Saturday, March 5, 2011

Super Sentai Songs on iTunes! And Samurai Ratings

Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. has announced the release of the “Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger” theme song, set for March 2, 2011, in addition to the start of overseas distribution of the “Super Sentai Theme Song Series,” which comprises six of current total of 35 “Super Sentai Series” theme songs, available exclusively on iTunes beginning March 9th, 2011.

Ratings were up with boys, compared to Disney (Cars Movie) by seven per cent with boys aged two to 11 and by 34 per cent with the boys aged six to 11 category. Perhaps due to its heritage appeal, the launch brought in solid adult audiences too, earning a 0.57 adults 18 to 49 rating and a 0.61 male 18 to 49 rating, which is an increase of eight per cent and 61 per cent year-on-year, respectively.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Gokai Lavender: My Fan Fiction Comic #2

Due to popular demand and that I liked the response, I decided to continue. I bought some more markers and went deeper with it.

Note: I know this sounds mean, but please do not request me to draw you something right now because I am quite busy. I wish I could but can't!
I can't believe I did this, it's beautiful.

The monster of the day: Janark. I still haven't figured out the pattern of the Zanyack monsters, I decided to do something similar to the past three monsters and also attentive to his color blindness for his color scheme.

I decided to do the Pink Rangers in different shades in order to play with the markers I got.

Lai Choi San is a real life pirate, I just picked a name as a homage. To be continued!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gokaiger March Pics #1: Deka, Inside GokaiGalleon, and Red Rangerkeys

First look at the GokaiDekaOh. Pics scanned by

Gokai Lavender: My Fan Fiction Comic

I've been planning this for a while and decided to sit down and draw it. This is my character Gokai Lavender (ゴーカイラベンダー), a mysterious Gokaiger that has keys that the others simply do not have. We'll see if there will be actual Ranger Keys on the past heroes portrayed below (DekaBright, MagiMother, DekaSwan, etc.) in the actual series, but I decided to play with a little. Yes, I know I draw like a kid and write worse. I was going to make her guns another color other than red, but I forgot and was already coring them in red. Also her Gokai symbol is different, it has a mouth too, in homage to the Real Ghostbusters ghost symbol.

I know someone will ask me about my fan film, this is all I will say about it, it is not finished filming and most likely will try this summer when I have free time. I'll let you guys know when there is any new developments.

Commonly Used Japanese Locations in Tokusatsu (Updated)

Neo Kerberos has kindly shown me his website, which has locations in japan where various Tokusatsu shows are shot or were shot. It is in French and English.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Saban Brands: When adapting Gokaiger, how to handle Legacy War

This might be re-posted after the Goseiger Adaption is done.

Here are some tips for Saban Producers to handling the Legacy War from Gokaiger for Power Rangers.
For those that don't know, Gokaiger is the 2011 Sentai and might be adapted into Power Rangers in 2013 or 2014. In the first episode and apparently the movie as well, we see the Legacy War, which has the past 34 Super Sentai (teams) fighting footsoldiers of the main villain for the Gokaiger series. They loose their powers in order to back away the villains. There are some problems in using this footage...

1. Past Teams
First would be the past 16 teams (15 before Zyuranger and Dairanger) that never became Power Rangers. Now, the Saban producers can re-shoot the footage and exclude these guys or use the footage and say they are other Power Rangers from other planets, dimensions or time.

2. Aquitar Rangers as Ninjas
This is very minor but if they use the footage, there is a brief scene where the Hurricanger and Kakuranger fight together. They are both ninja in Sentai. Hurricanger = Ninja Storm and Kakuranger were the Aquitar Rangers in PR, but the Aquitar Rangers are not ninjas in Power Rangers. So the footage shows that they are indeed ninjas, using powers they didn't use in the Power Rangers.

3. Mighty Morphin Powers
The Mighty Morphin Powers themselves were said to be destroyed but we did see them be reused in "Always a Chance", "Forever Red" and "Once A Ranger." Jason and Rocky were the Red Ranger, but it can be said Jason would be the Red Ranger so Rocky could take the place of a Zeo Ranger. Zack and Adam were the Black Ranger, but it can be said Zack would be the black Ranger (even with the mask), so Adam could be a Zeo Ranger. Billy is always Blue Ranger and was only the Blue Ranger. Trini and Aisha were the Yellow Rangers, fans wouldn't want Trini there in respect for the actress who died in 2001, so we can say Aisha is Yellow. Kim and Kat were the Pink Ranger, but it could be said it is Kim as Kat can be a Zeo Ranger.

4. Zeo Powers
Zeo Powers were abandoned and still active as seen in "Forever Red." If Zack takes spot of Black, Adam can be Green for Zeo. If Jason takes spot of Red, Rocky can be Blue for Zeo. Tanya can be Yellow, Kat can be Pink if it is supposed that Kim was MMPR Pink. And even though Jason was the Gold Ranger, the powers are now with Trey. This is assumed in "Countdown to Destruction" finale for "Power Rangers in Space" even though we don't see his face.

5. Space Powers
Andros was Red, Carlos was Black, TJ was Blue, Ashley was Yellow, Cassie was Pink and Zhane was Silver. But Carlos, TJ, Ashley and Cassie were also the Turbo Rangers. Adam, Tommy, Tanya and Kat were Turbo Rangers too but if they are busy being Zeo Rangers, then who are being the Turbo Rangers if the other four will be Space Rangers.

6. Turbo Powers Dilemma
Tommy, Adam, Tanya, and Kat were Turbo Rangers but if they are busy being Zeo Rangers, then they can't be Turbo Rangers. TJ, Carlos, Ashley and Cassie were Turbo Rangers but if TJ, Carlos, Ashley and Cassie are busy being Space Rangers, then they can't be Turbo Rangers. The only Ranger you can have with Turbo Ranger is Justin. Even if you are not using actors and just suits, you have to take this in consideration when shooting a scene that has a lot of past teams and suits. Then you would just have the Blue Turbo Ranger by himself.

Writing loophole: In the episode "Robot Rangers" of Turbo, it had been established that Zordon was making robot duplicates of the Turbo team, namely Justin, Cassie, Carlos, TJ and Ashley. So we can say they are being used.

7. Tommy's Powers
If they do use the footage or re-shoot it, it limits how many Ranger suits can appear because Tommy has been many Rangers--five in fact and only one of them that was used by someone else and can be replaced. Above we see the back of four Rangers, using the terms of Power Rangers: Red Turbo Ranger, Zeo Ranger I Red, Black Dino Ranger, White Ranger, and Green Ranger.

Tommy had five powers: Red Turbo Ranger, Zeo Ranger I Red, Black Dino Ranger, White Ranger, and Green Ranger. Even if they have the helmets on, it wouldn't make sense for them to exist. Above photo is from the episode "Fighting Spirit" of Dino Thunder, where Tommy is in a coma and has to fight his past selves but it was their spirits in a dream realm. So Saban producers, if I had to do it, I would just choose one suit for Tommy. If you are using just suits, then just have either Black Dino Ranger or just Zeo Ranger I Red. White and Green can't be present at all. If Black is used, then Zeo Red can't be used because no one else had those powers. But there are other loop holes......

Now two can be replaced to hold the powers, fans often quote these two but writers might not know about these. There is the White Stranger to the left (from Season 2 two-parter "Wild West Rangers") and Tommy's clone (from season 2 three-parter "The Return of the Green Ranger.") to the right. The White Stranger seemed to be a natural ancestor of Tommy from the natural progression of time. Tommy's clone was created in 'present day' of MMPR by the Wizard of Deception from a lock of Tommy's hair and was left in Colonial Times of Angel Grove, so he is alive. So these two can be taken and said they are White Ranger and Green Ranger.

Other than that, all the other teams don't have those conflicts as they all lasted one year and they didn't switch powers. The only one from Lost Galaxy and on that will be hard is the Black Ranger from Dino Thunder as I have mentioned, because of Tommy. Other than that, all the other suits (Lost Galaxy to Samurai) can be present.

Easy to Use
The following Ranger suits you can't use without a explanation and then there will be fan complaints....

PROS to Re-shooting the War:
1. Excluding those suits that don't sense to exist
2. Get to include more Power Rangers that were not in Super Sentai like Titanium Ranger, Elephant Ranger, Bat Ranger and Shark Ranger.
3. The original Legacy War in Gokaiger has 182 heroes, but maybe too much to re-shoot. To re-shoot, probably have around 104 or 108 Rangers.

CONS to not Re-shooting the War:
1. Have unexplained never-seen-before Rangers..
2. Have unexplained powers being used, especially the Tommy powers.
3. And the strange exclusion of Titanium Ranger.


Poll Results: Kiss/Kill/Marry

Kiss/Kill/Marry: Who would you just Kiss?
86 (22%)
78 (20%)
Luka Millfy
160 (41%)
Ahim de Famille
60 (15%)
So guys (and maybe some girls) want to kiss Luka (Goaki Yellow).

Kiss/Kill/Marry: Who would you want bumped off?
127 (41%)
53 (17%)
Luka Millfy
54 (17%)
Ahim de Famille
71 (23%)
So everyone wants to bump off Mia (Pink Samurai), poor girl.

Kiss/Kill/Marry: Who would you rather marry?
57 (14%)
105 (27%)
Luka Millfy
161 (42%)
Ahim de Famille
58 (15%)
At first they wanted to marry Luka, then it was Emily in the lead but it is Luka once again.

Kiss/Kill/Marry: Who would you just kiss? (Male)
81 (37%)
44 (20%)
9 (4%)
44 (20%)
Don Dogoier
23 (10%)
Joe Gibken
15 (6%)
Girls and guys want to kiss Jayden (Red Samurai Ranger). At first, it was Mike but lost out to Jayden.

Kiss/Kill/Marry: Who would you want bumped off? (Male)
41 (19%)
29 (13%)
89 (41%)
15 (7%)
Don Dogoier
21 (9%)
Joe Gibken
17 (8%)
Poor Kevin, gets bumped off.

Kiss/Kill/Marry: Who would you marry? (Male)
70 (33%)
42 (20%)
15 (7%)
53 (25%)
Don Dogoier
17 (8%)
Joe Gibken
12 (5%
Marvelous was close but Jayden won out.

Favorite Kamen Rider OOO Combo?
184 (72%)
66 (26%)
69 (27%)
70 (27%)
81 (32%)
75 (29%)
71 (28%)

To prove something to my mother about Power Rangers subliminal gay messages, what is your sexual orientation?
41 (12%)
234 (71%)
23 (7%)
8 (2%)
None of Above
20 (6%)

I don't talk too much of my personal, but my mom was recently in the hospital. She's all right now, she is okay, just some routine stuff. But I told her about this poll, my dad thought it was silly that my mom said PR had subliminal gay messages. These results have left her mum (Is that considered pun?).

Pros and Cons: If Saban Adapts Gokaiger

Yes, I know it is too earl to be speculating on this since Samurai (2011) is currently airing and it is based on Shinkenger (2009)--said to last two seasons, but it is fun to speculate. Some fans would prefer Saban not to adapt Gokaiger. But it will most likely will be adapted. Remember when people thought that Shinkenger was not going to be adapted because it was quote-end-quote 'too Japanese.'

There are three avenues they can go....
1. Don't Adapt
2. Adapt, skip all the old team Rangers and/or replace with others (Difficult task)
3. Adapt, introduce old teams as 'new' teams of PR

But let's go over the factors to why fans think Saban won't adapt it.
The Gokaiger transform into past teams, but not only one that were adapted into Power Rangers but all 34 past teams, many (15) that were not adapted. And many of the costume designs are sort of ugly or not appealing to modern audiences. But look at Gingaman, those suits were adapted for Lost Galaxy and many fans complained those suits were ugly and looked like Charlie Brown T-shirts, also that the Lightspeed costumes looked like pinwheels/peppermints. Another factor is that Saban is planning to use the Samurai theme in 2012 and Goseiger will most likely be adapted in 2013 and Saban Brands have confirmed that 2013 will be the anniversary year for Power Rangers. Since Gokaiger celebrates 35 anniversary and there will be a lot of nostalgia for a season if Gokaiger is indeed adapted into Power Rangers, it would be strange if it was airing in 2014 after the 20th anniversary and with so much nostalgia.

If Saban Brands chose to skip over footage of past Sentai, it would be a bit difficult, as the Gokaiger sometimes become past warriors, mixed with those that were adapted into Power Rangers. For example in the above photo, Yellow becomes Gao White, who PR fans know as White Wild Force Ranger (2002). But the other two--Big One and White Swan, were not ever Power Rangers. One can think Saban is having Samurai for 2 seasons and Goseiger adaption for 2013 a.k.a. the 20th anniversary in order to skip Gokaiger for 2014 and adapt the 2012 Sentai for 2014. But Disney and Saban, both who have run Power Rangers, have never skipped a season.

Another factor is the 'Legend War,' which we see briefly in the first episode and is said to be full blown in one of the Gokaiger movies coming soon. Many PR fans comment that it is hard to explain how it is possible for one team to be present if many of the Rangers shared powers. Since we have seen Adam use the Black Ranger powers twice after MMPR was over, one would think he would be MMPR Black but he could easily gave his powers to Zack and he took either Zeo or Turbo. Since we don't see their faces, we can assume Trini is MM Yellow and the original five are the MMPR. But if Tommy, Kat, Tanya, Adam and Rocky took the Zeo powers and TJ, Cassie, Ashley and Carlos took the Space powers for this war, it would leave Justin lonely with the Turbo powers. Now, if the Saban producers choose to not use the 15 teams that were not PR, then they would have to re-shoot the 'war' with only 18 teams and they could just have Blue Turbo Ranger with no one else and Black Dino Ranger absent. Or maybe they can say they recruited some help, Aisha for Turbo and some other three (or those Robot Rangers in Turbo that writers forgotten). Another thing one fan brought up is that maybe Tommy can switch from his five past powers (Green to White to Zeo to Turbo to Dino Thunder), meaning they would have to reshoot the war. Or they could just choose to use the Gokaiger footage of the Rangers in suit and make fans debate even more than in "Forever Red."

Disregard! Update 9/29/11! RPM and Samurai teamup has been announced.
Another thing I forgot about as a con is the RPM continuation. There is a lot of contest between fans if RPM is canon because it takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and the only connection to past seasons it had was the presence of "Jungle Karma Pizza," the work place of Jungle Fury. But it can be argued that there is a year between RPM and Samurai, and some towns rebuilt rather quickly. But anyway, Samurai hasn't said what year it was and neither did RPM. So they can just have the suits in the war and not explain it. As for the show itself in having past rangers come in, that is up to the writers.

Advantages to adapting the series would be that since Bandai America likes repackaging toys and re-painting toys to save money, they can release a lot of old toys (more than before) for the Gokaiger-adapted season. And if they do use 'Rangers' of past Sentai, they can release more toys.

Another Pro is that in Power Rangers, we can finally see females in colors we haven't seen before like Navy, Black and more Reds. And some different twists to past Rangers we have not seen before.

In the past three episodes that have aired of Gokaiger, I see plenty of footage that can be used and little snippets they can cut. For example, in the first episode they become Magiranger, Shinkenger and Goranger. Mystic Force and Samurai can be used. The Goranger part can be supplemented for the original MMPR. Look at Samurai, they re-shot a lot of fighting footage where the Kuruko of Shinkenger were and also where the Japanese actors were at and matching looked effortless. In Episode 2 of Gokaiger, they become Hurricanger, Dekaranger and past reds, those can easily be Ninja Storm, SPD, and the reds were Power Rangers once before (more on that later).

As mentioned before, in Ep 3, Blue becomes Big One and Pink becomes White Swan, if they chose to skip over teams that were not PR, they can skip that part of the footage and definately can use when the three become Black Rangers. They become AbareBlack/Black Dino Ranger, Ninja Black/Black Aquitar Ranger and Go-On Black/Ranger Black. Also another factor is that most PR seasons are shorter than the Sentai series, so they can skip and mesh episodes together, so they don't need to show every Gokaiger transformation.

Now if they do choose to use past teams that were not Power Rangers, it would be a bit difficult to explain who is who or from what team. For example, if they do choose to show Big One and White Swan in PR, it would seem out of nowhere if used out of context. PR fans would be like 'who are these two from?' I do hope they use some past teams, but hopefully use footage when the new team all become the whole team, and not when the old powers are used individually. If they do re-shoot and replace Big One and White Swan with two other white Power Rangers, that would be interesting to see as well. White Swan could be swapped for White Aquitar Ranger and Big One could be swapped for Rhino Ranger.

In Conclusion, I think it could easily be adaptable and there is no reason (money-wise) not to do it. But fans will speculate all they want and I will speculate all I want, we can cry till the cows come home but we will never know until 3 years from now or a little sooner than that. It will definitely be interesting to see how they do it too.