Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills Episode 5 Perceptions and Episode 6

Like Billy in MMPR, Swinton has a crush on a girl but unlike MMPR, the teens give him contrary advise and might cause Swinton's life when it translates into battle, getting a scolding from the genderless Nimbar. In defense of TTAFFBH, it is a satire of MMPR, with its Zordon mentor Nimbar, sitting down villain like Zedd, giant monsters, teenagers that have secret and hides when summoned and a combination warrior in Knightron. Unlike MMPR, there is no putties or human-size form, they just go straight to giant, making it faster. And instead of a big robot, the four combine into one warrior. And they poke holes into the logic of the Zordon-teen relationship. Drew feels she was forced to be a sentinel and later, an old Sentinel comes to tell them not to trust Nimbar. Also, the Sentinels couldn't communicate with Nimbar, causing more conflict than with MMPR, where they could talk to him through their communicators.

Episode 6 deals with a Les Miserables paper that gets eaten by a monster and Drew might have to cheat, the hardest homework the Power Rangers ever had was show and tell.

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