Saturday, October 19, 2019

Super Sentai: Non-Color Teammate Names (2019)

UPDATED 10/19/19
I'm counting only select Extra Heroes. Whole teams that didn't have colors in their names: JAKQ, Changeman, Zyuranger, Dairanger, Carranger and Toqger. I think I am counting the heroes with the word from their team in their names, except for those in Hurricanger.

King Ranger
The Ohrangers had colors in their name. In Power Rangers Zeo, he is the Gold Ranger. Toei considers him a Black Ranger. The kanji symbol of King is on his head and belt.

In Carranger, he was an extra hero but anyway, he didn't have 'Racer' in their name.

Time Fire
I think he was the first team member to not have a color name in a team that had color names. In Power Rangers Time Force, he was the Quantum Ranger.
 The Hurricanger had color names but the Goraijer did not. They had the names of their insects: Kabuto Raijer and Kuwagata Raijer. In Ninja Storm, they had color names: Crimson and Navy.

In Hurricanger, he was Shurikenger. Shuriken is the star shape. In Ninja Storm, he was Green Samurai Ranger.

The American team didn't want to use the name obviously. The name is fine for Japan, but not for America. But a cool name none the less. But I wouldn't want kids saying 'Killer.'

Just a power-up but treated toy-wise as a sixth ranger.

He calls himself a "Daybreak" detective. Break could refer to his electric arracks or that stated previously. In SPD, he was the Omega Ranger.

'Master' of them all, makes sense. Also, funny cause he's a dog. He's his own master.

Deka Swan
Her name is Swan and her powers are swan inspired. In SPD, she was Kat Ranger because she was a feline-like alien. The helmet does look cat-like.

Deka Bright
Coolest name ever. In SPD, she was the Nova Ranger.

Magi Shine
He's shiny and his name is shine.

Magi Mother
She was a mother, obviously but I don't know, was she really just a mother? She was a warrior, not just a mother.

He can chop things. In Jungle Fury, he was Rhino Ranger.

Toei counts him as a Silver Ranger and doesn't have 'Silver' in his name and suit seemed the most like an Extra Hero. In Megaforce, he was Robo Knight and treated as a Sixth Ranger.

Stag Buster and Beet Buster
They were the fourth and fifth rangers but they had their insect names but not color names. In Power Rangers, they have color names but their insects were changed. Kabuto Beetle to Mantis and Stag Beetle into Scarab. 

In Ninninger, they had the color names in Japanese. Starninger was the only one with a shape name and not a color. In Ninja Steel, he was the Gold Ranger. 

ZyuOh The World
In Zyuohger, the main team had beast names but ZyuOh The World has a unique name as he is made of three animals and not one.

Ryu Commander
In Kyuranger, he did have the Violet name temporarily but ultimately was 'commander.'

Houhou Soldier
He was the second Red Ranger in Kyuranger so he got another name. 

Paten X / Lupin X
He was the 7th warrior in the series but the fourth of each team in Lupinranger vs Patranger.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Hypnotic Halloween - Episode Review

Zoey is looking or something, they are dressed up. Steel is the Frankenstein monster, Nate is Dr. Frankenstein, Zoey is a Viking and Ravi is Sherlock Holmes. They use a streaming service that hypnotizes them into being their characters by Scorzzle. Devon arrives and sees them believing they are their characters. The others run off but Devon stops Sherlock Holmes. Ravi wants him to be a cop. Devon goes to Zoey's costume trunk and pits on a British cop costume. Devon uses a bad accent and tells "Sherlock" he is looking for Ravi. He tells him that Ravi was scared of the dentist. Clips are shown. He also tells him about the boy Joey learning martial arts, from last week. The spell comes off Ravi and he is back to normal. Devon and Ravi change into costumes. Devon changes into a Viking and tells Ravi to get the Frankenstein characters. Ravi tells the Commander to shut down a floor to find Nate and Steel. Zoey is taking down a snack machine when Devon arrives as a Viking.

Zoey throws an axe at him and the theme starts. After the commercial, The axe is thrown on Devon but it is rubber. Devon wraps her with a cable from his Morpher. Devon tells her about Zoey, a fearless warrior. He tells her about when she becomes a Ranger. Zoey or Ingrid the Viking flinches. Devon tells her about when Zoey said she'd be better without Jax the Beast Bot. The clip runs about her apologizing to Jax about taking him for granted. The spell wears off and Zoey returns to normal. Meanwhile, Steel scares Nate. Ravi wraps cables around the two. He is dressed as a doctor. All three main Rangers are dressed as doctors (with the white lab coats). They talk to the tied up Nate and Steel. The trio tells them about Nate and Steel. Clips run about Nate creating Steel in front of the villains. Nate morphs into the Gold Ranger. Steel then becomes the Silver Ranger in the clip. Devon and the others narrate.

The spell wears off the two. They are untied. Commander asks how thye are, she says a Robotron is trying to break in to a Morph X Tower. The Robotron scares a Morph X truck driver. Scrozzle is happy. The Rangers arrive and morph. Gigadrone arrives and Zoey and Devon leave on their zords. Zoey blasts the Gigadrone which makes itself another come out of its back. It is a Delta model. The Megazords fight. Gold and Silver fight the Robotron. Smash brings the Wheeler Zord to Ravi. Gold and Silver destroy the Robotron with Striker Saber attack. Sytems are down for Red and Ravi goe sto Gorilla mode and protects the others. Gold and Silver call their zords. They save Ravi. Steel attacks the gigadrones with his zord. Nate gets his crane and picks up a Gigadrone and spins him around. The two zords combine into a Megazord and destroy the Delta Model. Later, the Rangers have a movie night again. Devon comes out as a skeleton ninja and makes them drop the popcorn. Now he likes wearing costumes, he likes 'being' the character. The Rangers play fight. 

I think this is the first episode not to actually have Roxy and Blaze outside of the clips. Interesting how Ninja Steel tried coping the school and Bulk and Skull aspects of MMPR but Beast Morphers plays homage to Martial Arts and Juice Bar...