Sunday, February 2, 2020

Jada Toys Nano Metalfigs Power Rangers Collection

It has been announced Jada Toys will be releasing small Power Rangers figures soon at retail price $25. They are very similar to the small vinyl Mighty Morphin Power Rangers figures Bandai America made back in 1993. These diecast figures are said to be age 14 and up and are unique as they are not only MMPR but representative of other seasons.

The first set (I am assuming) has Mighty Morphin Red, Black, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, and White; Lord Drakkon, Zeo Green, Zeo Gold, Dino Thunder Triassic, Koragg and Wolf Warrior, Ninjor, Psycho Red, Phantom Ranger, Rita Repulsa, Goldar, Lord Zedd, and Scorpina

At a toy fair, there were other figures seen such as Psycho Green, Psycho Silver, Black Dragon (MMPR comics), Primator Red/Green Ranger, Dark Specter, and Z-Putty and maybe a Tyrannodrone? According to TokuChris, the figures in the second set includes Primator Red/Green Ranger, SPD Shadow, SPD Kat Ranger, Dino Thunder White, Emperor Grumm, Zeo Yellow, Magna Defender, Psycho Blue, Mighty Morphin Black, Dark Specter, and Lost Galaxy Green

What is unique is these collections contain characters there have been no action figures mass-produced before like Scorpina, SPD Kat Ranger, Emperor Grumm, Dark Specter, etc. 

Will you be picking one up?

  1. Mighty Morphin Red Ranger (Series 1)
  2. Mighty Morphin Black Ranger (Series 1, 2)
  3. Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger (Series 1)
  4. Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger (Series 1)
  5. Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger (series 1)
  6. Mighty Morphin Green Ranger (Series 1)
  7. Mighty Morphin White Ranger (Series 1)
  8. Rita Repulsa (Series 1)
  9. Goldar (series 1)
  10. Scorpina (Series 1)
  11. Lord Zedd (Series 1)
  12. Z-Putties (series 2?)
  13. Primator Red/Green Ranger (Series 2)
  14. Ninjor (Series 1)
  15. Lord Drakkon (Series 1)
  16. Black Dragon (series 2?)
  17. Zeo Ranger Yellow (Series 2)
  18. Zeo Ranger Green (Series 1)
  19. Zeo Ranger Gold (Series 1)
  20. Phantom Ranger (Series 1)
  21. Dark Specter (Series 2)
  22. Psycho Red (Series 1)
  23. Psycho Blue (Series 2)
  24. Psycho Silver (series 2?)
  25. Psycho Green (Series 2?)
  26. Lost Galaxy Green (Series 2)
  27. Manga Defender (Series 2)
  28. Triassic Ranger (series 1)
  29. Dino Thunder White (series 2)
  30. Emperor Grumm (series 2)
  31. SPD Shadow Ranger (series 2)
  32. SPD Kat Ranger (series 2)
  33. Koragg (Series 1)
  34. Wolf Warrior (Series 1)