Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lost Edition: New Japanese Ranger Keys from Bandai Premium (2015)

Last time we got Ranger Keys from Bandai Premium was Ninjaman, AbarePink and Metal Heroes, now these are the ones to be released:

Deka Bright from Dekaranger (2004) and Hurricane Dark from Hurricanger: 10 Years After (2012)

DekaGold from Dekaranger the Movie: Full Blast (2005)

Mask X-1 from Maskman

The alternative dimension Dobutsu Sentai Go-Busters: Red Cheetah, Blue Gorilla, Silver Stag, Black Panther, Yellow Rabbit, Gold Beetle, Green Hippo and Gosei Green from Goseiger (2010).

This set will cost 12,960 yen which is roughly $104 or 95 euros. I would had personally put VRV Master from Carranger, Demon Hunter Seig and Jenner from GOGOV, Magne Warrior from Bioman and Tentoraijer, the third Gouraijer from Akibaranger instead of HurricaneDark but oh well. Plenty of fans have already made custom keys of Mask X-1, DekaBright, DekaGold and GoseiGreen.