Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pros and Cons: If Saban Adapts Gokaiger

Yes, I know it is too earl to be speculating on this since Samurai (2011) is currently airing and it is based on Shinkenger (2009)--said to last two seasons, but it is fun to speculate. Some fans would prefer Saban not to adapt Gokaiger. But it will most likely will be adapted. Remember when people thought that Shinkenger was not going to be adapted because it was quote-end-quote 'too Japanese.'

There are three avenues they can go....
1. Don't Adapt
2. Adapt, skip all the old team Rangers and/or replace with others (Difficult task)
3. Adapt, introduce old teams as 'new' teams of PR

But let's go over the factors to why fans think Saban won't adapt it.
The Gokaiger transform into past teams, but not only one that were adapted into Power Rangers but all 34 past teams, many (15) that were not adapted. And many of the costume designs are sort of ugly or not appealing to modern audiences. But look at Gingaman, those suits were adapted for Lost Galaxy and many fans complained those suits were ugly and looked like Charlie Brown T-shirts, also that the Lightspeed costumes looked like pinwheels/peppermints. Another factor is that Saban is planning to use the Samurai theme in 2012 and Goseiger will most likely be adapted in 2013 and Saban Brands have confirmed that 2013 will be the anniversary year for Power Rangers. Since Gokaiger celebrates 35 anniversary and there will be a lot of nostalgia for a season if Gokaiger is indeed adapted into Power Rangers, it would be strange if it was airing in 2014 after the 20th anniversary and with so much nostalgia.

If Saban Brands chose to skip over footage of past Sentai, it would be a bit difficult, as the Gokaiger sometimes become past warriors, mixed with those that were adapted into Power Rangers. For example in the above photo, Yellow becomes Gao White, who PR fans know as White Wild Force Ranger (2002). But the other two--Big One and White Swan, were not ever Power Rangers. One can think Saban is having Samurai for 2 seasons and Goseiger adaption for 2013 a.k.a. the 20th anniversary in order to skip Gokaiger for 2014 and adapt the 2012 Sentai for 2014. But Disney and Saban, both who have run Power Rangers, have never skipped a season.

Another factor is the 'Legend War,' which we see briefly in the first episode and is said to be full blown in one of the Gokaiger movies coming soon. Many PR fans comment that it is hard to explain how it is possible for one team to be present if many of the Rangers shared powers. Since we have seen Adam use the Black Ranger powers twice after MMPR was over, one would think he would be MMPR Black but he could easily gave his powers to Zack and he took either Zeo or Turbo. Since we don't see their faces, we can assume Trini is MM Yellow and the original five are the MMPR. But if Tommy, Kat, Tanya, Adam and Rocky took the Zeo powers and TJ, Cassie, Ashley and Carlos took the Space powers for this war, it would leave Justin lonely with the Turbo powers. Now, if the Saban producers choose to not use the 15 teams that were not PR, then they would have to re-shoot the 'war' with only 18 teams and they could just have Blue Turbo Ranger with no one else and Black Dino Ranger absent. Or maybe they can say they recruited some help, Aisha for Turbo and some other three (or those Robot Rangers in Turbo that writers forgotten). Another thing one fan brought up is that maybe Tommy can switch from his five past powers (Green to White to Zeo to Turbo to Dino Thunder), meaning they would have to reshoot the war. Or they could just choose to use the Gokaiger footage of the Rangers in suit and make fans debate even more than in "Forever Red."

Disregard! Update 9/29/11! RPM and Samurai teamup has been announced.
Another thing I forgot about as a con is the RPM continuation. There is a lot of contest between fans if RPM is canon because it takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and the only connection to past seasons it had was the presence of "Jungle Karma Pizza," the work place of Jungle Fury. But it can be argued that there is a year between RPM and Samurai, and some towns rebuilt rather quickly. But anyway, Samurai hasn't said what year it was and neither did RPM. So they can just have the suits in the war and not explain it. As for the show itself in having past rangers come in, that is up to the writers.

Advantages to adapting the series would be that since Bandai America likes repackaging toys and re-painting toys to save money, they can release a lot of old toys (more than before) for the Gokaiger-adapted season. And if they do use 'Rangers' of past Sentai, they can release more toys.

Another Pro is that in Power Rangers, we can finally see females in colors we haven't seen before like Navy, Black and more Reds. And some different twists to past Rangers we have not seen before.

In the past three episodes that have aired of Gokaiger, I see plenty of footage that can be used and little snippets they can cut. For example, in the first episode they become Magiranger, Shinkenger and Goranger. Mystic Force and Samurai can be used. The Goranger part can be supplemented for the original MMPR. Look at Samurai, they re-shot a lot of fighting footage where the Kuruko of Shinkenger were and also where the Japanese actors were at and matching looked effortless. In Episode 2 of Gokaiger, they become Hurricanger, Dekaranger and past reds, those can easily be Ninja Storm, SPD, and the reds were Power Rangers once before (more on that later).

As mentioned before, in Ep 3, Blue becomes Big One and Pink becomes White Swan, if they chose to skip over teams that were not PR, they can skip that part of the footage and definately can use when the three become Black Rangers. They become AbareBlack/Black Dino Ranger, Ninja Black/Black Aquitar Ranger and Go-On Black/Ranger Black. Also another factor is that most PR seasons are shorter than the Sentai series, so they can skip and mesh episodes together, so they don't need to show every Gokaiger transformation.

Now if they do choose to use past teams that were not Power Rangers, it would be a bit difficult to explain who is who or from what team. For example, if they do choose to show Big One and White Swan in PR, it would seem out of nowhere if used out of context. PR fans would be like 'who are these two from?' I do hope they use some past teams, but hopefully use footage when the new team all become the whole team, and not when the old powers are used individually. If they do re-shoot and replace Big One and White Swan with two other white Power Rangers, that would be interesting to see as well. White Swan could be swapped for White Aquitar Ranger and Big One could be swapped for Rhino Ranger.

In Conclusion, I think it could easily be adaptable and there is no reason (money-wise) not to do it. But fans will speculate all they want and I will speculate all I want, we can cry till the cows come home but we will never know until 3 years from now or a little sooner than that. It will definitely be interesting to see how they do it too.


Anonymous said...

It never occurred to me the fact that some of the Rangers shared identities could be an obstacle in adapting Gokaiger, even if they omit the main Dairangers and the pre-Zyuranger teams. The biggest problem is Tommy, since the Robot Rangers from Turbo could substitute either incarnation of that team, while Aisha could replace Trini if they do out-of-costume stuff for the MMPR team. Tommy on the other hand, had four Ranger identities unique to him (Green, White, Zeo V, and Black Dino Thunder). Even bringing back the Tommy Oliver clone from Season 2, that still leaves out three of his alter-egos. Maybe they could do like Kamen Rider Decade did with Black and RX and have four different incarnations of Tommy together.

Anonymous said...

I think they should adapt Gokaiger. As a fan of power rangers/super sentai it would be nice to see all the rangers come together

Anonymous said...

Dude I believe in saban and they never let's us in the USA down before so I think if they adapted gokai it will just as awesome as samurai or any of the other, I really like the gokai series so I think it will be ok *thumbs up*

Anonymous said...

if goseiger is 20th anniversary, they might just cut away every footage of the past sentai team. nowadays power rangers season include many american scene so who knows? they might just get the costume from toei and film the entire season american footage (mmpr season 2 and 3 example). alternatively, they can just make all the past team into aliens from other plaents that is the most simple way perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Maybe if they adapt Gokaigers , the first episode should relate how the rangers came from , like ' there used to be heroes all over the world ' slowly naming all the rangers team and tell how the Legend War started
^ this is just a theory , if u get my point

kesemekbukpro said...


Saban can just reintroduce the old sentai teams as pre-old Power Rangers.
here's my vision:

"During The Power Rangers "Legendary War", every past power rangers from MMPR -> the future Goseiger adaptation morphs simultaneously. This create a one massive energy channel & huge vibration to the morphing grid; which powerful enough to reincarnate ZORDON.

While the reincarnated Zordon watch the war from above, he telepathically tell either Jason or Tommy the fact that they're not alone. .....and not the first one.
Then zordon send his pasts power rangers that exist from his galaxy; which used to serve zordon to protect and serve their own worlds FAR BEFORE the MMPR.
Those rangers are the adaptation of GoRanger - Jetman; whatever Saban will name them later on."

That's all I got :p.

Anonymous said...

I speculate that Saban might use this Gokaiger and written an original story on Pirates Power Rangers...
I have reason so say so because: -Saban no need remake the scene but make the whole season original
-plus Saban have one more season to go before this is reveal
-Remember that Halim Saban, the owner of Saban Company is a Millionaire now, if someone gt money, he will get all the resources he want...remeber, he bought back power rangers with a bunch of money, Power Rangers Samurai is just the beginning of the 2nd Era of Saban
-Plus look into their past history, they did well in MMPR2 I think (correct me if I am wrong), when Kiba ranger is brought in MMPR where Kiba ranger existence is not of Zyuranger...agree? Plus Tommy with his white suit did last long and most of the episode is original with the white inside.
-So I what I think is that, he might use ths suit but make a different story line and you might be shock that Saban might did well...Written 50 episodes of Original Pirates Power Rangers
-lastly, you must agree with me on this, pirates culture actually exist from where? The existen country, so high hope for Saban...
-If Japan ppl almost follow One piece, maybe in the American version it is totally half of Jack Sparrow...you did like Pirates of the Caribbean I hope ><

Lavender Ranger said...

Yay! I am glad your comments are positive. About Tommy, he is the loop hole, I'll post a topic soon about what I think they can do about the Legend War. But I highly doubt they will use out of suit.

henshin0 said...

The past 15 (16 counting dairanger costumes) should be there. Both cordon, rita, and Ivan ooze mention that there were (a) team(s) prior to mmpr so.....yeah

Anonymous said...

Plus, I hope Saban will heard our voice too...it will be an amazing season if Gokaiger suit is use to adapt into an original Pirates Power Rangers...We just need a campaign from now if we want that to happen, which I thing is possible.. :D

Samurai (Saban say: I cut and rewrite a bit)--> Goseiger adaption(Saban say: Now I have grow)
---> Gokaiger adaption (saban say : Now you see enough of smiliar scene from Sentai, let me write my own...I have back gain trust)


~the Unknown Pirates~

Tommy said...

Personally, I feel that this adaptation would work better as a stand-alone movie.

Luca said...

TOTALLY ADAPT IT!!! Some of my friends love pirates and are anxiously waiting for it!

Anonymous said...

I think your right but about it Im not sure. Disney still has Wild Force-RPM. They still own it I guess Saban and Disney have to work together on the Pirate PR season. On the 15 including Dairanger other Sentai, they could just be called the Lost Power Ranger Teams.

Lavender Ranger said...

Anonymous #8, Saban owns it all now. Why you think he paid so much?

sdp said...

The Gokaiger can't be adapted is from the same people that keep spouting false assumptions as fact, its no different from "Shinkenger is too Japanese", "A Friend in Need can never be aired ever again", "Amy Jo hates Power Rangers" etc.

Lets face it, the target audience is kids and to those kids In Space Yellow is going to be a new ranger to him as much as any of the pre-zy teams. The fans who know they were not adapted into ranger shows are NOT the target audience of the show so its irrelevant. We've always known there are other ranger teams in the universe and theres constantly new ranger teams, its not hard to say any of the pre-zyu teams are rangers from other planets or earth rangers even if we never saw their adventures. This explains the pre-zyu suits for hardcore fans in a simple way that doesn't take screen time away from the show. Again you have to remember the target audience has not seen every single ranger show before it either.

Lavender Ranger said...

I know sdp, but at least some nod to the adult fans. It is good to educate the kids about the franchise too. It doesn't have to be perfect.

Anonymous said...

I personally don't think they should adapt Gokaiger. Honestly, I'm not enjoying what they're doing do Shinkenger right now so I have little faith in what they CAN do. Since some stories are tied together unlike Super Sentai, I feel like it would be way too difficult for them to adapt. Also, most kids these days wouldn't recognize older rangers, and almost no one would recognize the Sentai rangers. I just don't think it is in their benefit to adapt Gokaiger because it would be a lot of work and it would confuse so many kids. That is their target audience, because let's face it; they don't care much for older Ranger fans. As for toys, I have a feeling they'd dish out horrible remakes of the past toys if they did plan a nostalgic toyline. I mean, the Dragon Dagger was butchered enough. I feel like the best future for Power Rangers would be to just skip Gokaiger. Hell, they should just skip Goseiger too because I see that being problematic as well. I'm not trying to hate; I love Power Rangers and Super Sentai. I just had a little bit of me die inside when I watched the "premiere" of Samurai. But that's just my opinion. Think what you want on it.

Anonymous said...

Saban is making 20 episode seasons now, remember? the adpating this will be a piece of cake, since he could use only PR seasons.

leonard said...

you also forgot to mention how will pr fans will react to see trini, aisha,maya to talyor's ranger form with a skirt

henshin0 said...

I don't think skirt would be an issue. I didn't even notice that some yellows had skirts and others didn't, until I saw a rerun of that mmpr episode with that rock monster around the air date of lightspeed rescue; and to think I'm one of the biggest pr fans- I was a finalist in the trivia battle, but lightning final sucked cuz I can't lift my hand fast enough (also, the 8 year-old dressed as doctor k kinda gave me the heebie-geebies)

Anonymous said...

I know a little late but...
they can so do this without having to cut out any team. For one all they need is to think of team names for them or morphing calls and refilm the transformation theme.
Heck they could put Pirate Force(or whatever the name will be) in a new continuity and say all the ranger are old rangers but they had new members for each team instead of old rangers coming back. I really want to see if Saban will use Akared though. and good point about RPM could have taken place before Samurai but the question is why didn't the other rangers stop venjix but i digress.
Oh and keep in mind the guy who played tommy's green ranger counterpart also played a blue ranger some time before so that's not really a problem.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous from March 2nd:

I totally agree with you. Plus not to mention that it will be very tough for Saban to get all the actors/actresses back, considering that there may be budgets involved. If they were to bring back Jason David Frank for example, he would have to appear in the tribute episodes of MMPR, Zeo, Dino Thunder, & Turbo (if the actor for T.J. doesn't come back).

Another example: Catherine Sutherland. If Saban gets her back, she will be in the tribute episode for Zeo, no doubt, but if the actress for MMPR (Amy Jo Johnson) doesn't appear, then Catherine would have to appear in the MMPR tribute. If the other actress for Turbo/In Space (named Patricia Ja Lee) doesn't appear in the Turbo tribute episode, then she'll have to appear in that as well.

That just might be confusing for the younger fans out there.

Anonymous said...

Saban did skip over Dairanger so it is actually incorrect to say that he and Disney never skipped a season.

henshin0 said...

Actually they didn't skip dairanger, they just kept the zyuranger costumes for the main five, as well as play kakuranger backwards while mostly keeping the 5 zyuranger and kibaranger costumes

Anonymous said...

They should add and extra-dimensional element to the story, explain that all those Rangers in the opening were Rangers from all over the multiverse, not just ours.

Gojirob said...

From Gojirob :

(Fake Nicktoons Promo)

Announcer : When the Planetbreakers landed, they made it illegal to be a Power Ranger...

Warz Gill Rename : All Rangers have been accounted for. Should we see new ones, Earth will be immediately destroyed!

Announcer ...so this group of pirate hackers decided to become EVERY Ranger in history...

Red/Marvelous Rename : We hack the Morphing Grid, and we can tap into all the power they supressed!

Announcer : ...and even a few out of history!

(See them as past non-Ranger sentai team)

Group : Who did we just change into?

Red Rename : Together, we will break the Planetbreakers!

Yellow/Lufka Rename : And look REALLY awesome doing it!

Announcer : Of course, they'll need a little help from some old friends...

(John Tui as Doggie)

Doggie : I should arrest you for impersonating a Ranger!

Announcer : And with friends like that, they may not need enemies, but they will have them.

(Horde of mooks rush them, Red smiles)

Red : Pirates, let's put on a show to remember!

Anncr : Power Ranger Pirate Crew, coming in 2016, only on Nicktoons!