Saturday, October 9, 2021

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Super Hotshot - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:

The Rangers are working out. Izzy's dad arrives and asks how a brochure for a gym showed up in many places. Chase says it si Coach Bella's gym. Izzy says the first session is free and does puppy dog eyes to get money. She then makes a cat noise. Dad agrees. Zayto says he will join him. Meanwhile, Slyther redirects the Ranger hotline calls to him. Izzy and Zayto start at the gym. They bump into Fern, she says her ankle is fine. Adrian introduces himself. Coach Bella introduces herself. The quartet workout to the coach's advice. Zayto breaks a punching bag. Coach tells Izzy she is a super hotshot She blows a whistle and says that is it for the free trial. All of them want to join, COach says they must have a uniform. Adrian says he doesn't have enough for the uniform, the coach asks for his watch and pressures him for the watch. Izzy and Zayto don't like what they see. Later, they have the black uniforms on. They run to where everyone is running away. They find Slyther, who found a Sporix. 

Izzy's uniform gets singed. The five morph. They use dino keys and don armored arms. They do their attacks. Zayto switches keys to Hyper Dino Key. He does the Hyper Strike. Slyther falls and teleports away with the Sporix. Ollie says it is strange they didn't hear from the hotline. Later, Izzy and Adrian talk. Adrian says the watch was from his grandfather. Izzy looks at the bright sign. Coach says to use weights.Izzy says they should stretch first. Coach has Izzy lead. Coach sees Izzy's burn on her uniform. Zayto sees the coach tell everyone they are the best athlete in the gym. Coach tells Izzy to get a new uniform. Izzy isn't sure because of the money. Later, Izzy and Amelia talk at the news place. J-Borg shows off the Cyber Coach (a traditional robot). Jane shows off the robot who starts to malfunction. Zayto wonders if the coach really is great, he tells Izzy that she told all three the same thing. Izzy still thinks she is great. All of them agree to help pay Izzy for the new uniform. She thanks them.

Izzy visits the coach for a new uniform. Coach wants Izzy to join as a trainer, she talks about money. She puts the watch on and calls Adrian a chump for the watch. Izzy asks if she is truthful. Coach says she is but the others are not. Izzy wants to buy the watch back. She realizes she is all about the money and tells her she wants nothing to do with her. Javi arrives with a smoothie. Izzy tells him what happened. Their dad tells him about the Sporix and he called the Rangers. This is news to Solon. Javi and Izzy teleport to the park. They find a new monster. Slyther attacks. Javi calls Zyato. The siblings morph. Slyther fights the two. Th monster and Mucus teleport away. Solon says there is no fault in the system. Amelia calls the hotline and hear Mucus who says she is the Red Ranger. Amelia tells her the SPorix is in the plaza. They find the Rangers. Zayto tells Solon to fix the hack. Mucus leaves. The trio fight the monster. Slyther attacks and then leaves. Solon tells them about the hack and the siblings teleport to the,. They convert to the Dino Dagger and throw them at Slyther. Slyther knocks the daggers down. 

The monster causes a fog. AMelia attacks Ollie by mistake. The fog is gone and the monster too. The trio teleport to Slyther and fight him. The five convert their sabers into daggers and fight him. They destroy the hacking device. Mucuus and Slyther teleport away. Solon has a new firewall and coding in the base. Izzy meets up with Adrian and gives him his watch back. Coach arrives with her crew. Izzy calls her out on her scheme to make money. Fern asks the coach if she is a liar. Fern and Adrian quit. Izzy says she is training them for free. COach says no one will get money back. Izzy starts the training. 

Episode Review:

I didn't like this episode too much. It reminded me too much of Ninja Steel, it had not much heart and felt forced. Also, the gym didn't look so impressive. I hate it when characters say something is cool when it really isn't. I guess the producers couldn't find or afford a location that was not impressive. Also, was this the first episode without a Megazord battle? And I guess we will see the monster in the next episode...

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Silver Space Ranger, Pink and White Ninja Rangers for Lightning Collection

I'm a bit late, but Walgreens will be getting a Silver Space Ranger Lightning Collection figure. I've been waiting for a long for Zhane and am glad he is getting an exclusive. As for Trent, White Ranger, my Walgreens didn't get the exclusive until almost a year later. Fans are already debating about Zhane's face (profile). This was not officially announced by Hasbro.

Pink and White Ninja Rangers were revealed weeks ago but I was busy with work. They are Target exclusives. I am glad about these and want to get a couple against my Tenga.