Saturday, February 27, 2010

Poll Results: Gosei Knight, Mystic Runner and MMPR Season 2

What do you think about the design of Gosei Knight?
127 of 224 voted 'Cool,' 57 voted Dunno, 30 voted Growing on Me, and 10 voted Dumb.

What do you think about Mystic Ostrich?
Cool -- 89 of 209, Growing on Me -- 68 votes and 48 voted 'Dumb'.

Would've you been okay with a change of uniforms in Season 2 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?
Yes to the Dairanger suits replacing the 1st suits -- 144 of 230 votes
No (All together) -- 29 votes
Maybe -- 22 votes
Don't Know -- 17 votes
Yes, only to helmet change but keeping the 1st season suits -- 10 votes
No to the Dairanger suits but yes to suit change -- 8 votes

My Little Pony Customs as Power Rangers

My Little Pony customs are common for My Little Pony fans, it has happened for years. Now, Hasbro has come up with a cool blank My Little Pony toy for fans to customize. I looked but there are no Power Ranger customs. Some pictures here on this Batman Blog.

I did this in a program, not physically. Maybe if I did it physically, I would do the belts. I drew the belts and they didn't look good. So I decided to leave them like this. I colored the eyes by the Dino Zord eyes and the hair was just me color-coordinating. I originally had the Blue Ranger's hair Red but thought it was too much like the Red Ranger so I went with Cyan. I had the White Ranger's eyes blue but then went with purple, I didn't go with red--the color of the Tigerzord's eyes because almost all the Dinozord's (Triceratops, Sabertooth, Dragonzord, etc.) eyes are red! The Mammoth's eyes are black, so I gave the Black Ranger red eyes. I gave the Pink Ranger green eyes because her helmet has green eyes and white hair to go with how her helmet goes. I gave the Green Ranger pink hair because pink is the complementary color of green, it might look effeminate but it is a Little Pony! I combined two of my favorite things!

UPDATE 2/27/10 11PM EST
I went crazy and did some Shinkenger ones and Geki Violet too.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2010 TV April Schedule

"No Clowning Around"
March 27, 2010
Trini's cousin Sylvia doesn't listen to her and goes with a stranger, Pineapple the Clown, who is out to turn the Rangers into cardboard cutouts.

"Green With Evil Part One" (Out of Control)
April 3, 2010
New boy in town Tommy is targeted by Rita to be the unwilling user of the Sixth Power Coin.

"Green With Evil Part Two" (Jason's Battle)
April 10, 2010
Zordon and Alpha are out, Tommy is given the Sword of Darkness and Jason is betrayed and taken to the Dark Dimension as Goldar's victim.
No 'new' episodes on April 17 or 24 - West Coast pre-emptions

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2010 - Happy Birthday Zack - Ep Review

"Happy Birthday Zack"

This episode, along with "A Pressing Engagement," "Foul Play in the Sky," "Madame Woe," and "No Clowning Around" came in an Interactive CD-ROM back in 1994. I used to have it and wish I didn't give it away. I could have used the .mov files. I gave it to a second cousin in a foreign country and he probably already got rid of it. Anyhoo, I loved this episode back when, because Zack was my favorite Ranger.

I like the new factoid of Skull, but they didn't pause it long enough to read it. It says Weapons is his Whiny Laugh and Zords is Mega Bootlicker. I am glad they got his name right: Eugene "Skull" Skulovitch. Wonder where they got the name? Old Saban files or the internet? Maybe our site?

In this episode, instead of Bulk getting covered with cake or goo, it is Ernie and Billy. No 'new' episode next week, actually "No Clowing Around" doesn't air until the last week of March. "Green with Evil" saga starts in April.

Poll Results: Most Attractive Sentai Villainess?

Winner! 103 of 316

Nai (left) and Mea (right)
Nai got 65 and Mea got 7 votes.

47 votes

36 votes

13 votes

2 votes

12 votes

5 votes

8 votes

6 votes

4 votes

4 votes

Kazu no Shizuka
4 votes

Friday, February 26, 2010

Goseiger New Headers -- Sea and Land

Indigo MantaHeader (Manta Ray--top), Teal NokogiriHeader (Nokogiri is Sawfish--center) and Cyan HammerHeader (Hammerhead Shark--bottom). The heads can be swapped out for GoseiShark's. Nokogiri's saw can spin.

The black KuwagaHeader (Stag Beetle--top), TyrannoHeader (Tyrannosaurus--center), and SaiHeader (drilling Rhino--bottom), that can be swapped with either GoseiSnake and GoseiTiger. StagHeader (black) belongs to GoseiSnake, as does Tyranno (orange in color).

Seaick GoseiGreat

Landick Gosei Great


Landick Brothers Set

Seaick Brothers Set

Mascot Robo Data Sypher: