Saturday, March 7, 2020

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Game on! - Episode Review

Pictures from @powerrangersfun

Episode Summary:
At Riptide, everyone is gathered for a gaming tournament. Devon is going against a girl named Kerry, whose little brother was injured playing soccer. The game Backstreet Brawlers features holographic players you can touch. The Mayor sees this and then he has a 'call' and leaves. Then Roxy and Blaze bots arrive and destroy the holograms. They steal a game controller. The crowd runs away. The Rangers morph and fight Tronics. Kerry and her brother spy on Roxy and Blaze. They make Gamertron. The Rangers arrive. Gold and Silver fight Roxy and Blaze. The main trio fight Gamertron.

She makes copies of the trio. They are on even footing. Gametron skips away. Kerry runs off. The fight continues elsewhere and Kerry watches. Both Red Rangers use speed. Gold and Silver continue fighting the general bots. The clones get weapons and blast at the real trio. The trio go down. Gold and Silver weaken the generals. They get the Beast X Blaster and blasts at them and run away. Kerry's brother arrive, she says the robot is the evil clone of her gaming console.

Devon gives a console to Nate at the lab. Devon gets a call from the tournament and runs off. At Riptide, he meets with the judge. Kerry is upset. Kerry needs a console and doesn't have money for a new one, so Devon is the champion by default. He gives her his console. He doesn't want to win because she forefitted. The tournament will continue at 6 at night. Kerry and the boy leave. Ben and Betty find a dancing game hologram with a handsome dancer that Betty dances with.

Betty is swung around by the hologram and then falls when he disappears. She says she is in love. Nate can't find a solution. The commander brings in Kerry, who has info but only wants to tell the Rangers. They morph and talk to her. She explains the clones use the game programming. She has a secret move that could work. If they use the move, the opponent will freeze up. Devon realizes she used that on him at the tournament. She says she found the bug by accident. Blue says she was cheating. She says she didn't want to cheat but her brother needs to money for surgery. Devon tells her if she cheats to win, she is no winner. 

The Rangers fight Gamertron in a clearing and she calls the clones. The two trios fight. They do the secret move and freeze them up. They destroy the clones. Gamertron is upset. They make Beast-X Cannon and destroy her. Gigadrone arrives and makes a dome with dark skies. The Rangers break in with their Ultrazord. They fight the Gigadrone, which sucks their Morph-X. They destroy it. The sky clears up. Back at Riptide, they had the rematch. Betty wants to get to know the hologram but all he wants to dance. She wants to stop dancing. He doesn't listen. Ben stands up for her and shuts the hologram down. 

Devon and Kerry play the game. Kerry doesn't cheat and Devon wins. He gives the check to Kerry and she gugs him. They agree to compete in the next competition. Devon hugs his dad and his dad coughs. His dad says he is sick and leaves. The others congratulate Devon. Mayor goes out and falls. Blaze and Roxy bots pick him up and he becomes Evox. He says pretending to be the mayor makes him sick. 

Episode Review:
The clones make the poses of Doubutsu Sentai Go-Busters, which is an alternative team of Go-Busters that are more Sentai-like. Good episode, it is better at morals than the Afterschool Specials of the 70's that Ninja Steel hammered into children. It is still Anvilicious but not as black and white as Ninja Steel did.

ALSO did you catch James Davies as the hologram dancer??!