Friday, July 1, 2011

Super Sentai: Non-Color Teammate Names

I'm counting only select Extra Heroes. Whole teams that didn't have colors in their names: JAKQ, Changeman, Zyuranger, and Dairanger. I might be missing some teams. I think I am counting the heroes with the word from their team in their names, except for those in Hurricanger.

King Ranger
The Ohrangers had colors in their names, Toei consider him a Black Ranger. The kanji symbol of King is on his head and belt.

In Carranger, he was an extra hero but anyway, he didn't have 'Racer' in their name.

Time Fire
I think he was the first team member to not have a color name in a team that had color names.

The Hurricanger had color names, but the Goraijer didn't, they had names of their insects: Kabuto Raijer and Kuwagatas Raijer. Some people were correcting me and I thought I made it clear, I guess not. I admit that maybe my wording was off. I didn't think the Goraijer had color names, because why the hell I would put it here in the first place?

Shuriken is the star shape.

First name is for me, culturally, is arguably the American team didn't want to use. Fine for Japan, but not for America. But a cool name none the less. But I wouldn't want kids saying 'Killer.'

Just a power-up but treated toy-wise as a sixth ranger.

I still don't know what Break refers to.

'Master' of them all, makes sense. Also, funny cause he's a dog. He's his own master.

Deka Swan
She's a swan and it's a swan.

Deka Bright
Cool name ever.

Magi Shine
He's shiny and his name is shine.

Magi Mother
She was a mother, obviously but I don't know, just a mother? She was a warrior, not just a mother.

He can chop things.

Toei counts him as a Silver Ranger and doesn't have 'Silver' in his name and suit seemed the most like an Extra Hero.


Anonymous said...

For DekaBreak, maybe he got his name from his self-proclaimed nickname, "The Detective of DayBREAK/Dawn", or because he specialized at breaking thinks LOL

Anonymous said...

i think the "break" in dekabreak refers to his electric attacks but its just a thought :)

Anonymous said...

what about dekamaster?

Anonymous said...

Anon1 is right, DekaBreak refers to the daybreak/break of dawn. And I'm pretty sure the Goraijers had color names, but they weren't in English, they were the Japanese names for those colors.

Unknown said...

I think both of the previous commenters are correct, but I think it lends more to the "Detective of daybreak" thing. His whole motif was light and what not, so Id go with that.

Anonymous said...

in gouraijer, kabuto raijer and kuwagatas raijer aren't their color names. they are names of beetles in japanese, kabuto (rhinoceros beetle) and kuwagatas (stag beetle)

Mugen said...

@henshinhead: Nope, the Goraijers were named after the names of their respective insects. Which are a Rhino Beetle ( Kabuto ) and Stag Beetle ( Kuwagata ).

As for MagiMother, while this is a terrible name, a mother can be a fighter aswell. There is even a trope about that:

Also, waht about WolzardFire?

Luca said...

AbareKiller is my favorite ranger EVER!!!

(the reasons are not in any specific order)
1. I was only interested in Power Rangers around the time of Dino Thunder
2. Trent had an angsty backstory.
3. In the Japanese version, AbareKiller has a beautifully dramatic death scene.
4. His name means MassacreKiller. How freaking hardcore!!!
5. He folds his arms like the Stig from Top Gear.
6. White, black, and red look EPIC together.
7. Everyone knows dinosaurs are cool.
8. Cool black spikes.
9. He's black, white, and Asian at the same time. (and Hispanic if you count the American version)
10. FangJoker was based on him.