Sunday, October 31, 2010

Super Sentai: Scariest, Freakiest or most Distrubing Monsters

In honor of Halloween, here are some monsters that I recall that were a bit disturbing, scary, freaky or just plain strange.

In Zyuranger, in how Dora Franke transformed into Zombie Franke was pretty freaky and gross, this was skipped in MMPR.

In Dairanger, when Jin became Garouki (Hungry Wolf Demon)---it was pretty creepy. He would attack people at night and suck their blood. Blood would run from his mouth. That is why the footage of Skerellina (his MMPR counterpart) wasn't that long.

It doesn't sound that bad--killer puppets, but with the right music and mood, it can get pretty creepy. The Key monster would take kids' souls and put them into puppets and they would attack people.

General Catcus was pretty creepy for kids, as he was a pedophile, he would freeze little girls he kidnapped into dolls.

In Kakuranger, Tsuchigmo was a little bit creepy with anticipation and in how she was in the dark.

Some commenters reminded me the other Youkai of Kakuranger were pretty much freaky and creepy.

Obnu-Obake (Ohranger vs. Kakuranger) doesn't look spooky but he was pretty disturbing as he would hump girls and rape them and take over people's bodies, he was just one evil pervert.

In Carranger, some monsters were pretty creepy and gross looking. This one always gave me goosebumps.

The three space wolves in Hurricanger, the brutal way they ate people's shadows, turning them into vampire/werewolf hybrids.

Belbirege the Incubus in Magiranger, was pretty creepy, in how he harvested souls.

In Magiranger episode 26, the harpy's song made a parasite into the victim's stomach, killing them. It was pretty creepy.

I'm sure there are more, I just don't recall any right now, like the others, this is not a definitive list.


ThatChick said...

Kakuranger had a LOAD of disturbing monsters, all were based on Japanese mythology which had the best monsters ever.

Hallwings said...

What about Onbu-Obake (a.k.a. Pink Hentai)? I'm sure Tsuruhime-chan still has nightmares are him!

Chynna Moore said...

I totally agree on the Dora Frankie one. The transformation there just looked grotesque, even for my liking. At least in MMPR, it was split into two monsters of the week, so I bet money was saved there.