Saturday, November 6, 2010

Poll Results: Super Sentai and Kamen Rider Merchandise you buy / More Special Weeks / Polls / You buy toys?

If you do, which merchandise of Super Sentai do you buy?
DVDs - 79
Action Figures - 69
Mecha - 63
Other Toys - 40
Posters - 36
Books/Magazines - 31
Statuettes - 23

If you do, which merchandise of Kamen Rider do you buy?
DVDs - 62
Action Figures - 52
Other Toys - 43
Books/Magazines - 33
Posters - 32
S.I.C. Figures - 32
Statuettes - 22

What other kind of the Special Weeks should I have?
Zord Week - 123
Cast Week - 87
Toy Week - 73
None of the Above - 11

What kind of polls in the blog would you like the most to vote on?
Best of - 104
Toys - 77
Actor Hotness - 70
Questioning Episodes - 58
Personal Questions - 52
Acting - 50
Questioning Companies - 42

Do you buy Power Ranger Toys?
Yes, to collect - 96
Used to - 51
No - 20
Yes, for my kids - 5

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fan Cosplay

Following are pictures I found on the web. Now, the costumes that look exactly like the ones on the show are made by fans, from actual molds, they make the helmets, costumes run around $300 to $600 dollars. The inaccurate looking ones of course are cheaper. Now, there are certain costumes that don't look accurate and are made by fans, like Zedd, Rita, Megazords, Kegaleshia, etc. In japan, the regular uniforms (Jackets, etc.) are available for sale for adults. Saban should really license the suits, he would make a lot of money, like the Star Wars people do.

Rita, MMPR, and Zedd

Mega Yellow / Yellow Space Ranger, Kamen Rider Hibiki, and Gao White / White Wild Force Ranger.

Armored Dragon Ranger / MMPR Red and Abare Killer / White Dino Ranger

Rangers at Power Morphicon 2007
Aka Ranger (Goranger) and Dyna Black from Dynaman at Power Morphicon 2007.

Rangers at Power Morphicon 2010
PROO, MMPR, Turbo, Lost Galaxy, Samurai Red Rangers, MMPR Black Ranger and Dino Thunder Triassic Ranger.

Cutie Honey and Kiba Ranger/MMPR White Ranger

Abare Black / Black Dino Ranger

Deka Master/Shadow Ranger and Triceratops Ranger/MMPR Blue

Change Dragon from Changeman

Oh Red / Zeo Ranger I and Jan from Gekiranger

Mega Silver / Silver Space Ranger

White Swan (Jetman) and Bouken Red/ PROO Red

White Swan (Jetman) and Red Hawk

Tenma Ranger (Dairanger)

Go Green / Lightspeed Ranger

Kamen Rider ZX SIC version

STGCC Cosplay Kamen Rider Kiva

Stgcc 2009 Kamen Rider Kabuto

Mindanao Cosplay Summit 2010 Kamen Rider Faiz

Kamen Rider V3 @ AFA 2009

Kamen Rider Decade and Diend


Black Lion Rio / Dai Shi

SPD Battlizer

Go-On Red and a fan-made Kegaleshia

Two girls as Tetsu/Deka Break and Lisa/Deka Bright
Boom for SPD (A combo of Boom's dream of being an Orange Ranger and the actual suit he cooked up).

Deka Gold from Dekaranger

MMPR Movie Green Ninja Ranger, never existed.

I forgot the name of this fictional Ranger, I do know she wrote a fan fiction and then had the suit made.

Gold Ranger, Saboten-Con in Mesa, Arizona; A combination of Jungle Fury Helmet, Lost Galaxy and Ninja Storm Morphers.