinosnorus. The monster becomes huge and Gold is too tired, so the others destroy him. Jayden takes a hit from Dayu on the shoulder but then it seems his arm is in a sling. Deker is then defeated Jayden. It seems he did 'die' but we Shinkenger fans all know he will return. The ending makes it seem like a premature end and the Black Box was only seen but not mentioned, I thought the Battlizer would premiere here, I guess they are waiting for Season 2. Next week is the Origin episodes.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Poll Results: Gobusters real name/Kamen Rider Posiden and Nadeshiko

Because the last weeks had too many polls, I decided to do less this week. Also, my assistants have been busy with school and their computers have failed on them, so there might be less polls.By the way, I will be having a interview with a rare Power Ranger from the past. Guess who it is?
Do you think the name Gobusters is the real 2012 Sentai title? 
  77 (36%)
  61 (29%)
  71 (33%)

What do you think of the design of Kamen Rider Posedion? 
  104 (64%)
  47 (29%)
Don't Like it
  11 (6%)

What do you think of the design of Kamen Rider Nadeshiko?
  117 (73%)
  33 (20%)
Don't Like It
  10 (6%)

Early Super Sentai - Destiny or Handpicked?

Which teams were handpicked or were destined to become Rangers? Destiny is that they were chosen by 'god' or higher powers, but what I mean by 'handpicked' is if picked out by an organization or person. Thanks to Sean A. for the info on the past teams.

Gorangers were selected military-trained people based on capabilities.

They were chosen to fight for Crime based on their abilities.

Battle Fever J
They were handpicked for their combat skills.

Sun Vulcan
Guardians of World Peace selected them.
Goggle V
Future Science Laboratory chose them.
Yumeno Invention Center selected them.

They were selected by the military and trained to see who will stand out. 

They were picked out by Sanjoru Sugata based on their martial arts skills.

Their ancestors were scattered with bio particles thus the descendants were picked up to become the new Bioman.

They were exposed to fairy energies when they were young causing them to become Turborangers in the future.

Random as they were the survivors who were spotted by Professor Hoshi to finish the super project.

They were kidnapped and be trained to fight.  

 IC found five young people (who may or may not be descendants of the Denzi people) to become the Denzimen in order to defend Earth, the Vader Clan's next target.

Super Sentai 00's - Destined or Handpicked?

Which teams were handpicked or were destined to become Rangers? Destiny is that they were chosen by 'god' or higher powers, but what I mean by 'handpicked' is if picked out by an organization or person.

Destined to be Gaoranger.

Destined to be Abaranger, Asuka tried the Dino Guts on others but it was rejected.Well also they were descendants of Dino People.

They all joined for their own reasons but were handpicked by Doggie or SPD to be a team.

Mr. Voice chose them.
Shafu chose them.

The Engines chose them.

 Akared picked Marvelous, Marvelous picked the other four and Mikoto, Burai and Naoto picked Gai.

 Sort of linage as the parents chose their own kids to be Magiranger.

 They were chosen because their parents were and so on and so forth. Kotoha took the place of her sister.

 They were the last ones left and had no choice.

I think they were picked by Master Head but were the last ones on Earth.