Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monsters and Villains not avaliable in big form but in small form

Villains (like Lord Zedd and Goldar) have been released in small sets, but here I am covering those that are rarely seen. The following are villains or monsters that were not released big but in a small form.

A small Gluto was released with the Green Ranger in this Transwarp Megazord Playset.

Retinaxe was released in this Red Lion Fang Playset.

Choobo in Ninja Training Playset

A blue Zurgane in this Thunder Academy Playset. Zurgane did get an accurate figure, I know.

Motordrone and Vexacus came in the green Samurai Action Playset. Vexacus did get a figure, I know.

Morticon and the eye of the Master in this Adventure Set.

Styxoid released in Mini Adventure Set.

Lava Lizard in this PROO Adventure Set. Chillers were included as well, they did get 5.5" figure.

In the Jungle Master Adventure Set, came a Rinshi, they were not released in 5.5" inches like the other minions.In the Engine Adventure Set, the General Shifter came in transparent yellow and General Crunch came in transparent blue.

In the High Octane Adventure Set, Venjix (his first Attackbot suit) came in transparent red.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you forget that some of the RPM Full Throttle Rangers came with a small version of either General Crunch or Shifter?

Lavender Ranger said...

yeah its true i forgot.